Anniversary Ideas For Guys

Simple Anniversary Ideas to Impress Her

Recreate your honeymoon. Click to beach party supplies.

Okay, men you’re thinking this anniversary planning stuff is just not a “guy” thing and you may be so right; but, she doesn’t have to know how easy it is to implement these creative anniversary ideas. Just a few clicks here and there and you’ve created an anniversary party she won’t forget.

Take Her To The City of Lights

How about a romantic night in Paris without the transatlantic flight? It can be done with Parisian props and the Goldlights of Paris Kit, which includes the Arc De Triumphe Arch and Eiffel Tower to simulate the romance of the Parisian skyline. Create anniversary invitations with lots of personalized choices to get the word out about the special event.

Rock Around The Clock

The party will be peachy keen with a trip to Mel’s Drive-In. Why, party-goers will almost smell the burgers and fries with the 50’s diner photo background. She will look groovy in her poodle skirt and scarf – 50’s costumes. Choose hot pink tableware for the diner. And, don’t forget the stacks of wax and mounds of sounds with your At the Hop Party 50’s Party Music CD. Everyone will be lip-syncing all night long.

Go West Young Man

All the buckaroos will have a great time at your western party theme anniversary. Western party favors include Sheriff’s badges with personalized labels. All will have fun at the party and no one will want to “get out of Dodge.”

It’s Not A Gamble

Hit the jackpot with a casino night party. Wheelers and dealers are greeted with casino theme banners and you can bet the photo poker chips with the anniversary couple’s photo on each chip is a sure party winner.

Don’t Forget The Food

Any of the anniversary party theme ideas should include catered party supplies to help create the theme atmosphere and make set-up, serving and clean-up easy.

Party essentials include plastic champagne glasses for the toast, stay put table covers, squiggle straws, and snap apart plates What a novel idea!

See sir, you did great in planning your next anniversary party. She knew you could do it.

The Gold Standard Retirement Party

The greatest step in a person’s working relationship with the world is retirement. They did it the old fashioned way, “They earned it.” Make them know you understand that with a retirement party that goes for the “gold.” Start by inviting friends, family, and fellow workers with a custom invitation. A custom invitation is the easy, fun, and fast way to go. Custom designed invitations come to you in only 5 business days.

The Whole Kit-N-Kaboodle Cleans Up
A lot of the party time will be spent at the table with eating and fellowship. Put gold tableware on your shopping list. Grace the table with a gold plastic table cover and the gold plastic kit-n-kaboodle featuring knife, fork, spoon, and dinner and salad plates. Big party planners should go for the gold 100’ plastic table roll to cover all dinner and serving tables. What’s nice is all these items make for easy clean-up after party goodbyes have been said.

Add Those Little Extras
Your retiree is special so add a memorable moment when guests toast the achievement with the battery activated LED accent water lights toasting glass. It flashes red, blue and green! Add that little extra to the dining and serving table tops with the swirls and stars confetti and focus on the theme of the party with a retired centerpiece.

Something for The Ride Home
Party favors are always nice gifts for the party goers to receive when coming to the party. The favor celebrates the event and is given to attendees at the outset of the party. But at your next gold standard retirement party give a “going away” party favor. Give out the create-a-candy bar favor with personalized chocolate bar wrappers. Other wonderful, flavorful ideas are the create a custom mint tin and the create a cookie tin favor. Just some sweet ideas for your gold standard retirement party coming up!

What neat things happened at your retirement party?

Decorate Your Restaurant for A Chinese New Year

Even if your restaurant is not traditional Chinese, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the Chinese New Year with your customers. All you need is a few changes in décor and menu to create an evening in the orient for diners. Did you know that the Chinese don’t clean their houses on their New Year’s Day? They don’t want to sweep out any good fortune. Don’t sweep out this opportunity to welcome new and current customers for a one night event, or the traditional 15 day celebration of the Chinese New Year. It’s the “year of the rabbit” beginning on February 3rd. Start by welcoming your customers with one of the many available Chinese New Year banners.

Take Customers on a Virtual Trip
Eating jiao zi or dumplings, is a Chinese New Year tradition because jiao zi is similar to an ancient word for “new” replacing “old.” Adding dumplings or noodles, another traditional food to ensure long life, will only go so far in creating the atmosphere. You need to make some additions to your restaurant décor. It’s easy and inexpensive to do. The work is done for you with an Evening in the Orient Decorations Kit and/or the Shanghai Moon Kit. Both kits give you versatile decorating choices and opportunities for display throughout the restaurant. You don’t need great decorating skills to put up some shimmering dragon whirls, giant dragon fans, and dress up the dining tables with chinese character confetti. Add a nice touch with the Shanghai moon centerpiece.

Turning Red Is a Good Thing
The color red is one of the luckiest colors in the Chinese tradition standing for loyalty, success, and happiness. Red modern lanterns and diamond lighted paper lanterns will show your lucky colors. Other unique choices include exquisite floor lamps and modern luminescent pedestal columns with fabric choices.

Don’t Forget the Wait Staff
Now get the entire house in order. Have your staff dressed for the occasion without making complete uniform changes. Consider the mandarin hat, or a combination with a coolie hat. Now they’re ready to make menu choices from the custom ordered Shanghai moon booklet. All you need to do is print up the menu and insert in the booklet.

Did You Remember The Kids?
The FU (pronounced foo) character means good fortune or luck in Chinese. Create-a-funtoo, a temporary tattoo. Kids love them! An on-line tool allows you to create the temporary tattoo with the FU character. Help the parents keep the kids busy before the food arrives with animal shape bracelets, which are popular with kids ages 3 and up! Maybe there’s a rabbit in the bag. Asian dragon personalized notepads let kid customers do their drawings on the pads with imprinted variegated pencils. The pencil shimmers and shines with every move. You can custom imprint the pads and pencils with your restaurant name, address, and phone information.

Now You Know You Can Do It
The Chinese New Year to China is like Christmas to the West. It’s spending time with family, gift giving, and the all important food fest. You and your restaurant will satisfy the total bill with very little work and lots of fun.

Stay Connected in the Winter Months With a Let It Snow Party!

winter party invitations and tableware party pack

A "Let It Snow" Party Pack Makes Your Party Plannning Easy

Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful
When the snow piles up and the temperatures drop down low, people tend to stay inside. It’s funny how every spring when the warm weather breaks, all the neighbors step outside and greet each other with, “Where have you been all winter?” and “What’s new with you?” It’s as if they have not seen each other since the year before—and sadly that might be true! So, don’t let the wintry weather outside keep you from a warm and cozy get together with friends!

But the Fire Is So Delightful
Keep your winter theme party simple, but fun. Buy a party pack that has everything you need from the winter invitations to the tableware. Sprinkle a little iridescent metallic star confetti into each winter invitation’s envelope for an extra sparkly touch! Use a wintry color scheme of light blue, white, and silver and accent this with snowflakes and other winter wonderland room decorations to make it festive and beautiful! Scatter the remaining confetti that you used in your invitations across your table cloth to create a magical, snowy shimmer.

So Grab Your Coat and Mittens and Come On Over!
Hot spiced cider and steaming cocoa with marshmallows warm cold hands. Simmering soup or homemade pizzas are perfect for a gathering with friends and neighbors. Think of your favorite winter comfort foods and create your party food menu from there. Now brave the winter blues, and invite your friends over to celebrate a Let It Snow party!

Snow Party Table Decorating Ideas

candles on a table for a winter party

Create warmth and elegance on your table with candle light.

Let It Snow Winter Table Decorations

A decorated table states what you want your guests to feel at your snow party—special and invited to celebrate! Start by covering your winter party tables with navy paper tablecovers and add a layer of beautiful pastel light blue gossamer over it for a magical, elegant touch. You could also swag some white gossamer streamers around the edges of your winter tables for added drama.

  • If you are using a buffet table, highlight it by hanging some string lights under the gossamer around the perimeter of the table. Add place card holders beside each dish on the winter buffet line with a label letting your guests know what they are about to indulge in.
  • Have an ice sculpture made in your company’s logo and place it in the center of the buffet table and surround it with LED decorative candles for an elegant glow.
  • Create a “snowy look” down the center of your winter tables with polyester batting spread in soft piles among your candles. Add some Iridescent Snow on top for a bit of sparkle!
  • Your guests will feel honored to sit at tables warmed by candlelight when the weather outside is cold and frightful! You can accomplish this by placing some more iridescent snow on the table near an array of White LED Floating Candles. You could also place a snow flake candle holder at each place setting, fill it with water, drop in another floating candle, and you have created instant elegance!
  • For your tableware, consider the
    Let It Snow Party Ensemble! Top off the setting by bundling each napkin up and sprinkling some extra iridescent snow around each plate.

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