Sure-Fire Generation Y Party Themes

Generation Y is an individualistic, independent, and proud generation.  A big focus has been put not only on individuality, but also on returning to a greener way of living.  Many members of Generation Y either have served or are currently serving in the military.  Knowing those details about Generation Y are going to be the catalysts to throwing a perfect party for your Generation Y friends.

Tattoo Party Shows Individualism

Many members of Generation Y have at least one tattoo.  Recently, tattoos have been carefully designed, chosen, and created with care, as more often than not, they become symbols of an important event or important part of someone’s life.  Many times, they’re more than simply body art; they’re representation of something important to the person with the tattoo.  This has recently become a fun party theme because the art of tattoos is so entirely unique and interesting to look at.

Throw a tattoo party for your friend to celebrate your individuality as well as your creativity!  With a variety of backdrops and standees, you’ll find quite a few things that will make your party stand out in your friends’ memories.  You can give out temporary tattoos or tattoo sleeves to your friends for a fun party favor, too!

A Green Party for a Green Generation

Members of Generation Y have been the environmentally conscious citizens for many years.  They grew up recycling and watching as their parks and forests get destroyed to make room for more houses and various other buildings.  Because of that, they’ve been a part of the huge “going green” movement in recent years.  Stick true to your generation’s ideals and throw a green party with eco-friendly tableware!  Gather your friends together and plan a picnic so you can all return to your childhood and enjoy a park or enjoy the shade of a big group trees one more time.

Patriotism Runs Through Generation Y

Because so many member of Generation Y have served or are serving in the military, patriotism is something that runs strong through their veins.  Because so many members of the generation have risked their lives and given their all to protect the country, what better way to thank your friends than with a patriotic party?  Throw a barbecue in your backyard, have your civilian friends bring a dish each, and give a big thank-you to those in your group of friends who serve or have served in the military.  If you make it spontaneous, your military friends won’t be expecting it and your civilian friends will love the idea.  As a final touch, bake an American Flag cake to bring out at the end of the party.

Generation Y represents much more than tattooed, green, ecologically-friendly patriots.  However, those are three ideals important to the generation.  Even if you’re not a member of Generation Y, throwing a Gen-Y party is a sure-fire way to get to know the next generation.

September Party Ideas

Finally!  The weather’s cooling down, the leaves are changing colors, and the season is turning from summer to fall!  That must mean it’s time for a fall party!  Gather your friends and family to go on the hunt for some fun fall party decorations and get ready to have fun!

Fall Party                        

Fall means warmer clothing, apples, pumpkins, hayrides, and bonfires.  Start your fall party off right with an evening cookout.  Add a twist to it for any kids in your group of party-goers: if you have a fire pit, let the kids help roast hot dogs and (at the end of the night) roast marshmallows for s’mores!  Even if you don’t have a fire pit, you can prepare hamburgers, hot dogs, and even s’mores in your kitchen!  The easiest trick for s’mores is to buy a jar of marshmallow fluff, spread it on a graham cracker, top it with a piece of chocolate and another graham cracker, and either serve as-is or place it in a warm (not hot) oven for a few seconds.  The best parts of a fall party are all the fun fall treats!  In addition to the s’mores, you also have the perfect reason to make candied apples, caramel apples, and buy candy corn and apple cider!

Decorations for a fall party are super easy to put together.  If you’re having the party in your backyard, find a few bales of hay to use as seats.  If you’re having an indoor party, toss some tissue leaves around the party room and make sure each table has a centerpiece as well as some confetti decorating it. Add a cornstalk and some hanging decorations and you’re set! Suggest that your guest wear warm clothes, especially if you’re planning an outdoor evening party.  Even in early September, the evenings and nights can get chilly quickly.

Western Party

In keeping with the “fall” theme, why not throw a country or western party?  Your guests can put on a display of fall flannel shirts when they arrive at your party.  You can hand out cowboy hats and sheriffs’ badges for fun, too.  Or you could just wear them yourself.

Decorating for a western party will be fun and simple.  You can definitely use the hay bales for a western party, but you can also add a few cutouts of horseshoes and a few wanted posters around the party space to help set the tone of the party.  You could even get a cardboard O K Corral standee and let your guests have fun with it—take a few pictures so you and your guests have keepsakes from the party.

Whether you have a fall-themed party or a western party, welcoming September with your friends and family should be a fun, festive event.  Remember to prepare fun, fall-themed snacks and drinks so your guests can get into the spirit of the season!  But more importantly, remember to enjoy the party relax with your friends.

Cute Play Date Parties for Ages 6 Months to 18 months

Planning play date parties is one of those fun challenges facing new mommies.  Whether you’re a new mother or an expectant mother, why not jump-start your party planning?  Even if you’re expecting and you don’t know whether to plan baby girl play dates or baby boy play dates, you can still plan a fun party that will work for either gender.

Cute Play Date Parties for Boys

Boys tend to grow up with a fascination with destruction and construction, so a great theme for your little man is a construction theme!  With an easy theme like this, you’ll be able to find plates and napkins quickly.  Now you can turn your attention to the “play” part of the play date party and plan a few games that will help the parents help their babies to learn new things.  This could include anything from “pattycake” to early counting and alphabet.

Another cute play date idea for baby boys is a monster truck theme.  This play date party idea would be great for daddy and son days!  It’s a party theme that you could carry through your baby’s younger years all the way to high school, a chance for your son and his dad to bond over the years.

Cute Play Date Parties for Girls

For some reason, play dates seem easier to plan for little girls than for little boys.  For a little girl’s play dates, you have choices from ballerinas to ladybugs Both could also involve a game of dress-up for the mommies to get involved in.  Treat bags and favor boxes are a must for little girls, so why not use a table centerpiece made up of favor boxes?

Boy and Girl Play Date Parties

These are probably the easiest play date parties to plan.  One of the most popular themes for a play date party that both boys and girls can attend is a farm theme.  Boys and girls can learn about farm animals!  If your party includes a naptime, mommies can relax with the babies and help them count sheep while they drift off to sleep.

Another popular theme is a circus theme.  The bright colors used in circus party decorations will stimulate your children and keep their attention, as will the variety of fun party favors and toys they can play with.

Play date parties are meant to be not only fun, but also educational.  By choosing a theme and planning your play date parties early, you’ll be able to plan a few games that will help your children get a head-start learning new things.

Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone Closing Ceremony

The Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone celebrated two and a half weeks of fun, do-it-yourself games today with the closing ceremonies. Party Hosts attended the Shindigz Company Meeting without knowing you had won the last event, the Agility Obstacle Course. With a remarkable time of 49:50, the Party Pooches won the last event that was worth 40 points.

Agility Obstacle Course Results:
1st Place: Party Pooches
2nd Place: Hot Dawgz
3rd Place: Ankle Biters

Game Ambassador, Jo Carter, announced the overall winners of the Summer Games. There were Golden Dog Bones for 1st place. silver dog paw for 2nd place and bronze fire hydrant for third place.

Final 2012 Race to the Golden Dog Bone  Results:
1st Place: Party Pooches
2nd Place: Kick ‘em in the Shindigz
3rd Place: Hot Dawgz
4th Place: Taj Mutt-hals
5th Place: Snoop Doggy Dawgz
6th Place: Ankle Biters

Party Hosts really enjoyed the 1st annual summer games and hope to have another competition to celebrate the winter games in 2014.

Miss some of the fun? Check out our other blog posts for fun party games and events you can do at home.

Shindigz Summer Games: Agility Obstacle Course

The final event for the Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone took place earlier this morning. Shindigz Party Hosts participated in an Agility Obstacle Course. The obstacle course was full of Shindigz products! First, participants had to weave between colorful field cones, and then they had to dive into a tube and army crawl through it. Party Hosts then ran through a tire drill but instead of tires, the circles were made with glow necklaces. This was followed by hop scotch and a straight line drawn in sidewalk chalk that was walked like a tight rope. Party Hosts raced over to a limbo game and had to be careful not to knock the stick off. The most challenging obstacle was kicking an inflatable soccer ball into an inflatable goal. Finally, the obstacle course ended with five jumping jacks and running through the finish line. Each team was timed and the results will be announced at the closing ceremony tomorrow at the Shindigz Company Meeting. These results will also help determine the first ever Race to the Golden Dog Bone Champion.

This obstacle course is just one example of do-it-yourself games and events you can create at home. Check back tomorrow for the final results and to see which of the six teams will be crowned as champions.


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