Super Bowl Party Fever in Indiana

Wow. The Colts and the Bears in the Super Bowl. We have to be fair and fully disclose that our family is rooting for our home state Colts to pull through a victory. We hope Peyton will finally get his chance and win the big game. We had 10 twelve-year-olds over for our son’s 12th birthday to watch the game. Total chaos but it was so much fun to see the group having fun together and cheering for the Colts. One of the benefits of being in the party business is that we had all the requirements for a football party right at hand—but the real hit was the banner we did not only wishing him a happy birthday but saying “Go Colts”. Sometimes it’s the simple things!

I had the opportunity today to give a reference for someone who worked for us some 7 years ago and has a shot at a fantastic job. It’s a great feeling to watch people who have worked so hard for the company move on and achieve their dreams as well. I really enjoyed the opportunity to do that. Good luck Pete!

This is a busy time of year at ShindigZ and we add over 200 team members to help us with our seasonal needs. We are so excited to see all of these eager and dedicated faces. Most of our full time people started as part timers and worked their way to full time jobs. We really work hard to try and accommodate part time schedules and be flexible in our scheduling. It helps us and it helps the team members. All of the conversation here is about the Colts right now.

We continue to look for new ideas for themes that our guests would like to see. If you have any ideas please let us know.

Be well.

Shep and Wendy


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