Duke Not Part of the Party

Basketball Party SuppliesOh, it’s a sad day in the Moyle household this morning. As rabid Duke basketball fans, their early exit from the NCAA tournament last night at the hands of Virginia Commonwealth University was a tough one to take. The good news is that the Duke women are ranked number one—hope springs eternal and the Indiana Hoosiers were victorious and now we can switch allegiances quickly for March Madness.

We will be having a Final Four event this year and using  basketball décor and banners to dress up the house for the party. I am hopeful that the weather will cooperate by then and the kids can be outside playing hoops at long last. We are ready for nice weather!

The kids have their middle school musical starting tonight and we are all excited to see Madison in her lead role as a kangaroo and Chase as an elephant in Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So”. So cast parties and sleepovers abound. Of course, the Rock Star and Hollywood party items will be coming out.

And, lets not forget a touch of the Irish on the 17th. Today, we are serving baked potatoes to all of our Party Host team members to celebrate and there are lots of St. Pat’s décor everywhere. It seems everyone has a bit of the Irish in them. Wendy and I really do so we are looking forward to toasting our heritage tomorrow.

So, big weekend of parties ahead and we hope yours are fantastic.

All the best! Shep

A Ring Given in Love is Lost

Phyllis Keel has worked at ShindigZ, an international prom and party supplier that ships products around the world, checking and preparing outbound shipments for customers since 1979. On January 29th, much to her dismay, Phyllis discovered that her beloved wedding ring from her husband of 42 years was missing from her finger. “I thought I had packed it (the ring) in a box. I immediately checked the last 6 or 7 boxes I had just packed but did not find it.” Phyllis sadly accepted the fact that it would be unlikely that she would ever see her ring again. “My heart would not give up hope. I put it in God’s hands.”

On February 9th, hope shined on Phyllis. Mr. Jerry Anderson, a customer from Reno, Nevada, opened his ShindigZ order and found Phyllis’ ring. Feeling that the ring should be returned to its rightful owner, Jerry called the ShindigZ customer service center to report he had found the ring. When ShindigZ customer service called Phyllis’ building to inform her that her ring was being returned, shouts of joy erupted throughout the lines in the packing department! “I know God will bless him for his kindness. He sure made my day!”

The entire team at ShindigZ would like to thank Jerry Anderson for his act of kindness. His actions have made a huge impact in South Whitley, IN.


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