Personalized Decorations for Nautcial Parties

Bon-Voyage-ArchSummer is the perfect time to have a nautical theme party! Bring a refreshing sea breeze or the romance of a cruise ship to your event with personalized nautical decorations from ShindigZ. Our custom nautical decorations and personalized favors are just the thing to really make your party set sail!

Our Life Preserver Arch makes a fantastic entrance to a nautical theme party. The arch is made from corrugated cardboard to look like a giant life preserver. It stands 8.5′ high x 10.5′ wide x 1′ deep and is personalized with your wording on the top.

Similarly, the Bon Voyage Arch makes a great photo setting for commemorative photos from your party, as well as a fun entrance decoration. The arch (pictured right) stands 8′ 6″ high x 4′ wide x 1′ deep and is constructed from corrugated cardboard to look like life preservers atop dock pilings with fishnet. The top is personalized with your custom wording.

Our Personalized Ship Standee also makes a fun photo accent. The 7′ high x 3′ 9″ wide cardboard standee features a giant ship and your personalized wording at the bottom.

Welcome guests to your party with a Shells and Sand Personalized Banner. Our banners are printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty 10 millimeter vinyl and are available in seven sizes to fit your decorating needs. The Shells and Sand Personalized Banner features a photo of shells on a sandy background, perfect for nautical or summery events.

For personalized party favors, try our new Create-A-Mint Tins. These mint tins are great for dinner parties or tons of other events. You choose the background, colors and wording, printed on the top of your mint tin which holds ½ oz of mints. They make table decorations too when you place one at each place setting.

Host a Canada Day Party with ShindigZ!

Canadian-Waving-Flag-PlateCanada Day, also known as Fête du Canada,  is July 1st!  The day celebrates the formation of a federation between the British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada (divided into Ontario and Quebec) on July 1, 1867 through the British North America Act of 1867. Traditionally it’s celebrated with fireworks, parades, and family get-togethers. ShindigZ has Canada Day Decorations that we can ship to Canada for all your Canada Day events!

Partie de Jour du Canada with our party decorations for your cookout tables and home!

Welcome guests to your Canada Day party with a Gingham Check Personalized Banner. The banner has a classic red and white gingham border and comes printed with your custom wording and logo. Our banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl that will hold up if you want to use your banner again for an annual event! Plus, you can’t beat our prices. We said custom, not expensive! Hang the banner over your door for a fun entrance piece or attach it to a banner frame on your lawn to send a holiday message to friends and neighbors. Have guests sign the banner when they leave for a wonderful keepsake.

Hang a Canadian Flag from your porch or flag pole to show your patriotism! We carry Canadian Flags printed on 4”x6” cotton and plastic. You can hang them around your home or attach them to sticks for waving or placing in a vase to create a fun centerpiece. These flags have tons of uses as decorating and party favors!

Use red and white gossamer to create drapes, swags, and curtains for decorating your home for Canada Day. Check out our Gossamer Tips for great tips and how-to’s.

A red premium foil curtain is a fun, festive way to decorate your doorways. Hang one in each doorway for guests to walk through, or use the curtains to block off areas you don’t want to use for the party. The curtains have a great shimmer for making your party look spectacular!

Balloon bunches are classic decorations! Fill red and white latex balloons with helium and secure them with coordinating curling ribbon to balloon weights or the back of chairs. As an alternative, fill the balloons with cool air and suspend them with various lengths of curling ribbon from the ceiling for a fun effect. Our red Fireworks Around Balloons are another fun option for your balloon decorations. Our Red Lumi-Loons even light up!

Create Canada Day Party Tables with our table decorations! Cover your tables with red gossamer or a red plastic tablecover. Our Metallic Red Opalescent Tablecover has a beautiful shimmer while the Stay Put Together Tablecover in red won’t fly away in the wind, making it perfect for an outdoor Canada Day party! For a traditional picnic look try a red and white Gingham Tablecover. Next, edge your table with red metallic table skirting.

Set the table with our awesome Canada Day Tableware (pictured above) available in Canadian Waving Flag dinner plates, dessert plates, and napkins. Red plastic tableware also works well. Coordinate with your tableware using red plastic cutlery and our red Etch-It Party Cups. Guests etch their names on the label to cut down on waste!

Sprinkle Canadian Flag Confetti over the top of your party tables and top them off with a centerpiece such as our Beer Mug Candles!

Top your party off with awesome Canada Day party favors! Hand out glow sticks to your guests for fun as the sunsets. These are especially good for keeping track of kids after dark. While they play, you can still see where they are! Our Beer Mug Candles make really fun favors in addition to table decorations. Personalized Gingham Mint Tins are a festive favor that you can personalize with your own custom imprint.

Tell us about your Canada Day traditions! We Ship to Canada so you can celebrate with ShindigZ!

Host a Summer Carnival with Carnival Games and Decorations from ShindigZ!

Personalized-Carnival-BoothA carnival party is a fantastic way to spend a summer afternoon or even a whole weekend. Host a carnival as a fundraiser for your church or school. Have a carnival for your summer block party. If your child has a summer birthday, a carnival party is a fantastic way to celebrate! ShindigZ has tons of carnival decorations and carnival games for your summer carnival!

Set the scene for your carnival with our Outdoor Carnival Decorating Kit. This plastic Decorating Kit includes a 24′ Fringe Banner, 24′ Pennant Banner, 24′ Bunting, and 65″ Sign Banner. The kits come at a great budget price, so you can order several and create a really bright, festive carnival party!

The Personalized Carnival Booth (pictured above) is a great way to create a ticket booth or game booths at your carnival party. The booth is 13’ tall and 4’ wide and made from sturdy cardboard. You can personalize the booth with your own wording. It’s a must have for your carnival party!

Our custom vinyl banners are perfect for a carnival! Our banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are reusable if your carnival is an annual event. The banners also have metal grommets that make it easy to hang them with our banner accessories and bungie cords. The Carnival Tent Themed Personalized Banner, Create-A-Banner Carnival, and Carnival Clown Personalized Banner are all great choices. We also have stock banners that read GAME, POPCORN, or TICKETS, which are great for designating various areas of your carnival party.

If your carnival party is going to be outside, the Outdoor Carnival Decorating Kit, personalized banners, and plenty of sunshine are perfect for decorating. If you’re hosting the carnival indoors, use Gossamer to create a tent for your carnival to be held under. Here’s how:

Suspend a 3′ metal ring or a 3′ circle of 1/2″ plywood in the center of the area to be decorated. The distance above the floor is determined by personal preference, and ceiling height. If the gossamer strips that will make up the ceiling cannot be fastened directly to the outside walls of the room, run a wire around the room attached by inconspicuous screw eyes. The wire could be an all-purpose steel or aluminum decorating wire from a hardware or craft store. You could also use a monofilament line of 30 or 40 pound test.

Use 60″ wide or 107″ wide gossamer strips to run from the center to the outside walls. To determine the length of the gossamer strips, use a builder’s or carpenter’s measuring tape and measure from the center ring or plywood disc to the walls. Start by measuring the distance to the four corners – since those will be the longest strips. If your ring or circle is positioned correctly in the center of the room, you need only measure to one corner since all four will be the same. Allow additional gossamer to fasten around the ring or fasten on top of the circle and to fasten to the wall or around the wire.

Put up a test strip of gossamer to one corner. If you have a ring, gather the gossamer to 2″ or 3″ across, loop it around the ring and staple gossamer to itself. The stapled loop is on top of the strip of gossamer, out of sight. If you have a wooden disc, gather the gossamer the same way and use a staple gun to fasten it to the top of the disc. Carry the gossamer to the wall, loop it over the wire (or fasten it directly to the wall) and staple the gossamer in the same way – allowing for a swag or droop in the fabric.

At the outside wall, pleat or gather the gossamer to 1/2 its original width for the best appearance. The 60″ wide gossamer should be 30″ wide, the 107″ wide gossamer should be 54″ wide. 19″ wide gossamer is not practical to use for ceilings in any but the smallest of rooms. Measure additional strips and fill in the complete ceiling the same way.

Cover your walls with stripes of brightly colored flat paper and you’ll have an awesome looking indoor carnival.

More important than decorations though are the carnival games! ShindigZ has a fantastic assortment of carnival games, crafts, and activities!

Sell tickets from our Double Roll of Tickets and charge a certain amount of tickets for each game. If you’re not trying to raise funds through your carnival, use the tickets to make sure kids are taking turns! Hand out a certain allotment of tickets for each how. Plus, the tickets add to the carnival ambiance.

We have tons of classic carnival game kits such as Bean Bag Tosses, a Can Toss Game, a Duck Fishing Game, The Clothespin Drop Game, a plastic Bowling Game set, and Field Cones and Relay Batons for running three-legged races, foot races, and relay games. Check out all our carnival games in the Carnival Party Store!

We also have a Lightning Ball Game that is sure to be a hit with kids old and young! The airblown game self-inflates (like a moon walk) and comes with six balls for hours of fun!

Plus, we carry twisty balloons (in a package of 72) for making balloon animals and hats with!

Stock up on favors, such as small toys, jewelry, candy, and other party favors to hand out as prizes at your carnival. Our party favor store has tons of options!

Check out all of our Carnival Party Supplies for more banners, games, decorations, and prizes! Tell us about your summer carnival too!

Party Favors for a Patriotic Bash

Political-Skimmer-HatAdd to the festive mood by giving guests one of these favor ideas to wear the entire day!

Give the kids a glittery derby hat to wear for the day and enjoy for the rest of the summer!
Greet your guests at the front door and give them glow favors or Red White and Blue Glow Necklaces for fun.

To emphasize the worth of our freedom and the sacrifice of our troops, you may want to give a meaningful favor to your guests. Support Our Troops Candles are perfect choices to provide your family and friends with a special way to remember our wonderful country.

Give each guest a red, white, and blue glow necklace as the sun sets and to aid in keeping track of the children after dark!

Shot Glass Necklaces are fun favors for grown-up guests!

For another special touch, personalize your patriotic bash. Create a simple slogan and have it printed on napkins, Stadium Cups, mugs or frames. Use a simple slogan with a flag, star, Liberty Bell, fireworks or any patriotic design and add the date at the bottom.

A few simple slogans include:
• Patriotic Pizzazz! Celebrate America!
• Happy Birthday Uncle Sam! Flyin’ Free!
• Celebrating those Stars & Stripes! Let Freedom Ring!
• Shooting for a July 4th Celebration! Proud to be an American!
• Born in the USA!
• Hat’s off to the Red, White, and Blue!

Decorate for a Tropical Luau Party

Luau-Waves-ArchPartygoers of any age love a tropical luau. ShindigZ makes it easy to transport your guests to an exotic island with our large selection of Luau Party Supplies and tips that will transform your party site into a tropical paradise. Whether you are decorating a back yard, a school gym or a large convention hall, we have the decorations that guarantee you a day in paradise.

There are several large decorating items that make great focal points for any tropical bash. The Luau Party Decorations include palm trees, colorful umbrellas and pink flamingos reminiscent of an island paradise. The Luau Cabana is a perfect place for guests to relax and enjoy a tropical drink or to pose for photos.

Set up a Personalized Luau Waves Arch (pictured above) as an entrance to your event and for guests to take photos under. You can add your own wording to the surfboard across the top for a perfect finish.

Line your front sidewalk with tiki torches, leading the way to the tropical party. Then, greet your guests at the door with tropical leis to finish off their Hawaiian attire and give a warm welcome. A customized vinyl banner in a tropical print is perfect for hanging above your door. Add your own Hawaiian or luau greeting!

A Raffia Door Curtain is an economic way to add a South Pacific flair to a backdoor or walkway, adding a tropical flourish to your party space. For a bolder entrance, set up a hibiscus floral arch or  Tiki Club decorations at the front of your party space. They also make great photo settings.

Palm trees are the ultimate Hawaiian Luau mood setter. We recommend having as many on hand as you can afford. We carry them in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget. For maximum effect, put your palm tree into a wading pool, fill it with sand and add some plastic shells, starfish and coconuts to the base of the tree. Add some blue gossamer and clear balloon “bubbles” to die the sides of the pool.

Personalized-Tiki-StandeeBecause gossamer drapes and hangs beautifully, you can easily create a stunning tropical waterfall. We have used doorways and ladders, or your waterfall can be attached directly to a ceiling or rooftop with pins or nails.

When decorating a large indoor area, transform your room by covering walls with rolls of blue seamless paper to create a tropical paradise. Recruit some creative helpers to paint various beach scenes – waves, palm trees, the sun, beach towels, etc. Finish off the look by simply hanging some tissue bubble fish, a fish net, and tissue rainbow fish on the walls. Use our Surf Board Stand-ups for a tropical background or photo setting.

Hang a tropical bamboo curtain from a doorway and transport guests to an island paradise!

Our Personalized Tiki Standee (pictured at right) is a fun accent for your buffet table or patio and is awesome for taking pictures with! Add you own wording to the top too!

Finish off your decorating with Luau table Decorations. There is tons of luau themed tableware so you can coordinate your plates, cups, napkins and cutlery with the rest of your decorations.

Add a classic tropical look with a palm tree centerpiece. For another look, place a tea light in a coconut candle and surround it with a silk lei. Guests can take these items home with a favor.

Wrap your tables in true Hawaiian fashion with our raffia table skirting. Add a string or two of our tropical lights around the head table or buffet line for extra flair.

Choose any combination of these Luau Party Decorations or come up with your own and let us know your creative luau decorating ideas! Be sure to check out our luau party favors as well!


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