Shindigz Summer Games: The Race to the Golden Dog Bone

The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continued Tuesday afternoon with six teams battling to be TOP DOG in tabletop ping pong! One member from each team stood behind their colored cheerphone in order to bounce five ping pong balls into water-filled cups for the win. The race was close and a 3-way tie breaker was needed.  The Taj Mutthal’s came in 1st place followed by The Party Pooches and The Hot Dawgz taking 3rd. Currently we have a 3-way tie for 1st place after two events.

Continue to follow our blog for additional party ideas on creating your own Summer Games with products and supplies that may be easily found on our website. Watch for our Shindigz Summer Game updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continues until August 15th!

Jacquie Downey – Gold Medal winner

Not Just Cake- New Trends in Wedding Desserts

Move over bigger than big cakes.  Sweet little treats are trendy at this year’s weddings.  From cupcakes and cake pops to decorated pies, brides are looking for unique alternatives to three-tiered cakes.  “Unique, sweet treats are trendy and they save money,” comments Keith Bansemer, Director of Internet Marketing at

Vanilla and chocolate wedding cakes are still in demand, but many couples opt for seasonal tastes such as hazelnut, cinnamon, lemon, cherry chip, or mint.  Novelty cakes that highlight a couple’s hobbies or interests are also on the rise.

Changes can be seen with fondant, butter cream icing, and icing sprays, too. Cake decorators highlight wedding colors with unique designs and patterns.  Beyond pastels, trendy colors include bright oranges, deep purples, and jet blacks.

Other new, dessert trends include decorated cookies or brownies paired with specialty ice creams.  One look through the colorful photo boards on Pinterest shows that the most popular trends for wedding cakes aren’t necessarily big cakes.

Explore your options with do-it-yourself, cake supplies for weddings and other events.  Making “life more fun” since 1926, customers shop Shindigz for over 34,000 party supplies, photo invitations, party favors, and party decorations to over 22 million events.

Back to School Spirit Ideas for Coaches

Whether the game is football or forensics, you can nurture team-building spirit right from the start of the school year with the right activities and products.

Surround in Spirit
Sprucing up the practice space with spirit decorations are gestures of welcome and give players something to talk about with each other right away, which can help break the ice when you have new participants.

Customize spirit banners with messages that let them know that you know they are winners. Try low-tack Attach N’ Go horizontal banners for walls and doors indoors, and larger banners with grommets for bleacher railings and outdoor fencing.

Some spirit items are instant conversation pieces and really perk up those cinderblock walls. A megaphone cutout or standee in school colors and initials would fit this category, as would spirit wall decals that celebrate the sport or mascot. Try them on the wall next to your classroom or office, too.

Finish the spirited surroundings in flag pennant banners in school colors – they are not only classic but do a lot to jazz up spaces for very little money.

The best part is that all of these ideas involve products that, with a little care, can be re-used next season and the season after that.

Adorn with Spirit
Surprise the team with fan gear wearables out of the blue. Temporary tattoo favors or face paints are fun for any team, with the possible exceptions of competitors who use a swimming pool!

Pull out a packet of leis or a few sports fan wigs during a breather, since bringing a bit of silliness into the activities gives hard workers of all sorts a nice mental break and is always good for morale.

Mascot beaded necklaces, debossed bracelets or wristbands, and glow items are other examples of wearables that can be unique to the team and promote unity. Choose a significant moment to hand them out, for example the last practice for the first game or meet, or in closing a pep talk.
Get Practical Spirit
We adore the cheerphones and cheerphone caps. Everybody will get a kick out of them. You can put caps onto the ends of these seven-inch cheerphones to turn them into containers, perfect for popcorn or other snacks sooner, and for encouraging fellow teammates later.

Providing a treat for the team that is consumable or otherwise usable appeals greatly to our practical sides.

How about personalized school spirit candy bars, which are lovely consumables with a bit of your own pizzazz expressed on the wrappers? Even though this product is customized, the minimum order is only 36! Simply choose your sport and compose your message.

You can also consider rally sports towels or sports water bottles that team members can use every day – put them in matching string backpacks to increase their practicality, spirit of unity and overall appeal.

Give practical spirit items in offering congratulations at the first team meeting post-tryout, or as the first practice session ends. Set some aside, also, for occasions when you want to celebrate the team’s achievements.

Party Tips for High School Reunions

Whether it’s the fifth or sixty-fifth anniversary of graduation, many elements of high school reunion planning are certain to be the same. Here’s our formula for success.

Do Your Homework
Put out a call for newly unearthed photos of school events, hangouts and landmarks. With these you can create photo collages and perhaps some life-sized cardboard cutouts of favorite teachers.

Also, send ‘round short questionnaires soliciting fun facts about the individuals in your class. Find out about unusual college degrees, professions, skills, travels and achievements by asking open-ended questions such as, “What is the most unusual job you’ve had?”

The photos and information will come in handy later, as you plan theme, decorations and activities.

Put deadlines on your requests and be ready to make follow up calls, emails or Facebook posts if needed.

Play with the Theme
Once you are looking over stacks of photographs and yearbooks, an entertaining theme may present itself. For example, if you get lots of pictures taken at Fisher Lake and you realize it was a universally popular high school hangout, consider a “Return to Fisher Lake” beach party theme.

A decade retro party of the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s is, of course, always OK. If you have done this before, know that it is perfectly fine to reuse your decade, but do check out the latest theme party supplies to see about freshening up the décor a bit.

Sometimes we like to delve a bit further so we can expand the pool of theme possibilities. One way to do this is to look up the top 100 songs for the year you graduated and tie one of them to a theme. For example, 1967 had “White Rabbit” (if your class is adventurous, note that Alice in Wonderland decorations are gorgeous) and the lucky ducks from 1987 had “Walk Like an Egyptian!”

Themes can also be based on events that happened to the entire senior class, such as winning a state championship.

Plan Group Activities
Just because you have school days in common does not mean everything will naturally fall into place socially. For any number of reasons it may be advisable to have structured group activities to help things along.

If you just have one activity, make it an icebreaker right at the beginning of the reunion party. Take the most unusual fun facts from your earlier information gathering and list them on sheets of paper. Ask reunion guests to figure out who did what. Include a signature line next to each fact so the participants are actually mingling and collecting facts and signatures “from the horse’s mouth” and not just the grapevine. Reunion party favors can reward guests who are able to match all the facts to the classmates they belong to.

During dinner, one or more class officers will address the group and this is another opportunity for a fun activity. Here, we recommend awards. Certainly there should be at least one award, for the classmate who traveled the farthest to attend the reunion!

After dinner might be a good time to gear activities to the musical entertainment. If you are using a DJ, select period music for a “name that tune” or dance contest, or find a song attached to dance moves that a big group can do (for example, a late 1970s graduating class doing “The Hustle.”)

Unlike your ice breaker, keep after-dinner activities short and afterward ensure that the music isn’t so loud that it overpowers conversation, since many will prefer lots of chat.

There’s Always More
Explore additional ideas by visiting Reunion Party Supplies.

Häagen-Dazs Best for National Ice Cream Day

Shindigz Vanilla Ice Cream Survey

Shindigz Vanilla Ice Cream Survey Brands

There’s a unique holiday coming on the calendar which can help Americans cool down from recent record-breaking temperatures. National Ice Cream Day is July 15th, observed each year on the third Sunday of July.  To celebrate, Shindigz, a leading party supply company that sells ice cream party supplies, conducted a taste test find out which brand of vanilla ice cream people enjoy the most.

Five national brands of vanilla ice cream were put to the challenge including Blue Bunny Premium All Natural Vanilla, Blue Bell Ice Cream Homemade Vanilla, Breyer’s Natural Vanilla, Edy’s Slow Churned Classic Vanilla, and Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream.  Each brand was rated for vanilla flavor, texture, appearance, overall taste, and creaminess. Forty-three consumers took part in the taste test.

“We wanted our taste test to cover many of the reasons people enjoy a brand of ice cream,” says Keith Bansemer, Director of Internet Marketing at Shindigz. “Our hopes are that these results will help people plan better tasting ice cream parties this summer.

After sampling each brand, those surveyed chose the following ice cream brands as their favorites in the following Shindigz Vanilla Ice Cream Survey categories:

Best vanilla flavor:  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream

Best texture:  Breyer’s Natural Vanilla

Best appearance:  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream

Best overall taste:  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream

Most creamy:  Edy’s Slow Churned Classic Vanilla

Overall, How the Vanilla Ice Cream Contestants Ranked:

#5. Blue Bunny Premium All Natural Vanilla has an intense vanilla flavor that makes the list of the best. However, respondents indicated that the ice cream lacks texture.  Adding a category rating for “competitive pricing” might have helped Blue Bunny.

#4. Blue Bell Ice Cream Homemade Vanilla is Blue Bell’s most popular ice cream flavor and generally scored well across all categories.  Survey respondents ranked Blue Bell second best for creamiest taste.

#3. Edy’s Slow Churned Classic Vanilla ranked the overall creamiest.  The slow-churned ice cream isn’t only super creamy; it’s low in fat and calories.  Edy’s received low marks for appearance.

#2. Breyer’s Natural Vanilla has led the best texture category and finished a close second for best overall appearance.  This popular ice cream has only five simple ingredients, according to its website, including fresh cream, fine sugar and rich milk.

#1. Häagen-Dazs has been making ice cream for half a century.  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream is the Shindigz Vanilla Ice Cream Survey winner for best vanilla flavor and overall taste. It also scored high for best texture.


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