New for Halloween 2010: Door Topper Curtains

ShindigZ Party introduces 3 new door topper curtain designs for Halloween 2010. Each curtain is 10 feet long and 40” wide, and the top can be personalized with a line of text. The curtain itself is a wavy black metallic fringe.

  • The Beware Door Topper depicts a full moon and a raven overlooking a silhouetted cemetery in the distance.
  • The Tombstone Door Topper Curtain features a simple row of gothic-looking tombstones.
  • The Spiders Topper is a black background contrasted with neon spiders and webs. This design allows for 2 lines of personalized text.
  • A Halloween Door Topper Curtain is an affordable way to greet guests with your own message and add festivity and a bit of mystery to what lies beyond. Try coordinating a door topper with some of your other dance or party area materials such as black wavy metallic table skirts or our new Black Wavy Curtains, which can be used as background material for a stage or photo backdrop or function as a partial room divider.

    Our new designs join the awesome Spider Web Entrance and other fabulous Halloween Entrances such as arches and door accents. Be sure to check out what we have for door, and other Halloween décor in our online catalogs.

    If Ye Be Hostin’ a Pirate Party for Grownup Buccaneers

    The 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie is coming out in a few months… International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19…Somebody’s birthday is coming up…You have relatives in Pittsburgh…Halloween will be here before you know it! Whew! If you need an excuse to throw a pirate-themed party, you won’t have far to look!

    Need more reasons? lists about 100 communities in the US and Canada that host annual pirate festivals and faires. Pirates are hot, and ShindigZ Party offers a full line of Pirate Party Supplies for partying on boat deck, backyard deck and elsewhere.

    We’ve posted a-plenty on children’s pirate parties, but now offer some ideas for the adult buccaneer.

    Pirate Party Decorations

    Point your spyglass toward the Treasure Bay or Pirates Cove collections for large pirate decoration pieces such as ships and palm trees. Dig up a treasure chest prop and plenty of fishnet, raffia and colorful tissue parrots. Use a skull-and-crossbones flag to mark the party spot, or one of our pirate banners that you can personalize with event information.

    For evening functions, we are loving the lighting effects of our safe Table Torch Decoration and Hanging Flaming Torch!

    Pirate Party Activities

    Haul in affordable scarves, vests and other pirate wearables in adult sizes at ShindigZ Party. With everyone so garbed, send guests into town on a scavenger treasure hunt.

    For additional grownup activities, we recommend visiting websites such, where you can generate hilarious pirate names and personas for all of your guests, pick up new recipes for grog, and learn a sea chantey or two.

    Aaarghh! Best get ye to collectin’ yer booty for the big bash, Matey! ;-)

    House Party Taps Shindigz as Official Party Supply Source

    Consumer Activation Company Partners with Shindigz Party Supplies

    House Party

    Shindigz Partners with House Party

    Irvington, NY – House Party, the leading consumer activation and experiential marketing company, announces Shindigz as the company’s official party supply resource.  Shindigz is a leading worldwide internet retailer offering a complete party solution website with more than 36,000 party supplies, favors, personalized products and decorations.  Consumers who are registered on House Party can now conveniently purchase additional party items for their in-home gatherings from an exclusive area on the Shindigz website.

    House Party specializes in engaging a select group of consumer advocates to host in-home parties where a brand or product is at the center.  Each consumer advocate or host is given a branded and/or custom-themed party pack to provide them with materials for the party and share with their guests.  The party packs often include samples of the event’s featured brand or product, coupons, branded or logoed items, etc.  This relationship with Shindigz will allow House Party registrants to easily buy any supplementary items needed for every party.

    “House Party hosts love to entertain and make each party special and memorable, and we’re thrilled to connect these highly social consumers with our new partner, Shindigz.  Our hosts can quickly and easily search through a huge variety of fun, unique and high-quality party supplies at a customized version of, specially designed just for House Party consumers,” said Kitty Kolding, CEO of House Party. “We’re delighted to offer this fun and convenient way to throw a House Party to our consumers.”

    House Party registrants can purchase ala carte items or items that may not be offered in their event’s party pack at the online store for an exclusive House Party discount.  House Party clients will also be able to work directly with Shindigz to produce unique party items for their event’s party packs as well as create and offer pre-packaged, themed party supply kits for their hosts to purchase at the exclusive section of the site (

    “Shindigz specializes in making party planning as stress-free as possible while providing our customers with unique ideas and special products that they cannot get anywhere else,” said Shep Moyle, President/CEO of Shindigz.  “We look forward to working with House Party clients, hosts and guests to help them find the party supplies they need to make their parties easy, complete, fun and memorable.”

    About House Party
    Founded in 2005, House Party ( is a leading consumer activation and experiential marketing services company that engages thousands of qualified consumer advocates who host in-home parties featuring a brand, product or element of entertainment programming. Managed via a proprietary, customized online community space for each brand event, consumers engage both in home and online to explore and promote brands they love.  Headquartered in Irvington, NY, House Party works with such industries as consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, television, theatrical releases, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, toys & games and automotive. Current clients include NBC, Disney, Ford, Microsoft and P&G.
    For 84 years, Shindigz ( helped people create memorable parties – more than 21 million.  Shindigz’s goal is to offer the highest quality party products at the lowest prices.  Shindigz is a complete party solution offering over 36,000 party supplies, favors, personalized products and decorations for every type of event and celebration, no matter how large or small.  Shindigz has been recognized as Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, one of Forbes Top 400 websites and as Online Party Retailer of the Year in 2009.

    Haunting Halloween Decorations: Harvest Moon & Spooky 3D Tree Standees

    If we were to pick out what we consider to be Halloween decorating “staples,” two of them would be the Harvest Moon and our Spooky 3D Tree Standees because they’re highly adaptable to many Halloween themes.

    Of course, a harvest or full moon can carry you through fall festivals, homecoming and barn dances all the way to the Halloween events. Choose a moon according to the size of your party space. The moon available with the Spooktacular Cemetery is a generous 44” but for really large venues and to scale with other very large decorations, select our 8’ Harvest Moon Decoration.

    “Moon” your flying witches, werewolf- or zombie-infested woods, haunted cemeteries and any sort of ghost, monster or bat themes. Let it “glow” orange-ly on its own, or allow it to peek out from behind one of our Haunted House Cardboard Cutouts or the Graveyard Silhouette.

    This is where the Spooky 3D Tree Standees come in! Place these freestanding cardboard trees in front of your moon for an eerie forest effect, on either side of your haunted mansion or scattered throughout the cemetery. Available in wonderfully big 6’ and 8’ sizes, they will add great ambience and dimensionality to your decorating scheme whether used as is or embellished in a deliciously wicked way of your choosing.

    We hope you’ll find your own perfect way to incorporate a Harvest Moon and Spooky 3D Tree Standees into your Halloween decorating scheme. If so, we’d love to see a photo here, or on our Halloween Party Supplies pages!

    Set the Scene with Halloween Insta-Theme Decorations

    Transform an ordinary room or garage into a haunted locale with ShindigZ Party’s Halloween Insta-Theme large wall decorations, seen at right. It’s a great way to cover large areas affordably and flexibly for parties or for trick-or-treat.

    In three shakes of a newt’s tail you can attach a not-overly-scary Graveyard Backdrop, Spooky Sky Backdrop, or Creepy Fence Border – or any combination of the 3! Each is a wall mural printed on plastic that can be attached to walls with pins or a removable adhesive. The Graveyard and Spooky Sky are each 4’ high and 30’ long. The fence is 24” tall and 30’ long, and printed on a clear plastic so you can view whatever lies behind it.

    Insta-Theme also offers props you can attach to the backdrop(s). Customize the setting with a haunted house, gothic witch, skeletons, ghosts and other Peel ‘N Place extras.

    Check out each individual backdrop and prop set by clicking on the Party View 360 icon next to each item listing on the Insta-Theme catalog page.

    Once the Halloween Insta-Theme pieces are in place, we’d suggest festooning the ceiling with deep purple and black streamers along with skull or ghost tissue garland, lighting up your best Jack ‘O Lanterns with battery-operated flickering LED tealights, and filling the Inflatable Witch’s Cauldron Cooler with treats. Got other ideas? Let us know. We love to hear from you!


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