Live Up a New York Theme Party in Your Own Big Apple

Take a hearty bite out of the Big Apple by making your next bash a New York City theme party.

NYC Themes Just Right
There are nearly as many city theme party ideas for the Big Apple as there are occasions. Pear Pair up a corporate mixer with a sophisticated Madison Avenue theme, a winter formal with romantic Central Park, or a New Year’s Eve with a Times Square experience. A graduation might recall fond remembrances of a visit to the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty, while a fundraiser event might provide a 1920s-style NYC jazz club scene.

Once you’ve decided – or to help you decide! – take a preliminary trip to City Theme Party Props to take a peek at our inventory.

Did You Peek at the Props?
That’s fine! City theme props, kits and decorations are gorgeous, and there’s such a collection you’ll need to consider the party space and how many skyscrapers it can hold. Once you’ve determined your space needs and accommodations, select your buildings and monuments, newsstands and taxis.

Note that choice of props will also help you dress the party up or down.

Watch for the new props that come with activated sound chips that provide bites of traffic noise or saxophone jazz.

Making More Beautiful Decorating Music
Whether photorealistic or stylized, simple or busy, the backdrop must harmonize with the props. Recently introduced city party backgrounds, such as City Limits patterned flat paper rolls, can help you get the job done with a minimum of time and expense.

To re-create NYC’s nightly glow, backlight your props with red spotlighting and a plain background. Shindigz tends to favor a flat paper in Thunder Gray for this type of lighting effect, which you can see in catalog photos of some of the city prop kits such as Twilight in Central Park, shown above right.

Supply an abundance of twinkling city lights with street lamps, lots of string lights and lit centerpieces from city party tableware.

End on a High Note
An apple martini cocktail, AKA appletini, seems just right for some adult Big Apple themes. Here’s a recipe from The One Minute Bartender:

p.s. Personalized martini glasses make terrific city theme party favors!

Add Your Party Ideas:

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