Send Your Class to Paris for Prom

Prom time is drawing oh-so-close; in fact, it’s probably a little too close for comfort for everyone who is trying to manage logistics and a budget, not to mention the excitement of a student body planning committee. Well, they will literally be saying “oo-la-la!” to a Parisian prom once they hear this:

Imagine strolling through a black and white promenade, with pink and gold lights subtly illuminating the way. The evening will be dark and glamorous once the walls are covered in black poly-vinyl to create the illusion of the deep depth of night.

Create a stunning optical illusion by transforming the school gymnasion, conference hall, or rental location from drab to the FABulous Arc de Triomphe of Paris. The Arc de Triomphe is a monument celebrating French military victories and in Paris, is at the Western End of the


Champs-ÉlyséesDuring the daytime, the Arc look like this:

However, at nightime, the Arc is transformed into a dramatic promenade. Use the beautiful Arc de Triomphe background to cover the wall directly across from the entrance area for your prom venue.

Arc de Triomphe Background

Decorate the entrance walkway like the roadway on the Champs-Elysees leading up to the Arc de Triomphe. Use gorgeous strings of lights along the pathway, or wrap them around several well placed black columns along with sheer gossamer. Keep them along the path without being pushy by including some Paris luminaries to create a gentle flickering glow. The illusion of candlelight will help set the mood for a faux-getaway and a truly remarkable evening to remember. Just be careful–the optical trick you’re playing means you’ll have to watch to make sure no one tries to walk up up to the Arc de Triomphe!

Be sure to keep with the theme when you crown the Prom Queen and King. Elegant and dainty Kourtney Peal Tiaras are reminiscent of French royalty. Kings will look equally regal in a metallic black with silver or gold trim crown. Choose royalty sashes to match the exact colors of your Paris prom. Photograph the royalty (along with prom-goers) in front of the Arc de Triomphe or a masterfully placed Eifel tower for the ultimate photo op. Wrap yards of floral sheeting around the base of the impressive Eifel tower to help create the look of Paris in the springtime.

Before everyont leaves for the after party, don’t let them forget to get their customizable favors to forever commemorate the beautiful evening in Paris.These can range from simple candy jars white black gossamer or tulle trim, filled with white candies for an elegant Paris appeal, or mint tins with the Arc or Eifel tower to match your exact prom theme!

Finally, don’t forget to stamp their Passport to Paris as an ultimate reminder of their evening, and as encouragement for the outgoing juniors and seniors to keep spreading their wings.

Silver Lights of Paris Decorating Kit

How the World’s Most Famous Casinos Decorate for Guests

Nobu Hotel and Restaurant, Las Vegas

When you decorate for an event, it’s easy to think “bigger,” “better,” and “bolder,” but that’s not always what the professionals desire. There are two sides to event decorating at the world’s top casinos – splendor balanced with elegance.

The new restaurant  Nobu, in partnership with Caesar’s Palace, in Las Vegas, has recently opened, and they have performed some major remodeling to make their dining and private event spaces feel intimate. David Rockwell, of the Rockwell group, who designed Nobu’s spaces, says that “You’ve got a 340-seat restaurant that feels like a series of intimate, semi-private rooms,” and the idea is that the area resonates intimacy. In partnership with Caesar’s Palace, Nobu’s cozier atmosphere is the perfect pair to Caesar’s opulence.

Recreate Nobu’s style at your event

To recreate the intimate table settings, even on a budget, fabric and lighting is essential. Private parties are catered to using screens and carefully draping fabrics and setting lights. Use paper lantern lights to create personal ambiance for each table at your event; large white paper lanterns can provide the perfect effect.

Make sure your guests know they are VIP’s with the right backdrops and use muted fabrics around the seating area to set off their special location. Personalized mint tins for favors at each place setting are reminders of your special event that your guests can take home with them (and use during the party)! After all, what says “Vegas” more than personal attention and exclusive glamour?

A coffee party like the Bellagio Barista for your next company event

The Bellagio Las Vegas has a special private room for events featuring premium espresso. This may seem like the last thing you’d expect from a swank Vegas experience, but high end doesn’t always have to mean gold, glitz, and glamour; in this case, the quality and glamour is implicit in the surroundings.   This is perfect for a corporate event or company party, because it is memorable and functional.

Bellagio Barista

You can recreate the look of the Bellagio by draping our Silver Liquid Metallic Fabric from the ceiling. Cover your chairs with Black Stretch Fabric Chair covers, use our black napkins and have guests use elegant personalized Noir Mugs to compliment beverages in sparkling glassware.

Make it a high-end circus – not just for kids!

The Le Cirque restaurant at the Bellagio offers a different sort of private event experience for casino guests. Using items from our birthday store, you too can bring the vigorous and exciting vibe of the The Cirque to your birthday party, after-prom,  retirement party, or other events. Create one-of-a-kind personalized candy jars to give as favors at your Le Cirque event, use gossamer fabric to stream from the ceiling or drape your chairs in orange to give the look and feel of the big top in a unique way, creating an event to remember!

decorating fabrics

2013 Survivor Party Challenges and Games for After-Prom Adventures

africa_archHost a Survivor Party featuring games and challenges modeled after your favorite moments on the hit CBS series. Though the latest Survivor season is over, there’s still fun you can have playing at home. Survivor also makes an awesome theme for an after-prom party! For a prom theme such as a luau, tropical prom, or safari prom, a Survivor after-prom makes a natural and fun party for students to get active and stay safe.

Hand out poker chips or other favors representing luxury items or votes at tribal council. The tokens can be saved or used throughout your Survivor challenges, emulating the competitive mood of the show, but within a more constrained situation.

Relay races are a huge part of the Survivor challenges. Create a relay race making use of themed props and your venue space. For example, for a Survivor party in your gym or yard, have the first leg challenge contestants run a three-legged race. For the next leg, you can create an obstacle course, and the final leg can be a sprint or other challenge. Keep the components of the race appropriate to the age of your guests. Remember relay sticks for keeping the game organized.

inflatable spider ring tossGuests can earn more chips or tokens in a gross-out eating contest. Stock up on gummy worms, dirt pudding, boiled carrots (fingers), or halved grapes (fish eyes) to create a contest like the infamous Survivor challenge. The contestant who can stomach the most within 90 seconds wins!

Use Survivor themed favors such as mint tins with a jungle logo, canteens, pith helmets, bandanas, or other prizes to create an incentive for a Survivor trivia scavenger mission. Use sidewalk stars to label your clues and hide them throughout your party space. You can use cones, ropes, or natural obstacles to create a difficult journey for your contestants. Ahead of the challenge pass out an answer sheet with certain spots highlighted. On the stars write a trivia question. When they find the answer and write out the answer, the highlighted letter will be part of a final keyword they’ll have to unscramble to win the grand prize. For example, on the star you might write “Who won the first season of Survivor” Their answer would be R I C H A R D H A T C H. If the H in Richard was highlighted that letter would contribute to the final keyword. The Survivor website is a great place to find questions.

If you’re hosting a Survivor themed after-prom party, retreat, or camp, you might be interested in this Survivor lesson plan. It features scaffolded activities to focus on different challenges and leadership skills. Get creative and adapt it for teens or adults to fit your guests.

Use our inflatable spider ring toss game as a silly, creepy challenge. Call the spider an amazonian tarantula that guests have to fend off to get to the next challenge. They have to land three rings on the spider to move on. We have plenty of other inflatable games for you to check out too!

Check out our other Survivor party Challenges for more ideas or create your own. What are your ideas?

Sound and Motion Mesmerize Holiday Party Guests

The holidays are a great time for charitable organizations to raise money for a good cause and help out those in need. Whether you’re raising funds to help those less fortunate, battling medical conditions, or you just want to bring a little extra holiday spirit to a local nursing home, this year, rather than the traditional – ask em’ to open up their pocketbook theme – host an evening that will be sure to entertain and let your giving guests have a little unique fun while supporting your mission.

After you set a date for your event and book the necessary vendors and venues to host your evening, get the word out. Charitable organizations often reap benefits in making their vision a reality. There are a lot of opportunities to advertise for free or reduced costs. Have a member of your committee send out a Public Service Announcement (PSA) – radio and news stations will often advertise for non-profit organizations freely, even if only on their Web site. Press Releases are another option for spreading the word without incurring a cost.

Gangster Fundraising Gala

Host a Gangster Fundraising Gala

Invite all of the townspeople to your Gangster Gala for a night of dance till you drop fun. Recreate the iconic 1920’s and 30’s era adorned with the knee-high bedazzled dresses, long, string bead necklaces, feather boas, top hats, pinstriped suits, and long cigars in a fingertip holder. Inform your guests to come dressed in their best gangster get-up. To make the night come true, decorate your dance hall with a Gangster Gala themed backdrop distinct with a roaring 20’s building, hotel, jazz building, police and gangster cars, and street-side lamppost. Your guests will dance the night away. And to make it a little fun, add a twist with a non-stop dance until you can’t dance anymore theme. The last dancing gangster mob couple standing will win.

Host a night of romance under the stars

The After After Prom
Give a teen in need, who might not otherwise get to experience the essential high school Prom event, a donated prom dress, and a chance to experience their once-in-a-lifetime event. At the same time, couples can share in the sentimental nostalgia of your high school days all over again. Invite couples to share in your adult themed After Prom. Adults can purchase a formal dress (or re-purpose a formal dress – a bridesmaid dress they wore in their friend’s wedding, their old prom dress, etc – wear it for an evening In the Depths Forever. Decorate your venue with a romantic aquatic theme furnished with the beauty of coral reef, dolphins, a ship, a school of fish and more. Dress up your dance floor with a beautiful Bermuda blue gossamer, fish netting, and white tulle. At the end of the magic-making evening, the dresses can be donated to local high school students in need. Make it an annual event. It’s a great way for couples to rekindle the flame and pass good spirit forward.

Dinner and All That Jazz

Host a dinner and dance for couples in love and support a good cause at the same time.

Host an evening for couples to enjoy a dinner and dance. Rent a fun, upbeat and modern venue to host a night for couples to share in an evening of romance. Most venues have catering available and can offer a menu tailored to your choice. The nice thing about that is they will also offer full service – including, silverware, plates, linens, and catering staff. Hire a jazz ensemble to join you for the evening to play soft, classic music throughout the evening. Decorate your venue with an All That Jazz décor. Line your tables and chairs with feather boas. Place candles around the room and create a dimly lit, candlelight ambiance. Make it a formal event and couples everywhere will join you in a night to remember. Couples will share in their love for one another and share in supporting your cause at the same time.

Top Five After-Prom Party Themes

Keep the After-Prom Party Going With a Theme!

Many schools create some sort of after-prom celebration for their students.  Some schools create an after-prom breakfast for their students, too.  If your school’s prom has a theme, the theme for your after-prom has to be completely different.  There are a wide variety of themes you could choose for your school’s after-prom party—everything from Casino Night to Mardi-Gras to Hollywood

The Top Five After-Prom Party Themes

  1. Casino Night After-Prom Party Theme: This is a great way to kick back and relax after a great prom.  You can set up a ton of tables and create a casino atmosphere with a wide variety of games (Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, a roulette wheel, etc).  You can even work favors in—personalized poker chips are a great way for guests to remember not only their prom, but also their after-prom.  Also, as your guests enter their after-prom, hand out raffle tickets and create a few giveaways.
  2. Mardi-Gras After-Prom Party Theme:  Make your guests feel like they’re on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!  Use gold, green, and purple balloons in every corner and along the walls to help transform your after-prom party.  Hand out green, gold, and purple beads and feathered masks as favors; you can also use the raffle ticket idea for this after-prom party.  Blast jazz music and let your guests continue to dance the night away while they get a chance to experience a different culture—you can even serve Creole-based or Cajun food and let them try something new!  Your guests probably haven’t had much to eat since dinner before prom, so offer jambalaya, beignets, or a variety of other foods.
  3. Hollywood After-Prom Party Theme:  What better way to relax than with a fun movie night?  Send out film roll invitations ahead of time that your guests will turn in when they enter—then, as they enter, put each guest’s name into a raffle for giveaways before the movies start.  After they turn in their invitations, give each guest a bottle of water (with a personalized label), and a bag of popcorn as they enter your after-prom party.  Then, after all the guests have arrived, raffle off personalized candy jars and personalized cookie tins filled with movie snacks!  Finally, let your after-prom guests take pictures with Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Pressley standees—then give them Hollywood-themed picture frames when they leave!
  4. 1950’s Sock Hop After-Prom Party Theme: This is a great way for all your guests to get some fresh air after a stuffy indoor prom.  Light up your school’s parking lot and get a few grills fired up!  Blast some old 50’s rock and roll and let your guys show off their cars while all the girls gossip.  Cook burgers and hot dogs to serve with chips, pretzels, and root beer floats. 
  5. City After-Prom Party Theme: Set up little stations around your after-prom area to represent different clubs and different restaurants found throughout big cities—you could even make a few hot dog carts!  Put all this against a city backdrop or wall hanging and make your after-prom guests feel as though they’ve been transported!  At each different “club” station, create a different punch or juice combination for your after-prom guests to enjoy.  While most clubs have matchbooks as souvenirs, give your after-prom guests personalized mint tins and personalized lollipops.

Whatever you choose for your prom, there are many themes to choose from for your after-prom—you can either make it match your prom theme or you can make it a completely different theme! Whichever way you choose to go, remember to make your after-prom a fun way for your guests to relax and unwind after prom night.


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