New Oktoberfest Decorations for 2008

Oktoberfest is a fun reason to celebrate in the autumn months! Host an Oktoberfest party at your home, neighborhood, office or church. They make great get-togethers for friends and family or fundraisers. Keep your party ahead of the curve with these new Oktoberfest decorations for 2008!

Make a big first impression for your party with a Beer Stein Standee. The stein stands 6’5” tall and can be customized with your party details! It’s fantastic for commemorative photos and an awesome decorating focal point.

Create a fun entrance to your event with an Oktoberfest Arch. The sturdy cardboard arch stands 8’6” high and over 10’ wide. Personalize it with your party details for a great finish. Take group pictures under the arch for memories that will last.

Add a funny accent to your Oktoberfest balloon bunches with a beer mug mylar balloon. The festive mylar balloon is 23”x20” and looks great in clusters of solid balloons (like orange, yellow and red or the traditional blue and white).

Our new Oktoberfest table decorations are just the thing to set the scene for all that eating and drinking. Oktoberfest is all about food and fun, so a well-decorated table is a party must.

Start by covering your table with an Oktoberfest tablecover. The blue and white checkered plastic tablecover coordinates well with the rest of your table decorations.

Set the table with Oktoberfest tableware. The Oktoberfest Ensemble includes 9″ plates, 9 oz. hot/cold cups and beverage napkins. The fun print features a blue and white checkered pattern, beer steins and pretzels, plus a festive “Ein Prosit!” slogan.

At the center of your table place personalized beer steins, beer mug candles or the Oktoberfest centerpiece which coordinates with the ensemble and is shaped like a beer stein with a tinsel spout coming out the top. Above the table hang the matching Oktoberfest shimmering garland.

Add some favors to your table decorations as well. The flashing Ein Prosit button is a great option. Guests can wear the buttons around the party and take them home with them too!

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A Cat Shaped Cake for a Kitten Birthday Party

Create a cat shaped birthday cake using these tips.

What you’ll need:
• Two packages of cake mix in your choice of flavor
• Two 16 oz containers of vanilla frosting
• Food coloring of your choice (optional)
• Licorice (black looks best but red works)
• Round candy for eyes
• One tube black writing gel
• 16” round cake pan

Create the cake batter according to the direction on the box. Bake three round cakes. Freeze one of the cakes.

Layer two of the cakes with filling in the middle. Dye the frosting your chosen color and frost the cake. Be sure to leave extra for doing the ears and the face of the cat. You may want to create two colors so that you can have a base color and an accent color for the face. White may work best for the accent color.

While the frozen cake is still frozen, cut it into triangles for the ears and two half spheres for the cheeks. Secure these pieces on the two round cakes with icing.
Use the licorice and round candies to create the whiskers and eyes, draw on the rest of the face with black writing gel.


Your food will be paw-fect if you serve sandwiches cut into bone shapes with cookie cutters. Bake and frost bone-shaped sugar cookies. J-ello Jigglers are also a perennial party favorite with young children.

Serve snacks in Plastic Cat/Dog Bowls – animal crackers, mini pretzels, M & M’s, grapes, raisins, or cheese balls.

Use Plastic Cat Bowls to serve cake and ice cream. To make the party puppy perfect, let the kids eat the cake and ice cream without a spoon or fork…just the way their puppy pals would dig in! Make sure you have your camera ready for this party highlight.

Serve beverages in our adorable Kitten Party Cups or custom stadium cups.

As the excitement is so high at children’s birthday parties, most children under the age of 10 will eat very little, and the waste can be disheartening. Schedule your party during a time when parents will not expect that their children will eat a meal…and serve only cake, ice cream, and a few other healthy munchies such as apple wedges, pretzels, raisins, and grapes (cut in half for toddlers).

Invitation Ideas for a Comedy and Tragedy Mask Party

A Comedy and Tragedy theme party is a great idea for an actor or actresses birthday or for the theater buff. The theme features the famous comedy and tragedy masks and is sure to be fun. Once you’ve selected this theme for your party, decide on a slogan to use in invitations and on personalized favors and custom vinyl banners. Here are some ideas:
•    Have some Theatrical Fun at Mindy’s Birthday Party!
•    Comedy or Tragedy? It’s Stacy’s 40th!
•    All the World’s a Stage for Steve’s Birthday!

After choosing a slogan, create invitations to send out to your guests.

The Comedy & Tragedy Party Kit comes with an invitation card that you can write your party details on and send out to your guests. Add some comedy and tragedy confetti for a dramatic touch.

If you can hand deliver invitations, attach them to a simple metallic masquerade mask with curling ribbon. Encourage guests to wear the masks to your party!

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Activities for a Comedy & Tragedy Mask Theme Party

Activities at your Comedy & Tragedy party should have a flair for the dramatic. This theme is also perfect for using elements of a classic masquerade ball.

Supply guests with party masks, or have them decorate their own by supplying them with basic masks for decorating, glue guns, and accessories such as feathers, sequins and gem stones.

Turn craft time into a contest and have judging for the best mask in various categories such as Most Comedic, Most Tragic, Best Personality, etc.

Have a theater trivia contest. Use resources such as the encyclopedia or wikipedia to put together questions about theater from ancient Greece to Broadway! Have a special prize set aside for the guest who gets the most questions correct.

What could be better for this theme than charades!? Have guests show of their dramatic ability and divide evenly into teams. For an extra-thematic touch, have the clues be plays or famous theater characters.

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Party Favors for a Comedy & Tragedy Birthday Party

Party favors for your Comedy & Tragedy Party are a great way to thank guests for taking party in your special event.

A great favor choice is presenting each guest with a sequin party mask at the door. They’ll be able to wear the mask throughout the party for a fantastic look.

Silver Masquerade Mint Tins are another great favor. You can have your party details custom imprinted on the back for a wonderful party favor.

Guests can keep their favorite photo from your party right at hand with a Custom Photo Keytag with mask charm. Add a personalized imprint for an extra-special touch.

Fill favor boxes or tote bags full of favors such as baked treats, candy and coupons or gift certificates. These favors will be a hit with guests.

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