Fresh Popcorn Packs a Versatile Punch

There’s way more than just a kernel of truth to the rumor that the Shindigz Popcorn Party theme can’t be beat for versatility. You can use popcorn in planning birthday parties, movie nights, and carnivals; and it’s equally great as a stand-alone theme or in combination with Hollywood- and circus-themed parties.

Once you’ve settled on how to use your theme, the next step is to select invitations and a slogan for the party. Here are a few examples of possible slogans:

  • Pop on over to celebrate Charlie’s birthday!
  • Susan’s Fresh Popcorn Party will be delicious!
  • Come out to the movies for Mary’s birthday bash!

Your best value in Fresh Popcorn decorations and tableware is the Pick a Color Party Pack. The color options provide the versatility to match any color decor your party room has. For extra flare, include balloons, curling ribbon, invitations, and table covers or customize a popcorn-themed vinyl banner with your party slogan, a mylar popcorn balloon, crepe streamers and a Spiral Glitter Candle.

From there, use lots of red and black for a Hollywood or movie theater theme – think theater drapes and red carpets. For a carnival or circus theme, stick with red and white stripes and a dash of yellow.

Consider hand-delivering each invitation in a Plastic Popcorn Box with instructions to bring the box to the party. Depending on the age group, you might have guests decorate their boxes at the party with stickers and paint pens. Fill them as favor containers with candy, gift certificates and trinkets.
Plastic Popcorn Box
Welcome each guest with a Popcorn Beaded Necklace as a twist on the Hawaiian lei greeting, or use the beads as centerpiece components, door prizes or napkin rings.

Round out the activity plan with movie marathons, movie trivia games and the like.

For the younger set, try the “popcorn game!” Use a large sheet or parachute (like in gym class) and several light, foam balls as the popcorn kernels. Place one ball in the center of the sheet and have several guests hold onto the sheet, spread out around the edges. Together, participants start moving the sheet up and down, popping the ball into the air, and trying to keep it landing on the sheet, not the ground. As the group gets the hang of it add more and more balls. The game would make a great contest for two teams as well.

For a great keepsake of your event, have guests pose for commemorative photos with our Popcorn Box Column.

Serving up Fresh Popcorn at your next event will be a sure-fire hit!

Choose a Sunny Day for a First Birthday Party

Unlike typical birthday parties for school-aged children, a baby’s first birthday party will tend to include guests who reside in a number of age brackets. One theme that holds wide appeal for a range of ages — not to mention both boys and girls — is a Sesame Street™ theme; and the Sesame Sunny Days™ Kit-N-Kaboodle puts you on the road to Sesame-style hospitality in no time. This party kit contains invitations, balloons, curling ribbon, thank you notes, a table cover and all the tableware you need to serve 8 guests. Go Deluxe and add a banner, birthday candles, a mylar balloon and streamers.

Plan a fairly short party for a first birthday (60-90 minutes) to avoid over-stimulating and overtiring, and schedule it as far from the accustomed naptime as possible to ensure a happy baby. Try to hold the event at home or in another familiar, comforting setting.

On the big day, it will be Baby’s job to look photogenic, play with the boxes the presents came in, and use cake as face paint. The older children will be more discerning. Most will prefer to keep their face paint and their cake separate, for one thing!

Activity ideas:

  • ShindigZ face paint sticks are easy to use. Think of simple designs such as: flower, balloon, smiley face or fuzzy monster face.

  • Use foam noses (for ages 3 and over), silly wigs, and other dress-up items for “Muppet makeovers.”

  • Break out the Happy Birthday Bubbles.

  • Play a version of the “hot potato game” using a Muppet doll.

  • Take lots of pictures, including one of each guest with the birthday boy or girl, for photo keepsakes later. Be sure YOU (or whoever plays photographer on the big day) appear in some of them!

  • Fill the generously-sized Elmo Pull String Piñata with your choices of edibles and/or favors

  • With a little planning, a first birthday is sure to be a Sunny Day!

    Spend a Birthday in the Clubhouse with Mickey or Minnie

    Kids love Mickey Mouse™ and Minnie Mouse™, so it’s hard to go wrong throwing a party in the ol’ Mickey Mouse™ Clubhouse.

    Select Mickey or Minnie as the theme, beginning with the invitations.

    Next, we recommend a Kit-N-Kaboodle party kit because it can save you up to 40% over purchasing the same party supplies separately. Choose the Mickey Mouse™ Clubhouse Kit-N-Kaboodle or the Minnie Mouse™ Kit-N-Kaboodle. Each basic kit contains party supplies for 8, including a table cover, all the tableware you need for serving up the cake and ice cream and punch, two dozen coordinating latex balloons and curling ribbon, and thank-you notes.

    A deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle contains the above basics plus a personalized Attach N’ Go Banner, candy-striped candles, coordinating streamers and a mylar balloon.

    The streamers and balloons in the Kit-N-Kaboodle will quickly transform the party room into a festive space. Anchor several streamers to the middle of the ceiling or ceiling light fixture in drapes radiating outward toward each wall. Twist them a bit before attaching the ends to the walls for a more 3-dimensional appearance. Finally, tie together a bunch of balloons in both colors (probably 5 or 7, remembering odd numbers look best) and suspend the bunch from the middle of the ceiling or ceiling light fixture where you anchored the streamers.

    Another great look for streamers is to place the two colors back-to-back before hanging them. Streamers can also be swagged around walls, or cascaded vertically down walls or doorways.

    Tie a balloon to each guest’s chair. Be sure to have plenty of blown balloons on hand for balloon-pop relays and other balloon games. Outside, another balloon cluster can be attached to mailbox or pole as a signal to guests that they are nearing the Clubhouse; or, if you have a helium tank and balloon foil weights on hand, you can line a pathway to the house with balloons.

    Everyone grab your mouse ears and you’re on your way to partying hearty in the Clubhouse!

    Mark Earth Day Events with Customized Banners

    April 22 is not only Earth Day, it’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this year! Many communities will be celebrating the day with extra zest and special activities on this milestone anniversary. The following are a few of the many plans being made for spending Earth Day 2010:

  • Tree-planting and/or tree seedling give-aways

  • Kentucky Views Personalized Banner

  • Cleanups of rivers, beaches and trails

  • Nature hikes

  • Restorations of prairie and other habitat

  • Recycling and energy fairs

  • Community gardening projects

  • Festivals featuring sustainably-grown foods

  • Whether the activities you and your community organization are planning for this year’s Earth Day celebration are as simple as a group litter pickup in the park or as coordinated as a fair or festival, count on ShindigZ for a fantastic selection of customizable event banners for advertising your affair around town, marking event locations, and stringing across the fronts of registration tables and fair booths!

    Vinyl banners from ShindigZ have metal grommets for hanging, come in seven sizes, and start at less than $15 each. Personalization is free.

    Select the nature-inspired Lakeview or Kentucky Views photo designs from the vinyl Destination Banners collection, or go for the greenly elegant simplicity of the Leaves of Grass Banner. Another option is to celebrate the era from which Earth Day arose, with ShindigZ retro banners.

    Whatever your design choice, your banners will be tough enough for outdoor use and reusable. We think Mother Nature would approve.

    For more ideas, visit the ShindigZ Earth Day Party catalog pages.

    Decorate a Warm-Weather Venue for a Twilight Garden Party

    As the weather gets fine and we look ahead to milestones in the coming months – birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, graduations and weddings – a garden party stands out as an enduring, tried-and-true theme tradition for spring and summer. Evening events, indoors or out, are quite naturally seasonal candidates for a twilight or “midnight” garden party.

    Planning just the right lighting will be particularly important for a garden party in the evening. You’ll want the lighting somewhat subdued for ambience, yet powerful enough for safety, especially along pathways and stairs.

  • Attach clear or multi-color twinkle or rope lights to stair handrails, banisters, trellises and garden gates.

  • Put out ShindigZ star luminaries, which are great for lining pathways and sitting pretty on tables. They are a good value and come in four colors. For convenience and an extra degree of safety, try our battery-operated LED Flickering Flame Tealights in the luminaries.

  • If wind may be an issue, place Mason jars inside your luminaries. Put sand in the bottoms for extra weight, to anchor the candles and to catch dripping wax for easier cleanup.

  • Give your old tiki torches a new look by wrapping them with ivy or floral garland.

  • Create a “moon” with a large round white lantern hung high.

  • Keep in mind as you plan the decorations that because it reflects the lighting, anything white will be a standout. A canopy, water feature, or centerpiece may be a spot where you will want to use white strategically for this reason.

    Try contrasts by pairing the white with vivid color. For example, a deep red rose garland draped along a swag of white gossamer fabric or laced through white lattice will provide dramatic beauty.

    Whatever your upcoming occasion, consider a twilight garden party theme — and visit ShindigZ for the best selection of garden party supplies!


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