Party Favor Fun for an Abby Cadabby Party

Party favor packs are a fantastic way to thank guests for joining you for your Abby Cadabby birthday party. Plus, they make great table decorations and prizes for party games.

Create adorable party favor packs for your guests by selecting a party favor box or bag and filling it with party favors from our large selection. We suggest willing a pink Fleece Flower Purse with Abby Cadabby stickers, pink marabou head boppers, jewel stick ons, a marabou lavender slap bracelet, tiara wand, silver body glitter, and daisy swirl lip gloss.

Guests can create their own favors in a party activity using the Invisible Illusions Jewelry Craft Kit.

You can create you own favor packs by purchasing any combination of the favors above! Little guests will appreciate any favors you present them with.

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A Flower Cake for an Abby Cadabby Birthday Party

Create a lovely flower cake for your Abby Cadabby Party!

What you’ll need:
• Three package mixes – try combining two or three different flavors for a marbled effect.
• Three 16 oz. Containers of vanilla ready-made frosting
• One “board” for displaying the cake – foamcore, corrugated, or an 18″ round cake board.
• paste food coloring
• 16″ round cake pan.

Prepare the mix according to the manufacturer’s directions. Pour all three mixes into a well-greased pan. If you are using more than one flavor let them bleed together for a unique effect.

Bake the cake according to directions on the package, but add an additional 5-10 minutes to the suggested time to bake. Because you are baking 3 mixes at one time, you will need to bake the cake for longer than the directions indicate.

Check your cake using a toothpick inserted into the center, every 5-7 minutes after the initial required baking time, and add more time as needed. All ovens bake differently, so add extra baking time in small increments.

Allow cake to cool.

Place cake on wire rack in freezer for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Remove from the freezer, place on the cake board, and cut six “flower notches” (see diagram) around the outside edge.


Serve sandwiches cut into letter and number shapes with cookie cutters, or cut sandwiches into the four basic shapes; circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. Bake square-shaped sugar cookies and frost them as ABC blocks. Jello Jigglers are also a perennial party favorite with young children.

Create a “Cookie Monster”! Roll out one entire roll of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough onto a pizza pan and bake.

Use parfait glasses to create a colorful rainbow parfait for each guest. This treat will bring lots of sunny smiles. Layer scoops of softened green, yellow, orange, and pink sherbet into glasses. Smooth out each layer before adding the next layer. Freeze until solid. Before serving, add a fluffy “cloud” to the top (spoonful of Cool Whip).

As the excitement is so high at children’s birthday parties, most children under the age of 10 will eat very little and the waste can be disheartening. Schedule your party during a time when parents will not expect that their children will eat a meal and serve only cake, ice cream, and a few other munchies such as mini chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, and grapes (cut in half for toddlers).

Remember to serve your food on Abby Cadabby party tableware.

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Activities for an Abby Cadabby Birthday Bash

A party just isn’t a party without party games. Here are our ideas for a fantastically fun Abby Cadabby party:

Have personalized birthday bubbles imprinted with your child’s party slogan. Big Bird loves bubbles and pint-sized guests will too!

Face painting is an age appropriate activity for a toddler party, and we have some easy-to-use face paint crayons that wash off easily. A simple balloon, a flower, a big #1 or a fuzzy monster face would all be easy to create and fun!

Give each child a helium-filled balloon and have a furry monster parade, complete with marching music!  Dress the birthday child up as Abby and let her lead the parade! Add foam noses and rainbow wigs to all the children and make sure your video camera is ready to capture some priceless footage!

Play “Cookie Monster is Hungry”, borrowing from the concept of the tried and true game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Draw a circle outline on a piece of brown poster board and use unwrapped Hershey’s kisses as chocolate chips. Blindfold each participant as his/her turn arrives, spin, point in the right direction, and watch your cookie fill with chips. Look out for Cookie Monster!

Abby Cadabby Shuffle! – Using a stuffed Abby Cadabby doll, play this variation on the classic Hot Potato game. Have players sit in a circle and pass Abby until the music stops. The player left holding Abby when the music stops is out, and gets tickled. Keep passing Abby until only one player is left. You could play a variation on this game if you have the “Tickle Me Elmo,” Whoever is holding him when he stops giggling is out. If you have “Rock N’ Roll Ernie, whoever is holding him when he stops jamming is out.

Check out our Abby Cadabby Party Favors for game prizes and tell us your Abby Cadabby game ideas!

Abby Cadabby Birthday Party Decorations for A Magical Day

The birthday girl will love her Abby Cadabby birthday party. Decorate with all this fairy’s flair using the Abby Cadabby Kit-N-Kaboodle. The kit includes the tableware you need for 8 guests, purple star confetti, lavender balloons, pink balloons, purple curling ribbon and a bright pink tablecover. The Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle includes more decorations such as an Abby Cadabby banner, heart-shaped mylar balloon, silver spiral candles, blue crepe streamers, and fuchsia crepe streamers.

The Abby Cadabby Party Kit just sets the base for your decorations. There’s plenty of items you can add to really fill out the look. Hang a Cutie Pie Personalized Vinyl Banner to welcome guests to the party with your custom birthday greeting.

Create a fantastic entrance to your Abby Cadabby party using a Personalized Rainbow Arch. You can add the guest of honor’s name to the rainbow. It’s perfect for taking commemorative photos with too!

Hang an Abby Cadabby hinged banner across your party space for a fun accent that really brings out your party theme.

Don’t forget about balloons! They’re a classic party decoration and can really go a long way. Create balloon clusters in pink and lavender. Be sure to use odd numbers as they look best. Use curling ribbon to secure balloon bunches to the backs of chairs, banisters or balloon weights. Accent your balloon bunches with heart-shaped mylar balloons.

Table Decorations:

A well-decorated party table is a great focal point for tying all your theme decorations together. Create your Abby Cadabby table by starting with an Abby Cadabby tablecover. Over top, sprinkle purple star confetti. In the middle add an Abby Cadabby centerpiece.

Each place setting can be a decoration. Set each place with Abby Cadabby tableware. Next, place an Abby Cadabby cone hat at each place. Create cutlery bundles with Abby Cadabby napkins and curling ribbon. You can also choose to add a small favor or two, such as a lipgloss or birthday bubbles at each place.

Your tables will look great! Check out our other Abby Cadabby tips for more ideas.

Abby Cadabby Invitations for a Magical Birthday Bash

Abby Cadabby is the cutest muppet to hit Sesame Street since Elmo! Little girls love her and Abby Cadabby is a magical theme for your next birthday party.

Once you choose Abby Cadabby for your theme, the next step is to choose a slogan and send out invitations. Slogans are great for adding a personal touch to invitations, banners and personalized favors. Here are our suggestions for an Abby Cadabby party slogan:

• “This Party is So Magic”
• “Pop in for an Abby Cadabby Party”
• “Come Help Wish Maddie a Magical Birthday!”


Send out invitations for your Abby Cadabby party full of fun and flair.

The Abby Cadabby Party Kit includes an Abby Cadabby invitation. You just write in your party details and send them out.

For a hand-delivered invitation, use curling ribbon to tie an invitation you make on the computer to a pair of pink marabou head boppers. Guests can wear the head boppers to your party and look just like Abby!

If you want guests to dress as their favorite Sesame Street character, be sure to include that information on your invitations.


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