Shindigz Party FUNd Helps 5 Year Old Give Back

When the Shindigz Party FUNd was created on the Shindigz Facebook page, it was a way for Shindigz to give to those who give back. The goal of this fund is to “fun it forward” by asking customers what they would do to make life more fun for someone else. And Shindigz is granting those wishes.

When little Sarah Mason began planning her 5th birthday party with her mom, Sallie, they decided to give back. Sallie states, “We are a US Marine Corps family with my husband, Major Kirk Spangenberg serving almost 15 years.  Each year, we teach our children that birthdays are about celebrating life, counting our blessings and using that time as a chance to bless others.  In the past we have chosen local non-profits, Ronald McDonald House, food pantries and crisis pregnancy centers to give donations in lieu of presents.  This year, we have chosen the Semper Fi Fund ( as they serve a population close to our hearts.  Marines who are wounded face many challenges that are not covered by medical insurance.  Semper Fi Fund stands in the gap to make sure the Marine and his/her family are given every opportunity to heal, recover and re-enter society and live full and productive lives.  While our Marine has returned unharmed from his multiple tours, we feel a deep sense of obligation to help those who have not.”

In honor of her fifth birthday, Sarah Mason asked her friends not for Barbie Dolls, stuffed animals, games or toys, but rather that they bring $5 to donate to Semper Fi Fund to help other families.  Sallie posted her birthday idea on the Shindigz Party FUNd Facebook page and Shindigz granted a $250 gift certificate to buy thank you gifts and decorations for the party.
Sallie and Sarah decorated their local theater to the hilt with movie and popcorn decorations. They also received mini film tin canisters, favors for their guests and Movie Night Decopics for their adorable movie cupcakes!

According to Shep Moyle, Owner and Shindigz Party King, “We’ve spent a lot of time here around the old popcorn popper thinking about how our customers can help us make life more fun. This program is designed to bring a smile to someone who needs a bit more happiness, some laughs to folks who may be sad, and by making random acts of fun a part of everyday life. There’s no hook or catch. We aren’t selling products or marketing what we do in the world of party supplies. We want the world to know our ‘why’. The why we do what we do. Making life more fun.”

Shindigz is asking anyone with an idea for how to make life more fun for someone else to post their Party FUNd idea on their Facebook page. Shindigz has dedicated $25,000 to helping others make life more fun! Simply post your idea, ask for your friends’ support by voting on your idea, and Shindigz selects at least one idea per week that will come true.

Senior Basketball Night

We just celebrated Senior Night with the Canterbury basketball team this past Tuesday.  My son Chase is only a junior, but time seems to be flying by – next year it will be his big night!  Each year we honor our seniors prior to the start of the last home game.  The players and their families are individually announced and acknowledged as they walk through a giant balloon arch.  This year we had four senior players and one senior manager.  We created personalized standees and banners of each senior.   We ended up winning 58 to 49, not a huge margin, but a win’s a win – on to tournament play next week.  Canterbury teams love it when there is a “Moyle” on the team – more stuff. Good luck, Cavs!

  1. The balloon arch was created with blue and white latex 11” balloons, a roll of white curling ribbon, six balloon weights, a helium tank (provided and stored at the school) and three sets of hands.  The entire arch took about 30 minutes to complete.  Once the assembly line was established, we were flying.  We tied one end of the curling ribbon to the balloon weight and kept the remainder of the ribbon on the roll.  We couldn’t decide how big we wanted the arch.  One parent inflated the balloons, I tied the knot in the balloon (years of practice) and the third parent created an open knot/loop in the curling ribbon.  We pulled the knotted end of the balloon through the loop, pulled it tight and moved on to the next balloon.  We alternated blue and white, but any pattern could easily be established.  Because we were moving so quickly, we made a huge arch and had to add extra weights to each end.
  2. The standees were made by Shindigz with straight on, high resolution photos that we simply uploaded to when ordering.  Fast and easy.
  3. The banners took a bit longer to prepare since we needed to collect a number of images per player to make a collage.  The printing was the fast part by Shindigz.
  4. We also offered “after the game” cookies for players and parents, flowers for the moms, a senior gift and a certificate of accomplishment.

Shindigz can help make your Senior Basketball Night a success, too! Join us on Facebook for a chance to win great party give aways every weekday!

St. Patrick’s Day Party & Kids Craft Ideas

Get Creative with St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

For most, St. Patrick’s Day parties mean a day of fun.   From a young age, children learn that St. Patrick’s Day is about the color green—wearing it, eating green-colored food, and coloring pictures of shamrocks.  Why not have more fun than creating the traditional shamrock picture?

Create a fun, festive St. Patrick’s Day party for the kids in your life and come up with some crafts for the kids to take part in.  Use cute decorations to catch attention and make the kids smile.  Start by decorating the entryway to your St. Patrick’s Day party with a rainbow balloon arch for your kids to walk under.  Line the walkway with a gold or yellow plastic tablecloth and have the kids follow the yellow road.  Then, when they walk under the balloon arch, toss some shamrock-shaped confetti into the air to surprise them.  Give the kids green, gold, and white beads as quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day party favors.  Keep their attention with a leprechaun standee that they can take pictures in!

Crafts & Favors Make St. Patrick’s Day Parties Fun

Rather than simply having your kids color a picture of a shamrock or a picture of a rainbow, make a shamrock-shaped cake and have the kids break into groups to decorate them.  Remember when you plan the party, have the kids ask their parents for old shirts that they can use to protect their St. Patrick’s Day party clothes.

Favors at your St. Patrick’s Day party can range from lollipops to personalized cookie tins to gold coins.  Send your kids home with adorable St. Patrick’s Day favor boxes filled with these goodies and more.  You can also include personalized lip glosses for the girls and personalized gum for the boys.

Include your kids this holiday.  Have fun, be safe, and let them enjoy a party for a reason other than a birthday.

Create a Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Dinner

Take your Mardi Gras soiree in a unique direction by adding a mysterious aspect to the evening. A Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Dinner is an event your friends will be talking about for years to come. A murder mystery dinner is both fun and interactive, so it keeps everyone involved in the Mardi Gras fun.

The first thing you’ll need is a theme. Shindigz carries a variety of Mardi Gras theme decorations that will set the scene for your mystery. The masquerade photo backdrop makes a  beautiful wall covering with its elegant mask photograph. It will look great in your party photos. Jazz musician standees and Bourbon Street lamps set the scene for a New Orleans themed party.

You’ll also need the plot and script for the murder mystery dinner. There are Mardi Gras-themed murder mystery scripts available online or you can get really creative and write your own. Check out these tips for writing your own murder mystery dinner.

Mardi Gras masks help add to the intrigue. Stock up on masks from our wide assortment of beautiful Mardi Gras masks and have guests choose a mask to match their character. The masks will be memorable favors.

Next, you’ll need tableware for the dinner part of the festivities. Cover the table with a solid purple, green, or gold tablecovers and add a shimmering tableskirt. We have solid and patterned Mardi Gras tableware just right for serving your decadent Mardi Gras food and minimizing clean up. Top the tables off with glittering Mardi Gras centerpieces such as our sequined carnival masks. Our Mardi Gras pulp board coasters make a cool custom addition to your bar area too. Check out our Mardi Gras food tips for ideas to plan your menu!

Finish the evening off with favors. Select a special favor for the guest who solves the mystery. A custom tin full of treats or a special gift certificate would be appropriate. Send everyone home with tons of beads or one of our custom Mardi Gras mint tins.

A murder mystery dinner is just one fantastic way to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Check out our other Mardi Gras tips for other ideas and shop all of our Mardi Gras party supplies.

Fun New Ideas for Girls’ Birthday Parties

Girls just want to have fun! Celebrate your favorite gal’s birthday with bright decorations in themes she’ll love. Our red polka dot party pack creates a fantastic party theme on its own or as a base for other decorations. The red and white polka dot pattern creates a festive, retro look that works perfectly with a 1950’s theme or a tea party. Choose birthday party supplies and  theme decorations to transform these sweet decorations to fit the birthday girl’s interests.

Our new sock monkey party supplies are an adorable choice for a little girl or a nostalgic teen girl’s party. The cute sock monkeys on the party plates, napkins, and cups exclaim, “Go bannanas!” The sock monkey tableware coordinates wonderfully with a polka dot personalized banner, streamers, and balloons. For a fun and memorable party activity buy the supplies for guests to make their own sock monkeys. All you’ll need are socks, buttons, felt, polyfil stuffing, needles, thread, and some patience.There are also plenty of kits available at craft stores. Girls will love this kitschy activity and taking their new friends home as party favors. For themed food, serve banana splits!

Birthday, birthday, birthday, ohh birthday! For older girls, our Justin Bieber Kit will be a smash! The purple and silver party decorations feature Bieber’s face on the plates, napkins, cups, and invitations. Put on some music for dancing or fire up the karaoke machine and let the girls sing the hits themselves. Hand out inflatable microphones for the guests to use. We also have a Justin Bieber standee for taking pictures with.

Don’t forget party favors! Shindigz offers a huge selection of girls’ party favors and personalized party favors to match any party theme. Fill a purse favor bag with cute favors such as lipstick pens, cupcake lipgloss, and Hello Kitty temporary tattoos. For a custom option, create personalized compacts or personalized lip balm. Guests will love the cute keepsakes.

Check out all of our girl birthday party supplies for more ideas and tons of supplies to create a party she’ll remember for years to come.


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