The Princess of the Quinceañera Party

An Elegant Quince is Key

Typically, when planning a Quinceañera (sometimes simply called a Quince) celebration, parents take great care to make their daughter feel like a princess.  The guest of honor traditionally wears a beautiful dress in white or light pink while her court wears another color of her choice.  In more recent years, the birthday girl wears a long dress in the color of her choice while the girls in her court wear shorter dresses in the same or a complementing color, while the boys wear black pants, black shoes, and shirts in the chosen color.  When decorating for the Quinceañera, the colors of the decorations must fit into the color scheme that your birthday girl has chosen.

Colored Decorations for Your Quinceañera

The first part of a Quince is the invitation.  Once your invitations are chosen, the tone of your Quinceañera is set.  Of course, from there, you’ll want to find tableware in the proper color for your Quince.  Naturally, with tableware comes a centerpiece.

From here, you need to look into decorations for the party room.  At the entryway, place an entrance arch for your birthday girl and her court of boys and girls to walk under.  Outside the party room or party building, hang a banner so guests will know that they are headed to the correct place.

A party simply isn’t a party without some balloons.  Whether you choose to use a few Mylar balloons in with the classic latex balloons or not, pick balloons that will match your color scheme.  You’ll also want to create a small photo corner, perhaps with the entrance archway and a few balloon clusters.  Finally, the last touch to the entire Quinceañera celebration, you must remember to get your precious birthday girl a tiara and a keepsake box in which to put the tiara after her birthday.

Themed Quinceañera Decorations

Recently, themed Quinceañera parties have become more and more popular.  These themes could include anything from a Fairytale and Castle theme to a tattoo theme.  A very popular party theme for many birthday girls is a candy party.  This way, the favors become much easier—personalized candy bars and personalized lollipops are perfect!

Whichever direction your birthday girl guides you during the planning of her Quinceañera, just remember that she’ll remember it forever as one of the biggest days of her life.  If you help her throughout the entire planning process, she’ll be grateful to have the best parents a girl could ask for.

Top Five After-Prom Party Themes

Keep the After-Prom Party Going With a Theme!

Many schools create some sort of after-prom celebration for their students.  Some schools create an after-prom breakfast for their students, too.  If your school’s prom has a theme, the theme for your after-prom has to be completely different.  There are a wide variety of themes you could choose for your school’s after-prom party—everything from Casino Night to Mardi-Gras to Hollywood

The Top Five After-Prom Party Themes

  1. Casino Night After-Prom Party Theme: This is a great way to kick back and relax after a great prom.  You can set up a ton of tables and create a casino atmosphere with a wide variety of games (Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, a roulette wheel, etc).  You can even work favors in—personalized poker chips are a great way for guests to remember not only their prom, but also their after-prom.  Also, as your guests enter their after-prom, hand out raffle tickets and create a few giveaways.
  2. Mardi-Gras After-Prom Party Theme:  Make your guests feel like they’re on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!  Use gold, green, and purple balloons in every corner and along the walls to help transform your after-prom party.  Hand out green, gold, and purple beads and feathered masks as favors; you can also use the raffle ticket idea for this after-prom party.  Blast jazz music and let your guests continue to dance the night away while they get a chance to experience a different culture—you can even serve Creole-based or Cajun food and let them try something new!  Your guests probably haven’t had much to eat since dinner before prom, so offer jambalaya, beignets, or a variety of other foods.
  3. Hollywood After-Prom Party Theme:  What better way to relax than with a fun movie night?  Send out film roll invitations ahead of time that your guests will turn in when they enter—then, as they enter, put each guest’s name into a raffle for giveaways before the movies start.  After they turn in their invitations, give each guest a bottle of water (with a personalized label), and a bag of popcorn as they enter your after-prom party.  Then, after all the guests have arrived, raffle off personalized candy jars and personalized cookie tins filled with movie snacks!  Finally, let your after-prom guests take pictures with Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Pressley standees—then give them Hollywood-themed picture frames when they leave!
  4. 1950’s Sock Hop After-Prom Party Theme: This is a great way for all your guests to get some fresh air after a stuffy indoor prom.  Light up your school’s parking lot and get a few grills fired up!  Blast some old 50’s rock and roll and let your guys show off their cars while all the girls gossip.  Cook burgers and hot dogs to serve with chips, pretzels, and root beer floats. 
  5. City After-Prom Party Theme: Set up little stations around your after-prom area to represent different clubs and different restaurants found throughout big cities—you could even make a few hot dog carts!  Put all this against a city backdrop or wall hanging and make your after-prom guests feel as though they’ve been transported!  At each different “club” station, create a different punch or juice combination for your after-prom guests to enjoy.  While most clubs have matchbooks as souvenirs, give your after-prom guests personalized mint tins and personalized lollipops.

Whatever you choose for your prom, there are many themes to choose from for your after-prom—you can either make it match your prom theme or you can make it a completely different theme! Whichever way you choose to go, remember to make your after-prom a fun way for your guests to relax and unwind after prom night.

Big Heads, Big Sports Trend, Big Fun

The biggest trend in college basketball student sections is really B-I-G.  Three feet tall, big head cutouts, numbering 150 strong at some schools are waved as an attempt to distract visiting players when shooting free throws.  Whether they are effective is debatable, but it’s clear their popularity has taken off.

“The big heads are very popular during the NCAA tourney. Those watching the games from parties at home or in bars wave personalized big head cutouts of their guests to produce a few laughs, while cheering on their favorite teams,” remarks Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing at Shindigz, a leading national party supply company.

Making a BIG Impression

High schools are enjoying the action, too. Administrators and parents create big head cutouts to recognize players and coaches during games. “It was the highlight of the night and the talk of the town,” says one mother who used them during her sons’ final high school football game.

Cheering families of marathon runners find the big head cutout’s huge three feet size make a huge impact when their runner turns the corner and sees themselves larger than life.

“They’re not just for sporting events anymore. We get many orders for milestone birthdays.  Big head cutouts showing the guest of honor as a child and an adult really makes a big impression,” adds Downey.

About Shindigz

Since 1926, Shindigz has been a part of over 22 million events and delighted customers with creative party ideas, supplies, and decorations.

Amass Fans at Your Rock Star Party

So you wanna be a rock star?!  Rev up your crowd.  It’s easy to be the star of your party when you plan and decorate properly.

Dress Like A Rock Star 

Start with red foil wigs to create your band’s mullets or wear a Mohawk wig and let the good times begin!  Be sure to have some extra wigs available for any guests who would like to get into character.  The more people wearing rock star hair and clothing the more fun everyone will have.  Wear clothing from rock stars from different eras- from Elvis to the 80’s.  Stay alive in a  disco dolly costume or head bang with grunge leggings.  Slip on an adult size silver sequin glove and beat it or hip hop in tattoo sleeves.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas!

Decorate like a Rock Star

As people enter your party, wow them with your amazing rock star scene setter. The backdrop in this rock star scene setter kit is easy to hang.    Drape rock star danglers  and instrument rock band danglers  from the ceiling  That sets the mood and lets everyone know that the party has begun.

Party like a Rock Star

Serving food and drinks with guitar decorated rock star cups and rock star dessert plates allows everyone to enjoy the theme.  Consider including a cake made in the shape of a guitar or music notes. Handing guests inflatable microphones upon entry cues them to prepare for singing.

Rock Star Party Favors & Activities

In addition to air guitar, guests always enjoy a rock guitar pinata! Present a rock star inflatable guitar and microphone to a group of people.  Have the onlookers perform an air band song while each guest takes turns whacking the pinata.  Whether you choose candy bars or pinata fillers, your friends will have plenty of treats and memories to bring home.

Mad Men’s Return Inspires City Parties

Madison Avenue is the Place to Party on Sundays

After an eighteen-month hiatus, AMC’s Mad Men returns Sunday March 25 with season five’s two-hour premier titled A Little Kiss and already fans are ordering party supplies for weekly, city-themed gatherings.

“The return of the four- time Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Drama Series with its Madison Avenue and New York 1960’s style is the perfect theme for weekly parties,” says Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing at, a leading national party supply company.

The budding relationship between secretary and boss has become fodder for ladies nights out, speed dating parties, and office parties.  Show creator Matthew Weiner, who rarely divulges much, gave this about The Kiss to TV Guide.  “He [Don] may be back with Betty,” says Weiner.  “One of my favorite scenes from [season four’s finale] was when Betty offered herself to him again. And let’s face it, those two look really good together.”

Madison Avenue Style Parties

Local pubs and lounges advertise drink specials via Martini Time banners, while venue planners cast Walk of Fame ™ stars  to floors and windows.  A few local spas, salons, and retailers are decorating certain Mad Men nights with red carpet entrances.  Party goers are bringing New York in the 1960’s to life with dramatic black, red and white Madison Avenue theme supplies.  “New York parties and Mad Men themes are appealing because of their style, affluence, and sexiness,” suggests Downey.”


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