Amazing Winter Theater Backgrounds & Props

Winter Sets & Backgrounds:
Let’s put on a show! Shindigz saves your production extra time and money with amazing winter sets and props. Transform an empty stage into a winter playground with a snowflake fantasy kit or present a western holiday twist. Hitch a stylized winter sleigh kit to a desert sunset.

Kids Christmas Show Props:
The children are jumping up and down with excitement to put on a Christmas show for guests. Good for them! Help them address custom party invitations with details about the event. Order a Christmas scene setter kit or other Christmas decorations to professionalize the fine acting at the show. If they are retelling a fairytale or nativity story, consider ordering a fairytale decorating kit as the backdrop to a large, Christmas event full of big dreams and gifts. 
Community Theater Ideas & Backgrounds:
Rent out the local theater, community center, or house of worship to host an event or lecture. No theater should be dark at night. Cross advertise between organizations. Sell refreshments at intermission. Hang something simple that’s reusable and virtually indestructible. A simple, black, fringe curtain can be used for concerts, readings, or mystery dinner shows.
Shindigz’ simple set pieces are easy on your budget and time. After you pick a play, create a list of set pieces and winter props you’ll need for the show.

With so many theme party decorations to choose from, maybe you’d like to put on 50’s play or a western for diversion.  Buy inexpensive backgrounds made of solid or patterned decorating fabrics and flat paper.  Whether you’re hosting a large benefit or a simple, nativity scene these props will help you create a background set at your theater.

Decorate for Winter- Even When You Live in the Sun

Are you missing your winter wonderland? Create your own! Just because Mother Nature’s not cooperating with snow, doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself and loved ones with some of your own decorative snow. Think about what the holidays mean to you. Create a community wherever you are and start your own traditions!

• Take family photos in front of a winter scene wall decoration or cover your home with one for a holiday party!
• Do you know friends that don’t have places to go for the holidays? Consider having them over for your family dinner or hold an orphan’s holiday dinner. Invite all your friends (potluck or otherwise). Friends are the greatest gifts to be thankful for this, and every season.
• Strategically place some standing snowflakes around your home to ignite your holiday mood and play holiday music (unless you’ve been shopping in a mall and are already jingled out!). For a change, try Rockapella or Manheim Steam Roller.
• Snuggle by the “fire”. Set up a fireplace decoration in your room. It makes any home cozy. Then sip cider, Chai, or hot chocolate and add a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg. Cuddle with your honey and kids.
• Do you cook the same foods every year? Try one new Shindigz party recipe every season and note your favorites.

Some holidays don’t feel the same without the way we picture them from childhood, but with a little ingenuity and a lot of love, your holidays will be better than ever. You’ll be surprised at what becomes a new tradition. Happy holidays from our family to yours!

America’s Mood Shows Desire To Party More

Shindigz November 2010 Party Pulse Poll

Shindigz November 2010 Party Pulse Poll

The overall mood of the country is improving according to a November 2010 poll taken by Shindigz. A majority of respondents reported their life mood to be a bit more fun with a slight spring in their step suggesting an increasing optimism across the country.

“We may be seeing positive signs that people believe the country is emerging from recent economic difficulties,” according to Keith Bansemer, Director of Internet Marketing at Shindigz. “Shindigz is finishing up a record year for selling party supplies. The results of our Party Pulse poll seem to be capturing that behavior.”

The poll was sent to Shindigz email subscribers who reported at life mood score of 63.4. A score of fifty would be a measure of no change.  Over 5,000 people nationally participated in the poll.  The Party Pulse question Shindigz asked was, “Compared to this season last year, would you characterize your life mood as…”

  • A ton more fun! Every day is like a little party!
  • A bit more fun – a slight spring in my step.
  • No better, no worse. Same old same old.
  • Not as fun – a bit of a doggie downer.
  • Much less fun. This ain’t no party!

Shindigz will take a new Party Pulse each quarter to track America’s party mood. The next measurement will be in February of 2011.

Shindigz is family owned and has been in business for 84 years leading the cause “to make life more fun.” Selling over 36,000 party items, from tableware to personalized decorations to custom favors, is the complete party solution.

Tide Kids Over with Thanksgiving Healthy Snack Ideas

Use these healthy snack ideas on Thanksgiving Day or anytime over Thanksgiving weekend to keep little hands busy and to keep tummies from growling — and remember, presentation is half the fun!

• CORNUCOPIA OF TREATS – Create a centerpiece by filling a horn-of-plenty (cornucopia) basket with healthy snacks such as apples, bananas, little baggies filled with grapes, popcorn, or a variety of mini muffins (cornbread, blueberry, pumpkin). Many specialty and grocery store bakeries are now offering bread in a cornucopia shape. Add little bowls of bread toppings (butter, jam, peanut butter, etc.) to the table, and the children can munch on the centerpiece during the party!

• SNACK HATS – Serve dry snacks in Pilgrim Hats turned upside down. Popcorn, pretzels, or wrapped goodies all look much more appetizing when the presentation is cute!

• CRANBERRY CRITTERS – Cut a log of canned jellied cranberry sauce into 10 slices. Use cookie cutters to cut thanksgiving shapes out of the slices. As an alternative, use a pan of set Jell-O® (using the “Jigglers” recipe) to create cutouts.

• NOT-QUITE-TURKEY SANDWICHES – Make sandwiches using favorite ingredients (PB&J, bologna, ham and cheese, honey and banana), and cut out full-sized cookie cutter turkeys. For adventurous children, try pumpernickel bread. Sliced green olives, little pieces of carrots, raisins, and chocolate chips make terrific eyes, and no turkey would be complete without a little pimento or red licorice wattle! Serve on rich chocolate brown tableware.


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