And the Oscar Goes to… Wait It’s a Tie!

Oscar race for best pictures is too close to call according to Shindigz party poll35mm slide frame

Could it happen again? The first tie vote in official Academy Awards balloting was back in the 1930’s, even before the advent of the Oscar statue as the trophy.

Ties have popped up a few times since. One of the most notable was the 41st Academy Awards show broadcast in 1969. That was the year that Ingrid Bergman announced from the stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Los Angeles Music Center, “It’s a Tie!” as both Katherine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand shared the award for Best Actress. However, only Streisand took the stage to thank the first world wide television audience, as Hepburn skipped the ceremony that year.

This year marks the first that members of the Academy are able to cast their ballots online. The votes are now in and the stars, producers, directors, and studios now wait until the telecast on Sunday evening, February 24th for the results.

Shindigz, a leading party supplies provider, has been asking its party planner shoppers who they believe will take home this year’s Oscar for Best Picture. With over 5,000 votes cast this month in an online poll, the current tally indicates there may be another tie in the making.

Leading the voting for Best Picture are Lincoln and Les Miserables, we have only 3 votes separating them just days before the big event. And Argo is only 20 votes behind in third place.

“We could have another tie for Best Picture,” predicts Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing for Shindigz. With three strong film contenders, wouldn’t that cap off a grand Hollywood party.”

For now, only the accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers know for sure who will win when the envelope is opened live Sunday night on ABC television.

In the meantime, relive the previous Best Picture winners and share this see how many of these films you and your Oscar Party guests can name!

Academy Awards: Best Picture Oscar Winners from Nelson Carvajal on Vimeo.

Set the Stage with a Personalized Hollywood Dance

Last year, for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, the event planning was a major exercise in project management, as the theater that the awards were held in seated 3300 people and the after party alone required hiring 900 employees. Without a doubt, this year’s Academy Awards (being held in just a few days!) will be just as gala an event. In that vein, I’ve been thinking of ways that you can make your next big party as ostentatious as the Oscars, while maintaining a more Main Street budget.  Start with an eye toward personalizing your party.

Hollywood Stars

Remininscent of old Hollywood and Academy Awards glamour combined, invite your guests to your next red-carpet event in style. Match your invitations with a grand entrance on Hollywood Sidewalk Stars in front of the red carpet and paparazzi. Don’t forget to have your guests photos taken on the way in to the big event, just like the real Hollywood celebs, in front of your official, Red Carpet Photo Op Personalized Standee. A Plastic Red Rope Railing Scene Setter will also help with this look. Your guests will feel like they were at the Oscars!

While the “paparazzi” are snapping their photos, welcome guests with the Grammy winning sounds of Skrillex and LMFAO, or for a more classic feel, get your guests “In the Mood” with Benny Goodman!

A few other classic song ideas are:

  • Howard Keel, Anything You Can Do
  • Marilyn Monroe, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Nat King Cole, Unforgettable
  • Glenn Miller, Rhapsody in Blue
  • Cole Porter, Let’s Do It.

Once you’ve got your guests coming down your red carpet, greet them with some over-the-top sparkly “bling” before they come in through the doors. After passing through beautiful glitter slip columns, make the ladies feel Hollywood G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S with some strings of pearls and diamond rings. Top hats, VIP passes, and gangster fedoras would also all make excellent wearable favors to get guests in the spirit of Hollywood to start the party.

Star style

Use decorating fabrics to disguise bleachers, or use chair covers and sashes to create a Hollywood black tie affair. It’s realy the little touches that make an event sparkle. I can remember truly magical nights in a high school gymnasium that are memorable still, because the event coordinators took the time to transform that oh-so-ordinary place into an impossible fantasy evening.

Personalized playing cards at each table give guests something else to do when taking a break from the dancing and fabulous entertainment. Seated around this star centerpiece (continuing the theme from outside!)under beautiful movie lights, you will create a night to remember of your own in true Hollywood style.

Ideas for Your Awards Night Party Theme

Celebrate with a Red Carpet Party Theme

You’re already planning for your college mixer, school prom, adult cocktail party, corporate event, or kids birthday. We’re here to open the brainstorm with a few themes and supplies to get those creative juices flowing.

Awards Party Themes Take Center Stage

Note these dates on your social calendar and build your next theme party around a Bollywood party or Hollywood theme party.

Movie Theme Parties

Pop popcorn and snuggle in with the fam for movie night or dream big and snuggle up to a Marilyn Monroe party.

Film Festival Theme Party Decorations

Whisk your intellectual crowd into a sophisticated night of wine, International party supplies, and the sultry, Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin or organize France party supplies throughout the banquet facility of your Cannes Film Festival event.

Country Music Party Theme

Celebrate country music in our cowboy party store. Show them city slickers that your tableware party supplies don’t have to be fancy because a Dirt Road Anthem surrounded by NASCAR party supplies is the party theme to remember. Invite military families to your event and open the welcome home theme party with We Take Care of Our Own.

City Theme Party Decorations

Go downtown and dance away at a sweaty, city theme party. Continuously play music videos and movies on wide screen TVs. Promote fresh, theme party faces like pop’s Asher Monroe,

soul’s Adele,

or Bollywood’s Vidya Balan.

Political Theme Party Supplies

Want to shake it up? Times are changing. Make a statement with your theme party supplies and political rally decorations. Anjulie will turn heads and so will Occupy party supplies or national debt party supplies peppered throughout your theme party decorations.

College Theme Parties

There’s time to coordinate a frat party, toga party, or birthday with the MTV awards night. Just add a few props, cocktail accessories, and rock star party supplies to go.

Corporate Theme Parties

Let music loosen up the execs. Invite Taylor Swift to your private concert or just watch her perform at the Grammys along with Coldplay.

Give guests a few elephant hats and decorate with baby elephant standees, safari decorations, and other mascot costumes to get in the spirit of Coldplay’s Paradise video. Paul McCartney will be honored at this year’s Grammys. Celebrate the successes of yesterday, while your company presses ahead into 2012. These retro theme party supply or Wizard of Oz party stores can help you emphasize both achievements and goals.

Funny Theme Parties

Laugh it up with clips of Billy Crystal going Off the Grid for the Academy.

Dress up as your favorite nominee. Send party invitations and decorate with party favors, party tableware, and party decorations (such as Money Ball baseball party supplies) that revolve around your picks. Give awards night male statuettes or awards night female statuettes to the most creative or funny, theme party costumes.

Awards party themes spice up winter dull drums and celebrate successes. Host your own Academy, Grammy, MTV, Bollywood, or Hollywood theme party!

Wow Your Guests! Maya Kalman’s Theme Party Tips

Maya Kalman’s Theme Party Favorites

She’s a theme party go-getter. Just read expert party planner, Maya Kalman’s ideas on the Swanky Planner and you’ll see why Manhattan’s award-winning Swank Productions puts the pep into plain.

When Kalman plans theme parties, she considers how guests view each event and she aims to impress.

“We never do the same event twice. Even if a client enjoys the look of a past theme, we change it up for new events.”

Kalman particularly enjoys Alice in Wonderland parties. “We’ve planned fundraisers, Bar Mitzvahs, and even the launching of a tea company with inspiration from the Mad Hatter theme.”

Moroccan, Arabian Nights, and Egyptian theme parties are also very popular. “We attack design from a different perspective. We consider all the things you might need for the theme party and then creatively find new twists on those items.”

Turn Party Essentials into Theme Motifs

Kalman suggests theme party planners “consider the wow factor and the experience of guests.  Shindigz offers so many great products to help you do that.”

With the Alice in Wonderland theme, you might need place cards. Add names to the backs of playing cards. If you want an ice bucket on the table, turn a top hat upside down and fashion it into an ice bucket. Think creatively with the staples.

Super-size or Minimize Theme Party Supplies
“Another trick we love is to make items really, really huge. We’ve used Shindigz cardboard cutouts to wow guests at entrances. You can do the same. We also like products that are really, really small, like a set of miniature teacups.” A tea cupcakes mold set could even be fun for presenting home-baked muffins during a morning meeting. “Whatever gets guests talking is successful.”

Play with your Theme Party or Consider the Help of a Planner
The opportunities are endless when creating memorable theme parties. Explore your options to dress up the ordinary.   “Remember the wow factor,” encourages Maya Kalman and “your theme party will create lasting memories!”  Tell us your favorite party themes and successful uses for props and products.

The Academy Awards – Let the Party Begin

With just ten days to go, Hollywood is busy preparing for the big glitz and glamour that is the 83rd Academy Awards. For movie fanatics, or for people who just like an excuse to party, there is still time for you to join in the celebration with an exclusive, Oscar night party for friends and family. Much like the organizers of the Academy Awards, you can extend a designer invitation, create a fabulous atmosphere, and fill the evening with prizes, favors, and great company.

Oscar says “You’re Invited.” Say the same to your guests with gold accented, film canister invitations that you hand deliver. Include with the invitation an official list of Oscar nominees that guests will use to predict the winner in each category.

When the stars arrive, they are received with much fanfare: red carpet, paparazzi and sparkling decorations. You can easily create the same look in the reception area of your event space with pieces from the A Night at the Premiere decorating kit. Roll out the red carpet runner, and line it with paparazzi standees. Immediately kick off the fun by setting up the evening’s photo op right there on the red carpet. Take the picture of the guests surrounded with paparazzi, or peeking through a red carpet photo stand in. Finally, usher them in through the entrance glamorized with the kit’s star-studded, silver and black arch adorned with free-standing silver stars.

Continue the atmosphere of exclusivity into the party space with more red, black, gold and silver accents. Hang and drape panels of metallic, or solid color gossamer about the room. The gossamer can also be used to decorate tables and chairs. If chairs need only minimal decoration, use the gossamer to tie bows around the backs.

Don’t forget the food. For the past 30 years, the Oscars has held an annual luncheon for its nominees. So, to maximize your representation of the Academy Awards gala, there must be food. Serve salad, a main course, and delectable desserts to your friends and family on plates found in the black and gold colored, star attraction Hollywood tableware ensemble. The bold pattern enhances the already flattering look of the gossamer decorated tables and chairs.

The Academy Awards evening is all about recognizing the best of the best. Hold activities that identify the best of the best among your guests. Have everyone follow their winners picks, made before the party, throughout the course of the evening. The awards statue goes to the individual who gets them all right. If more than one person predicts them all correctly, then have the winner decided through a “winner’s acceptance speech” competition. All finalists will have the opportunity to “accept the award,” and the one with the best acceptance speech wins. Throughout the night, hold mini charade competitions during the commercials. Keep track of the points that teams win and, when the Academy Awards program is over, the team with the most points also wins an awards statue.

Even the nominees who don’t win an Oscar don’t go home empty handed, and neither should your guests. Thank your guests for coming with gift bags full of Hollywood party favors. Any combination of lip gloss, chocolate, key tags, photo frames for their red carpet photo, and candy is sure to make them feel special.

Your Academy Awards party will be such a success that it won’t just be Hollywood’s elite that will be looking forward to the next Oscar season.


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