Spark Dreams of Rescue Heroes with a Firefighter Birthday Party

If you ask a room full of young children what they want to be when they grow up, you’re sure to hear several say, “I want to be a firefighter!” Firefighters have a cool job, wear cool gear, and drive the coolest trucks. The folks at ShindigZ Party know this, and stock lots of Firefighter Birthday Party Supplies for this classic theme.

Start with a Firefighter Kit-N-Kaboodle. The basic party kit includes table cover, plates, cups, cutlery, curling ribbon, balloons and invitations. The deluxe version has everything the basic kit does, plus streamers, mylar balloon, customizable Attach N’ Go Banner and Silver Spiral candles.

Young children are often too excited by parties to eat much, so the best plan for this age group is to schedule the party at a time that doesn’t coincide with a mealtime, and to stick pretty much to beverages, ice cream and cake.

Help the birthday child choose a slogan to use on the invitations. Some ideas are:

“Sound the alarm: Joey’s Turning 5!”
“Nate is Our Birthday Rescue Hero!”
“Fired Up for Birthday Fun!”

If you can hand-deliver invitations, it might be fun to attach each to a small die-cast fire truck. Another idea is to purchase our inexpensive Fire Chief Hats. Write or print out the party information on labels and stick one on the inside of each hat. Be sure to include the instruction to wear the hat to the party!

Use the red and black balloons from the Kit-N-Kaboodle in odd-numbered clusters (5, 7, 9, etc.) because that looks best. A big bunch tied to mailbox, lightpost or porch shows guests the way to the party, and others can be placed on tables and in corners, on their own or suspended, or weighted if you are using a helium tank. Create a centerpiece of helium-filled balloons each leashed and tied to the rest with curling ribbon and anchored by foil weights placed in an upside-down firefighter helmet. If you decide against using helium, suspend the balloons from the ceiling or a light fixture above the table you want to decorate.

In any case, you may want the birthday cake to be the centerpiece! Our Firetruck Cake Decorations can help you transform a simple sheet cake and a bit of decorator’s icing into an exciting fire scene that party guests will want to view up close.

Use streamers for splashes of color throughout the party area. They can be suspended, twisted, draped and taped outward from focal points where you’ve hung balloons, used in swags reaching from corner to corner, and run in cascades vertically down walls or doorways.

As a final mood-setter, enthrall party guests with the red flashing Police Party Light placed on the gift or food table.

Next post: Activities for the firefighter birthday theme.

Parade Floats 101

There may come a time (or perhaps already has?) when your organization determines it wants to participate in a parade in your community, and works out a budget for building a float. Whether it’s for your school, business, or social club – and regardless of the size of the organization – the steps for putting together a float are pretty much the same.

Your first move, upon registering for the parade, is to obtain and understand all the rules. Some parades, for example, limit the size of the trailers that can be used, and many require approval of float design. If the parade has a theme, you’ll need to know that, too, before your group starts generating concepts for your float.

Once you know about any prohibitions, the theme, and the size of the space you’ll be working with, the committee can start brainstorming. Ideas that end up being serious candidates for consideration should be conceptualized in slogans, sketches, and a color scheme. When the creative work is completed and approved, develop timelines and deadlines, which are crucial if your group is to avoid having to work around the clock the last few days before the parade! Then it’s time for the physical labor. Tasks can be split up roughly as follows:

  • Building the foundation (skirt frame, deck)
  • Erecting the main structure/setting
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Signage

Be sure to take a look at what ShindigZ Party has to offer when you are working out signage options, materials and even large prop pieces, which can provide polish as well as save a lot of time and labor. For this reason we suggest checking out our Theme Party Decorations and Banners as well as the Float Decorations catalog.

Our last tip for now is to work out the finishing touches that will best be saved for the parade site itself. For one thing, your float may be traveling a snail’s pace throughout the parade, but that probably won’t be true for getting the float to the starting line-up! Another reason is that some decorations you’ll want to use, such as balloons, will deteriorate fairly quickly outdoors even under the best of weather conditions.

We hope these tips are of use to you in your float-building project and that you’ll visit Party Supplies soon for more ideas.

Play the Qwiki: Parade Float Decorating Ideas

E! Hosts a Poolside Party to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Pool Party Decorations

Pool Party Decorations

The entertainment channel E! recently celebrated its 20th year on the air, and threw itself a lavish poolside party in Hollywood, reports the Huffington Post. Scores of stars gathered to the rooftoop of The London in West Hollywood for the bash, but first they posed for cameras while strutting down the red carpet in the lobby.

The entire Kardashian family was at the event, along with Ryan Seacrest, Lil Jon, Stephanie Pratt, and Sophia Bush. The celebs lounged by the pool with drinks from nearby cabanas. Kelly Rowland performed on a stage that overlooked the pool, guests and Sunset Strip beyond.

Now that summertime is here, it’s time to bust out the bathing suits and throw your own pool party. If you want to party like the stars, why not purchase your own tiki hut to act as your own personal cabana?

Put up some inflatable palm trees and your guests will feel like they’ve stepped onto the strip in Hollywood! You’ll definitely want to have some lei’s on hand to give your pals as they enter and get ready to relax by the water.

Celebrate Sex and the City 2 with a Desert Theme Party

Egyptian Party Entrance

Egyptian Party Entrance

Carrie and all of the gals are back on the silver screen this weekend with the premier of Sex and the City 2. In this much-anticipated sequel, the girls are traveling to Abu Dhabi for a desert get away. If you want to put an original twist on your Sex and the City 2 soiree, invite your best girlfriends over for a desert theme party!

You’re definitely going to want to send out some original invitations to get your friends ready for this fiesta. Invites featuring cacti, camels or a big blazing sun are all great ideas.

Before the ladies arrive, turn your home into a desert paradise. If you have a pool in the back yard, place up some light-up palm trees to transform it into an oasis.

Of course, some of your theme decorations should reflect the glamor of the upcoming movie. Pink boas and tiaras are great costume pieces for your gal pals to don while they get ready to head to the theater.

Lastly, at the end of the night you’ll want to send your friends home with something to help them remember this spectacular night. Charm bracelets, personalized travel mugs and streamer string will definitely send your guests home laughing!

Dance the night away at a Dancing With the Stars theme party

Disco Ball Centerpiece

Disco Ball Centerpiece

Nicole Scherzinger and her dancing partner Derek Hough just won the 10th season of Dancing With the Stars, walking away with a big, sparkling trophy. If you love this smash television show, then host your own Dancing With the Stars theme party right in your living room!

Hang up a disco ball, turn the lights down low and let all your friends know you’ll be hosting a shindig where they can let loose and cut a rug! You’ll want to spare no expense to make your home a star-studded dance floor. Streamers, beaded curtains and lots of shiny balloons will definitely get your guests ready to show off their dance moves.

Of course you’ll need lots of star decorations to make this party complete. A star-studded archway is a good way to welcome your guests to your shindig. Post glow-in-the-dark stars around the room and you can bet your party will go all night.

When everyone has danced till they dropped, it’s time to send home your pals with some fun star-themed gifts. Why not personalize frosted champagne glasses or beer mugs, so your friends will be reminded of the party where they danced the night away?


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