Host a Luau Party and Enter to Win Prizes from TIKI

Tiki-Club-DecorationsIf you use Tiki Brand torches at your next Luau party and submit a 45 second video of you and your guests dancing, featuring the Tiki Torches, you could win up to $2,900 worth of prizes from Tiki. Entries must be submitted by 7/24/09. Visit the Tiki Contest Website for more details and see prizes below.

ShindigZ also has a large selection of Luau themed party supplies that would look great in your video. Use our 3 foot tall Volcano Standee to create a fun backdrop to your Tiki scene. For a full look, try the Tiki Club Theme Kit, which includes a fun luau themed entrance arch and Tiki Mask Standees.

Our Surf Board Stand-Ups make fantastic accents to your buffet line or other party area. They come in a variety of heights and come in sets of three.

Our Inflatable Palm Tree is another fun luau decoration and kids will love it! The palm tree will look great featured in your Tiki Contest entry.

Don’t forget other party essentials like Luau Party Tableware, Inflatable Coolers, and luau party favors such as sunglasses and leis. Check out all of our Luau Party TipZ for our full set of party ideas and supplies.


The Grand Prize (retail value over $2,900!) includes:

* $1,000 Visa Gift Card
* A Canon® VIXIA HG10 High Definition Camcorder
* A Charbroil® Designer Series 4 Burner Grill, grill cover and stainless steel tool set
* 2 Metropolitan Patio Torches, 8 Island King? Torches, 8 metal torch stands
* 12 64-oz. bottles of Bitefighter® Fuel

(5) First Prizes include:

* $250 Visa Gift Card
* 4 Island King? Torches
* 6 64-oz. bottles of Bitefighter® Fuel

(25) Bonus Prizes

* $25 Visa Gift Card

THE FIRST 25 PEOPLE to submit an eligible video will receive a Bonus Prize! (Limit one (1) bonus prize per person.)

Adventure into the Scriptures with a Safari VBS

Safari-Theme-VBS-DecorationsTake children on a safari through the scripture with your safari themed Vacation Bible School. This VBS theme is a great way to make studying the Good Book a great adventure. ShindigZ has tons of Vacation Bible School supplies and decorations, perfect for creating a VBS that will be both fun and enriching.

Advertise details about your VBS using a personalized vinyl banner. We have a wide selection of custom vinyl banners that are perfect for adding your own wording to. Use a custom banner to let the community know when Vacation Bible School will be held, what the theme is, and when registration ends. Our Baby Zebra Personalized Banner is a great choice for your safari themed VBS. Each of our banners is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is available in several sizes with metal grommets to fit your event’s needs.

Create a backdrop for your safari VBS decorations using a Jungle Dreams Photo Mural. The stunning mural is printed on heavy mural paper and stands 8′ 3″ high x 13′ 8″ wide and sets the mood for your entire event. Accent the mural with dark green palm leaf patterned gossamer material by using it in a tent-like fashion to cover your ceilings. Our Gossamer TipZ have simple how-tos for doing this. Covering your ceiling with the palm leaf gossamer will create the illusion that your VBS is really in the heart of the Jungle.

Cover your floors with grass mats or tissue grass. We also have squiggle grass standees which add an awesome extra dimension to your floor coverings by creating the illusion of tall, lush savannah or jungle grass. Add some fake plants like silk ferns or plastic ivy vines too for a really full effect.

At the entrance of your event, set up our Safari Scene Standees for a fantastic piece that will make for awesome commemorative photos. The palm tree, giraffe, elephant, zebra, and safari jeep standees will get kids really excited.

Add some palm tree standees and wall graphics to your venue to add an authentic touch to your decorating. We also have an inflatable palm tree that’s great for kids’ events. Add an inflatable parrot to the palm tree for an extra special touch.

We have several safari or jungle theme kits for creating a huge impact. Use the Enchanted Amazon Kit to build a stunning waterfall decoration and ad some giant butterflies and a fun toucan to your safari scene.

We have a great assortment of animal standees that add another realist touch to your safari VBS. We have a lion standee, giraffe standee, baby alligator standee, gorilla standee, baby zebra standee, baby elephant standee, and a tiger standee.

Don’t forget balloons! Balloons are an essential decorating basic. Create balloon bunches from odd numbers of green latex balloons (we have several shades). Add an animal mylar balloon as an accent. For an alternative, make your balloon bunches out of animal print latex balloons. Secure the balloon bunches with coordinating curling ribbon to the backs of chairs or to balloon weights and station them around the room.
If you’re having snacks or a meal at your VBS, you’ll want table decorations too! Cover your tables with palm leaf patterned gossamer layered over dark green plastic tablecovers. Add palm tree centerpieces to the middle of your table or add some inflatable animals or bean bag animals for a cute accent. We have a palm tree inflatable cooler that makes a fun decoration too!

Coordinate your tableware to your table decorations. Use our heavy-duty plastic tableware in different shades of green and yellow. Create cutlery bundles by rolling the coordinating cutlery inside of custom imprinted napkins.

For activities at your safari VBS, try our Safari Mask Craft Kit or our Animal Bracelet Craft Kit. Kids will love making their own wearable favors and this is a great way to spend some time active, but still focused too.

Finally, stock up on favors for your VBS. Safari items like pith helmets, plastic canteens, and toy binoculars make great door prizes while religions items like cross necklaces or bookmarks, fish keytags, or religious stampers make great prizes for good answers or enthusiastic participation.

Check out all of our VBS Fun Supplies and tell us about your vacation Bible school!

Host a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Party

Harry-Potter-Party-KitThe newest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out in less than two months on July 15th. Celebrate the long-awaited sixth movie in the series with a Harry Potter themed party before heading to see the movie, whether you attend the midnight opening or wait until later. The books may be completed, but there’s still three movies to celebrate (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released in two film installments). ShindigZ has a fun assortment of Harry Potter party supplies and costumes as well as plenty of tips for you to host a Harry Potter party that will go down in Hogwarts: A History!

Send out invitations on our Harry Potter Magical World Invitations. The invitations are 4×5 cards with a classic Harry Potter print on the front and space for you to write your party details on the inside. Send your invitations out about a month in advance and expect about a quarter to come back regrets. If you need a close RSVP number, be sure to specify by what date you want guests to RSVP.

Start your decorating with our Harry Potter Party Kit. The kit features an awesome Harry Potter picture and includes dinner plates, luncheon napkins, 9 oz cups, invitations, and orange plastic cutlery for 8 guests as well as green and gold 11” latex balloons, a black plastic tablecover, and black metallic curling ribbon. The Deluxe Kit includes all of the above as well as a 10×30 Attach N’ Go Banner, 18” gold star mylar balloon, birthday candles, and orange and green crepe streamers.

Create a backdrop for your kit using gossamer decorating materials in Hogwarts House Colors. Gryffindor is maroon and gold; Hufflepuff is black and yellow; Ravenclaw is blue and brown; Slytherin is green and silver. Decorate a section of the room in each house’s colors or decorate according to the house you belong in. (If you can’t guess, there’s plenty of sorting hat personality quizzes online.) Our gossamer material is versatile, easy-to-use, and perfect for creating swags, drapes, and curtains. Cover the ceiling of your venue with mini star patterned gossamer to create the enchanted ceiling of the Hogwarts great hall. (Our Gossamer TipZ have great how-tos for this.)

Use flagstone patterned flat paper to cover the walls behind or below the gossamer to create the appearance of being inside a castle. Flagstone patterned corrugated paper is also available for a sturdy effect or for building structures out of. You could even create a drawbridge with woodgrain patterned corrugated paper. Further the castle look using our flaming torches and table torches. They’re not real fire, but they look like it! They make an awesome addition to your tabletops and mantles.

Turn your tables into the Hogwarts dinning hall by hanging a Hogwarts wall banner above each one and accenting them with lanterns or torches. Cover your tables with plastic tablecovers and scatter star and swirl confetti over them. Add the Harry Potter tableware from the Harry Potter Party Kit for a really fantastic table. At the center of your table, add a Harry Potter Lantern for a centerpiece. If you have a long banquet table, use two or three down the middle. The lanterns are lots of fun and they really light up with two C batteries.

Hang a Harry Potter World Jointed Banner over your door or behind your food table for a festive accent.

Our Magic Wand Vinyl Banner also makes a great Harry Potter party decoration. Each of our vinyl banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in a variety of sizes and with metal grommets. When you add your own personalized wording, the decoration is just magical! Hang the banner to announce your event or to welcome guests at the doorway.

Don’t forget balloons! Create balloon bunches using the green and orange balloons from the Harry Potter Party Kit or create clusters of house colors. Balloon bunches look best with odd numbers of balloons. Secure the balloons to the back of a chair or to a balloon weight using coordinating curling ribbon.

Add a Plush Sorting Hat to your decorations for an authentic accent. Place the Sorting Hat on a stool, like they do in the books and movies, and guests can have fun placing it on their heads and pretending to be sorted into various houses. You can even make this a party activity by having scrolls made up before the party begins with the various houses written on them. Draw a scroll out of a bag and announce which house the student has been sorted into. If you make enough scrolls for each guests, this can even be a party memento.

Keep your guests entertained with other fun party games. Try a wizard’s hat piñata. Kids will love bursting out the candy filler. (Don’t forget piñata accessories!) With car chalk draw Harry Potter’s face on a window or glass door and using lightning bolt static clings play “pin the scar on Harry.”

You can also create your own Hogwarts classes. Here’s some ideas:
*Defense Against the Dark Arts Class: Insert small pieces of wrapped candy into balloons before inflating them. Encourage the kids to stomp out the dark side, including Voldemort and the Bogarts by popping the balloons. For a fun twist on the game, for “round two,” don’t allow them to use their feet! The prize? The candy they uncover!

*Potions Class: Fill and label several jars with a variety of gross things and lead the kids in mixing the most disgusting potions imaginable. For example, provide ginger (mandrake root), poppy seeds (eyes of bats), dream fluid (purple punch), smoked oysters or sardines (hippogriff gizzards), spaghetti in red sauce (bloodworms), cocktail onions (blind cats eyes), and water mixed with soil (hollow stump water). The kids will enjoy just mixing the items, deciding what they can be used for, and being grossed out. Set our Mist Maker in the center of the table to create the perfect potions class setting.

*Muggle Quidditch: Set up an obstacle course, and have the kids run the course with their brooms. Add hula-hoops and other obstacles that they must navigate…all while balancing a ping-pong ball (golden snitch) on a spoon. As an alternative, just give the kids brooms, a ball, two goals and lots of room to run and play! Use a soft ball for the bludger, so that no one gets hurt.
*Spells Class: For some truly magical pictures, use fishing line or monofilament wire to hang some objects above the kids…keys, golden snitches or some type of food. Let them pose for pictures with wands poised to create the illusion that they have levitated the object.

*Divinations Class: Send the kids on a hunt to discern where all the hidden socks are for Dobby so Malfoy won’t be angry. They could also guess the flavors of Bertie Bott’s Beans.

*Have your young wizard brainstorm with you to create classes for Care of Magical Creatures and Transfigurations.

*Play a Harry Potter™ trivia game by visiting to find questions and answers.

Encourage guests to dress up in costumes. We carry an assortment of Harry Potter robes, Quidditch robes, accessories, and wizards caps. Guests can even make their own costumes. Graduation robes make a great stand-in for a wizard’s robe.

Finally, award prizes to game winners and sent all your guests home with fun favors. Check out complete party favor packs, or give away cool individual items like lightning bolt temporary tattoos, wands, and Harry Potter glasses.

For Harry Potter party favors, try our Harry Potter glasses, lightning bolt temporary tattoos, magic wands, and many flavored beans.

As the anticipation for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince grows, tell us about your plans to celebrate the movie’s release!

Customers Share Their Personalized Standee Stories

Life-Sized-Photo-Standee-in-useOur Life Size Standees and Personalized Photo Standees make great decorations for your parties, whether they’re for weddings, anniversary parties, milestone birthdays, or graduations, there’s so many ways you can turn a favorite photo of a loved one into a life size photo standee, making a fun photo prom and a great keepsake.

ShindigZ customers have found a ton of uses for photo standees and have shared some of the ways these personalized decorations have been a hit at their special events.

Some customers have used Life Size Standees in big birthday parties, to celebrate important moments in the guest of honor’s life. For example, Penelope from Michigan ordered a standee for her husband’s birthday. She commented, “I did a life size of my husband running his first marathon…It was a great decoration for his 40th birthday several weeks later.”

Life-Sized-Photo-Standee-Customer-PhotoCarol from Ft. Wayne, IN had several Photo Standees made for her father’s 75th birthday. She wrote to us, “What an impact these photos were at my dad’s 75th birthday party in Chicago! I wish we would have ordered even more of them. We staged them around the house. All of his friends, children, and grandchildren loved them!”

Standees have also been a popular item for anniversary parties. We can make Photo Standees and Life Size Standees out of older photos too, so they make really impressive decorations when customers have used old wedding photos. Lori from International Falls, MN ordered a standee for her parents’ anniversary party: “I recently purchased one of my parents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. The standee will be next to the kneeler they had knelt at on their wedding day. A wonderful additon to the decor.”

Another customer from Palmetto, FL used a wedding photo from 1944 to make a Life Size Standee: “[I] wanted a special prop for a 65th Anniversary party and ordered a life-size standee, scanned a colorized 1944 wedding photo and uploaded to ShindigZ. I was astounded at the quality and attention to detail. The end product was so good that we’re giving photos of the guests with the standees and the anniversary couple as mementos.”

Lori also used a standee for her son’s graduation party. She commented that many guests wanted to take her son’s picture with “himself” in the standee. Our standees make great props for commemorative photos and are definitely fun decorations for kids and graduates.

One customer from Memphis, TN used some Life Size Standees in a send-off party for a soldier. She wrote to us, “The two life-size standees of my godson, who is returning to service in Iraq soon, were fabulous! They absolutely MADE his send-off party, and we sent them home with his fiancée and his mom, so they could have “him” there while he’s away overseas!” This touching use of Photo Standees is just one of many ways standees can be used to enhance special moments.

We love to hear from our customers. Tell us how you’re using our products or how you make your big days and special events more memorable!

Host a Company Picnic for Out of Office Fun

Personalized-Backyard-Picnic-Stand-InWith warmer weather here, your employees are going to want to be outside! Host a company picnic for fun as an office, out of the office. ShindigZ is having its own company barbeque this week and also has a fun selection of picnic party supplies to help you create a fantastic, memorable office picnic.

Use a banner for welcoming employees to the picnic or for announcing the event in advance. ShindigZ has a bunch of banners for various themes or parties. Add a Create-A-Banner which you have customized with your own design and wording. The possibilities are seemingly limitless! The banners are an awesome way to announce the picnic, welcome employees, or add a great company message year-round. Plus, if your picnic becomes an annual, monthly, or quarterly event, the banner can be used over and over again.

Let the great outdoors do most of the decorating for your picnic for you, but some additional decorations can go a long way toward adding some fun to your office picnic. Stand a Personalized Chef Standee Menu by your entrance or buffet line to announce what’s cooking! Our Luau Cabana Decorations add a fun, summery look. The Luau Cabana stands 11 feet tall by 8 feet wide by 6 feet deep and is made from corrugated cardboard and raffia. It adds a little shade and a perfect photo area to your event. The Luau Bar is 4 feet tall by 4 feet 2 inches wide and 14 inches deep and includes a raffia table skirt. It’s perfect for adding to your buffet table or drinks area.

Table decorations are the biggest component of picnic decorating. Cover your picnic tables with red and white gingham checked plastic tablecovers. You can even spread a few out on the ground for people who want a more traditional picnic setting. Add a centerpiece that’s festive and functional! Create a cluster of Real Coconut Cups in the center of your table and guests can take them to drink out of after they’ve seen how great the tables look. If guests take them home as favors, they even cut down on your clean-up time. Another great picnic centerpiece is our Americana Star Centerpiece. It’s especially great for this time of year, with all the patriotic holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July. For something simpler, try our Colorful 3D Star Cutout Centerpiece.

For tableware, use plastic tableware and cutlery in your company’s colors or festive red, white, and blue. The plastic tableware is sturdy and makes for simple, easy cleanup. Plus, it’s heavier than paper products, so it’s better for outdoor use. ShindigZ also has personalized stadium cups that coordinate with the plastic tableware and can be custom imprinted with your company logo and slogan! If you want a bolder look, check out our huge array of printed tableware patterns, such as patriotic tableware, luau tableware, or BBQ tableware. There’s tons of options for creating just the event you want.

We have all the serving ware, chafing dishes, pitchers, and trays you need for hosting a fantastic picnic. If you’ve never catered an event before, our items are simple and affordable, perfect for stocking up on to keep the company events running.

Our Etch-It Party Cups are a great way to keep down waste and add a personal touch to your party supplies. Guests can etch their names or other information and designs onto the cups and keep track of their drink during the whole company picnic.

Another way to serve drinks and boost spirits is with a customized water bottle. These make great promotional items as well as practical gifts for employees. Have the side of one of our 32 oz plastic sport bottles imprinted with your company logo and serve water or lemonade in them during the picnic. Employees and guests will love using them outside of work too!

Our inflatable coolers are a picnic party hit! We have beach ball inflatable coolers, inflatable palm tree coolers, and inflatable tiki drink coolers that keep drinks cold while also adding a fun decorative touch!

A picnic is also a great place for activities and team-building games. We have kits perfect for simple, fun picnic games. Add some Luau Party Music from our party CD to add the fun mood, while guests play the Can Toss Game, Egg Race Game, Duck Fishing Game, or Bean Bag Toss Game. Don’t forget cones to facilitate the races!

Guests will love taking their pictures as ketchup and mustard bottles in our Personalized Backyard Stand-In. You can add your own wording to the top, making for great commemorative photos.

Finish off the event with favors! Our Personalized Gingham Mint Tin is a perfect choice. Add your company or event details to the top and hand out the mint tins, filled with ½ oz of mints to each guest as they get their food or as they leave. The tins are simple, useful and great looking, while the mints make an awesome after-picnic treat.

Check out all of our Office Fun and Backyard Fun items for more ideas and tell us about how you’re boosting morale and fun around your office this summer!


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