Flu Shot Banners You Can Customize For H1N1

H1N1 Flu Shot Banners

Customize H1N1 Flu Shot Banners

The spread of the flu is a top news story every year. With the addition of the Swine Flu strain, known as the H1N1 virus, people want to know where they can locally receive a flu shot.

ShindigZ personalized flu banners help announce shot hours, way to keep the flu virus from spreading and organize hospital lines to receive the vaccination. Each flu banner features wording that can be customized.  There are over a dozen designs to choose from.

These flu banners include free grommets for easy hanging. Made of 10-millimeter vinyl, the banners are weather-resistant and can be hung indoors or outside.  The best part of all is that they are priced starting at only $14.79 for the 18×54-inch size.  Six larger sizes to reach up to 18-feet wide to get your message out.

Consider a banner at work to remind employees how to keep from spreading the flu virus.  An ounce of prevention…

Lacey Lands on $1,000 ShindigZ Prize

Wheel of Fortune ShindigZ Winner

Wheel of Fortune ShindigZ Winner

The stage was haunted and decorated to scare. Pat Sajak and Vanna White were in the spirit of the season. Contestant Lacey spun the big wheel during puzzle #1 on the October 26, 2009 broadcast of Wheel of Fortune and landed on the ShindigZ wedge. She guessed a correct puzzle letter and claimed her prize!

For Halloween Week on the popular game show seen nationwide, the World’s Largest Party Superstore, ShindigZ, has included a prize of $500 cash plus $500 worth of ShindigZ party supplies and decorations on the prize wheel.

One snag: Lacey did not correctly guess the puzzle and therefore did get to keep the ShindigZ prize. (The correct answer was “He Does The Monster Mash” solved by Addison).

The luck of the night soon changed for Lacey as she came back to win often and guess puzzles correctly through the rest of the show, She racked up $16,390 in cash and prizes and earned a chance to solve the big puzzle with the chance to win $100,000. On the final puzzle, Lacey got a “Lucky Break” and added $30,000 to her night’s winning totals.

There are more party supply prizes from ShindigZ to come all this week on Wheel of Fortune. Stay tuned for more Halloween fun.  Just take Pat’s advice and don’t eat Vanna’s homemade brownies as a trick-or-treat handout.

ShindigZ A Wedge on Wheel of Fortune

ShindigZ A Wedge On Wheel of Fortune

ShindigZ A Wedge On Wheel of Fortune

Imagine the Halloween party you could throw with a $1,000 prize from ShindigZ.com. That may happen several times over the next few nights as the World’s Largest Party Superstore, ShindigZ.com, places a prize wedge on the game show Wheel of Fortune.

In the spirit of Halloween all this week on Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak & Vanna White are “treating” contestants to prizes like a $1,000 party from ShindigZ.com, a CandyApples.com gift package, a Haunted History tour of New Orleans, and a bewitching trip to Salem, Massachusetts. Get into the spirit for trick-or-treating and tune in!

Since its debut in 1983, Wheel of Fortune has awarded more than $180 million in cash and prizes to its contestants.

Win A Dozen Free Chocolate Bars At ShindigZ

Personalized Wedding Chocolate Bar

Personalized Wedding Chocolate Bar

The fan posts say, “I LOVE CHOCOLATE.” Simple. Sweet.

All this week, ShindigZ.com is giving away a dozen free personalized chocolate candy bars to Facebook Fans who simply comment with the phrase, “I love chocolate.” Anyone can become a ShindigZ Facebook Fan and enter.

Professionally Print Your Create-A-Candy Bar Wrappers
Anyone can create a candy bar wrapper, but if you want a prestigous look for your wedding favors, baby shower mementos, promotional giveaways, or charity fundraiser products, create a candy bar at ShindigZ.

Create A Candy Bar- Wrappers & Chocolate
Both the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate create a candy bars taste luxuriously fine. Of course, ShindgiZ will ship the create a candy bar wrappers without the chocolate, but for a smidge extra, your guests will enjoy the rich taste of our smooth cacao.

Let the “I Love Chocolate” contest begin! (Note end date of 10/23/09.)

Personalized Chocolate Candy Bars Under $1.50

Personalized Santa Candy Bar

Personalized Santa Candy Bar

Everyone loves chocolate! According to a recent survey, chocolate is the number one flavor of choice for those living in the United States. The average American eats as much as 12 pounds of this chocolate every year.

At your next party, how about giving ShindigZ chocolate candy bars with personalized wrappers to your guests. They can be party favors people will remember.

ShindigZ personalized candy bars are inexpensive – as low as $1.49 each when you order 30 online. They’re made of creamy, rich chocolate, not the average tastes you get at the local box store.

For the wrapper, customize with your own wording or image. Upload a photo of someone celebrating a birthday or retirement. Photos work great for weddings too and can add a personalized and tasty touch to each reception table.

Sell them for fundraising, a stocking stuffer or announce baby’s birth. Just pick from one of ShindigZ exclusive wrapper designs, add your personal message and your done. These heavenly, personalized candy bars are a big party hit!


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