Anniversary Ideas For Guys

Simple Anniversary Ideas to Impress Her

Recreate your honeymoon. Click to beach party supplies.

Okay, men you’re thinking this anniversary planning stuff is just not a “guy” thing and you may be so right; but, she doesn’t have to know how easy it is to implement these creative anniversary ideas. Just a few clicks here and there and you’ve created an anniversary party she won’t forget.

Take Her To The City of Lights

How about a romantic night in Paris without the transatlantic flight? It can be done with Parisian props and the Goldlights of Paris Kit, which includes the Arc De Triumphe Arch and Eiffel Tower to simulate the romance of the Parisian skyline. Create anniversary invitations with lots of personalized choices to get the word out about the special event.

Rock Around The Clock

The party will be peachy keen with a trip to Mel’s Drive-In. Why, party-goers will almost smell the burgers and fries with the 50’s diner photo background. She will look groovy in her poodle skirt and scarf – 50’s costumes. Choose hot pink tableware for the diner. And, don’t forget the stacks of wax and mounds of sounds with your At the Hop Party 50’s Party Music CD. Everyone will be lip-syncing all night long.

Go West Young Man

All the buckaroos will have a great time at your western party theme anniversary. Western party favors include Sheriff’s badges with personalized labels. All will have fun at the party and no one will want to “get out of Dodge.”

It’s Not A Gamble

Hit the jackpot with a casino night party. Wheelers and dealers are greeted with casino theme banners and you can bet the photo poker chips with the anniversary couple’s photo on each chip is a sure party winner.

Don’t Forget The Food

Any of the anniversary party theme ideas should include catered party supplies to help create the theme atmosphere and make set-up, serving and clean-up easy.

Party essentials include plastic champagne glasses for the toast, stay put table covers, squiggle straws, and snap apart plates What a novel idea!

See sir, you did great in planning your next anniversary party. She knew you could do it.

Add Your Party Ideas:

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