Throw a Culture Week School Party

Chili Pepper Balloon

Chili Pepper Balloon

This week is Culture Week at Chase and Max’s Middle School. Chase is the president of the middle school and he is working with the Student Government to put together a great week.

The committee has selected 5 countries including: Mexico, Romania, Germany, China and France. Each day a speaker shares personal experiences about life in the highlighted country as well as unique customs and occurrences. The crew in the cafeteria is in on the fun and is busy preparing a special lunch meal to coincide with the country of the day.

So far – so good. The students seem to enjoy the change in the daily routine and they also learn a little something along the way. Two of the guest speakers are from the High School and are a part of the exchange student program. Representing Germany and China, these exchange students can easily share similarities and differences between everyday teenage life in different countries.

Inflatable Cactus

Inflatable Cactus

Chase of course, wanted to make sure the cafeteria was decorated each day to match the theme. (Can you tell he is a part of the Moyle party crew?!) Monday the tables were all covered in red, green or white – to match the flag of Mexico, sombreros were placed in the center of each table and the inflatable cactus and chili peppers balloons floated around the room. A giant flag was also created by printing the Mexican flag on cardboard. The vinyl banner announcing the week is proudly displayed in the main entrance of the school lobby.

Each day, the table covers will change to match the flag, hats and centerpieces exchanged, a “new” flag hung and décor added here and there. All in all, a fun week to be in school.

Culture Week Banner

Culture Week Banner

State Basketball Tournament Banners

Proud Parent Funtoo

Proud Parent Funtoo

The excitement is mounting for the upcoming basketball girl’s Semi-state game Saturday, March 1st. High School basketball in Indiana is more than a sport – it is a major event. After two wins in the Regionals this past weekend, the girl’s advanced to the Semi-State competition. (My oldest, Madison, plays on her High School Varsity basketball team. Last year, they won the state championship in Division 1A.) There are now only four teams left in the State – Division 1A girl’s high school basketball. So, back to the drawing board to create another basketball banner!

The coach’s saying is “just do what we do” so I am using that as the main line on the banner. The coach is awesome at keeping the girl’s focused on one game at a time.

I’m pulling a few spirit items together for the big game. My check list follows:
1. Blue, green and white basketball beads,
2. Sports cowbells,
3. Feather necklaces in blue and white,
4. Clacker necklaces, and
5. Parent funtoos.

Looking forward to the game on Saturday.

State Basketball Banner

State Basketball Banner

Basketball Tournament Time

Troy Bolton Standee

My oldest, Madison, plays on her High School Varsity basketball team. Last year, they won the state championship in Division 1A. The team played the first set of tournament games last week and were able to make it through the first round – Sectional winners!

This weekend, they travel to Fulton, IN for Regional competition. To fire up Madison and the team, the parents decorate lockers, hallways and the cafeteria. Working at ShindigZ is definitely an advantage. Each girl has a personalized sports banner on her locker and the sectional “fire up” banner was recently replaced with a “Good Luck at Regionals” banner.

For fun, I also set up a life-sized photo standee of Zack Efron (Troy Bolton standee) with a special good luck wish for the Lady Cavs! He was definitely a big hit. The team took Zach with them to the game for an “extra” fan. I’m not sure the Dad’s understood – but the younger kids and most teen girls loved it.

Basketball Photo Banner

Basketball Photo Banner

Basketball Team Banner

Basketball Team Banner

Finance Some Fun with an Economic Stimulus Party Theme

casino-party-room-decorationsShindigZ has created an Economic Stimulus Party Package to decorate and celebrate President Obama’s Stimulus Package.

Let’s start with bail outs. Our plan is simple. We aren’t worried about misappropriation of funds, where the money will come from, or even if the money will be paid back. Our solution is funny money and gold coins, and we promise you, the American people, our solution will come in well under $825 billion dollars.

We will not encourage you to gamble with your money on Wall Street, but we will encourage you to gamble. Instead of 401Ks and mutual funds, we recommend roulette, black jack or even a friendly game of poker as a less risky, higher return alternative to the stock market.

Mostly, we encourage you to laugh and enjoy the priceless moments you have with family and friends. One way to create priceless moments is with a casino-themed Economic Stimulus Party!

Welcome guests to your Economic Stimulus Party with a personalized banner. Our banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in seven sizes to fit your needs. Use a banner to advertise your event or welcome guests to the party. They are also great for designating different areas of the party such as the roulette table or the poker room. For your Stimulus Party, we suggest the Casino Customized Vinyl Banner or a Casino Night Vertical Banner to hang on your door.

For door prizes, hand out a Play Money Dollar Pad of “Stimulus Checks” for guests to use in their casino games. This funny prize will set the mood for your whole event! You can also use plastic gold coins.

ShindigZ has tons of Casino themed decorations for you to use to transform your party space into a Vegas lounge. Whether your party budget is big or small, we have the decorations to make your party a hit!

Set the entire scene using our Casino Room Decorations. The giant dice columns, slot machine standee, High Stakes Casino sign, giant dice and giant playing cards work together to create a fantastic casino look. Use them all together or create your own combination.

Add tons of casino accent decorations such as Casino Ceiling Danglers, an inflatable slot machine, card suit string decorations, card suit cutouts and foam dice. Create a walkway into your party with our Roulette Walkway Mural. It’s a beautiful touch!

Balloons are a must-have for any party and they really add some lift to the party spirit. There are awesome casino themed balloons such as casino suit mylar balloons, playing card mylar balloons or poker chip balloons. Of course, you can always create clusters of your favorite colors of latex balloons.

ShindigZ has fun casino game kits to get your party started including roulette, black jack, craps, personalized poker chips, and dealer kits.

For even more fun, set up our Casino Photo Stand-In and guests can take their pictures in the giant playing cards. It makes for great keepsakes!

Decorate your tables using our Vegas Nights Party Pack! The matching tableware ties the whole theme together. Cover your tables in green tablecovers to simulate poker tables and don’t forget the dice confetti! Foam dice make great centerpieces, but we also have a Slot Machine Centerpiece with a fun foil topper.

There are tons of great party favors for your Economic Stimulus Party! We suggest casino beads or poker chip key tags personalized with your party details if you’re looking to play up the casino theme. To emphasize the stimulus theme, hand out pearl beads and toy diamond rings. Treasure the memories with a personalized Custom Creations Casino Memories photo album.

Check out all of our Economic Stimulus Party Supplies and tell us about your event!


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