Shindigz Honors Military Service with 20% Discount

With this weekend being the unofficial but customary start of summer, there will be an increase in attention to our service men and women starting with Memorial Day followed by D-Day and Flag Day in June and Independence Day observances on July 4th.  These holidays along with a full summer season of parades and festivals will be filled with times to remember and thank those who are serving our country.

As a reminder, we want to make sure you are aware that Shindigz, offers a discount to U.S. Military personnel as a way of thanking you for your service to America.

This token of appreciation is offered to our men and women serving unselfishly in our military. Shindigz salutes the sacrifices our military take including time spent away from family.

Shindigz thanks each of our women and men serving our country.

Shindigz thanks each of our women and men serving our country.

The Shindgiz military discount program saves military personnel and their families 20% their total purchase at Those wishing to participate must have a military ID to receive the discount.

We hope the savings will help military family make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether a birthday, wedding, welcome home party or anniversary, Shindigz wants to do all we can to help our service men, women, and veterans celebrate.

Gamble on These Creative Uses for Poker Chips

Poker chips are loads of fun, there’s no doubt about that. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a poker player — just ask anyone who has a spare set of poker chips and a toddler or two! The small, smooth with a few embellishments, multicolored discs are just… fun.

“Play with me! Spill me onto the floor! Toss me in the air!” It’s practically begging you.

There are lots of blogs out there with tons of great ideas on poker-themed parties and uses for poker chips. There are definitely of few of them right on this site, like this one on adult-themed parties, a fun corporate event in this one,  or this one about a casino party!

Poker chips don’t have to be all fun and games, though (well yes, yes they do end up always being fun!); consider a few other creative ways to use them. For birthdays and special events, poker chips can be used as gift tags. Use a permanent marker to inscribe the recipient’s name on the smooth white clay surface. Adhere with double-sided tape and/or some fancy “ribboning” and you have unique and durable gift tags. Unlike the typical cardboard ones, these aren’t going to get bent, creased, ripped in half, or otherwise marred beyond recognition.

“Put the key to the minibar on me!”

If you have loads of keys to keep track of (office, safe, shed, storage space, minivan, gym locker, etcetera), key tag poker chips in different colors are a fun and different way to organize. Also: use the poker chip key tags as prom or other school dance “tickets” to give the party-goers the keys to the dance!

Whether you are in education in a school system, if you home school (or know someone who does!), or have a toddler of your own to keep busy, sorting, matching, and color recognition games are important part of development to incorporate in learning and playing.  If you already have some poker chips and your little one found out about it, you know how much they enjoy them. Why not get gobs of poker chips in blue, green, gold, purple, green, red, yellow, and black that you can use with your child, children, or preschool or daycare that are specifically for them? An added bonus to this is that you’ll never have to fuss with sorting out the jumbled and sticky chips before poker night again.  Here are some fun learning activities to get your play-magination going.

Finally, here are some DIY ideas for the crafty readers out there. Glue clothes pins to poker chips personalized with your event (graduation, bat mitzvah, military homecoming…) and use them to do any or all of the following:

  • hold tablecloths onto tables
  • hold and weight name cards for seating
  • display photographs (clip the clothes pins onto ribbon and then clip in the photos)
  • whatever your imagination dictates you need to clip!

At the end of the event, you can even let guests take the personalized poker chip clips as favors!

Another DIY craft idea is to create a unique gift for that special person who loves poker. Make wind chimes! Using an assortment of mini bells, sleighbells, poker chips, and florist wire, you can wind together your own unique design and create something that looks and sounds beautiful. You could even host a craft party and have this be the project. Don’t worry, if you need to use a spot of hot glue to help the florist wire along, we won’t tell.

Remember, don’t be afraid to step outside the box and use something that is already fun in a totally unique way — take a gamble!

For being brave, you get a cookie!

Honor Company Heroes with a Morale Booster, Retirement Party

The time has finally come where your valued employee who has been with your company for many years is retiring. This employee has done such a good job working for you, you feel that they deserve something special, right? Throw them a retirement party!

Have a Slide Show

A slide show gives all the guests a better understanding of how valuable the honored employee has been over the years. Give some background information on the employee, such as where he or she grew up and where he or she graduated, and then talk about how his or her family life is or what some of his or her favorite hobbies are. This would be a great time to include some photos that bring back funny memories to the employee and guests!

Theme It!

Know what the employee of honor’s favorite hobby is? Or what his or her favorite sport is? Theme the decorations according to what the employee’s tastes are. Perhaps he or she is a movie buff. Maybe he or she likes the great outdoors. Or maybe throw a fifties party to humorously remind the employee of his or her childhood! Find out what he or she likes, then theme your party accordingly.

Big Money, No Whammy

Who doesn’t like to gamble? Set up a casino table so that the guests can have some fun while enjoying the company of their fellow coworkers. Blackjack, poker, roulette, and slot machines are a few classic and popular casino games.

The Company Presents…

Time for a little payback! Host a roast of the honored employee. Roasts provide a humorous outlet to a retirement party while still honoring and recognizing the talents and service of the employee.

Dance the Night Away

Include a dance floor in your retirement party! For the songs that are played, a good idea would be to play the music with which the honored employee grew up. For older employees, some dance songs would include “Land of 1000 Dances” by Wilson Pickett or “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller. If the employee is younger, good dance songs would include “Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex or “I Like to Move It” by Real 2 Real.

Send your valued employee into retirement with a fun retirement party. Create memories that will stay with him or her forever.

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

Welcome Them Home with a Surprise

You’ve already said a tear-filled goodbye to your soldier, so what better way to welcome them home than with a surprise welcome home party?  Your soldier has probably seen enough camouflage to last him or her awhile, so switch to a patriotic theme.  Rather than an all-out stars-and-stripes pattern for every part of your welcome home party, gather red place settings, white place settings, and blue place settings.  Decorate your tables with white table covers and red and blue table runners.  Add a sparkly centerpiece or even some confetti as an eye-catcher that everyone at the welcome home party will love.

All-American Backyard Barbecue

If you sent your soldier off to a foreign country, why not welcome your American hero home with a longstanding American tradition—a cookout?  Sure, serve the standard burgers and hot dogs that everyone loves, but then treat your returning hero to something special, something just for them, like a huge steak.  To the side of the welcome home party space, create a photo corner.  All it takes are a few props—one or two columns for your photographer to position his picture subjects near.  Add some flags, streamers, and a welcome home banner for a little more flare.  Then, as favors for all your guests, why not send them customized coasters commemorating the welcome home party?

A Classier Welcome Home Party

Sometimes welcome home parties are better kept inside.  Also, it’s a good idea to have a backup for your backyard barbecue in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.  So if you choose to have the welcome home party indoors, you have a few more options as far as decorations.  If your party is indoors, you could add a balloon arch or other balloon decorations that could get destroyed outdoors.  You could also add other centerpieces, make each table different.  Vary the table decorations, too.  Alternate main colors versus runners:

  • A red table cover with white and blue table runners
  • A blue table cover with red and white table runners
  • A white table cover with blue and red table runners

One more difference between a backyard barbecue versus an indoor welcome home party is the type of dessert that is served.  While it’s still a good idea to use paper or plastic plates, you could create a dessert station with patriotic-patterned tableware.

Goodbye, My Hero, and Be Safe

A Military Bon Voyage Party with Class

Americans are always focused on and excited to welcome home their heroes.  While no one wants to think about saying goodbye to these soldiers, why not create a fun, lighthearted, goodbye party?  All of the friends and family of your special soldier will appreciate receiving an invitation to a great sendoff party for their favorite man or woman in uniform.  Guests will appreciate having one more chance to hug their soldier and thank him or her.  Goodbye parties are often filled with emotion and tears, but by picking the right decorations, you’ll be able to create a supportive atmosphere that reminds partygoers to stay positive and celebrate the person they’re sending away.

Simple Military Goodbye Party Decorations

Offer a buffet not only filled with their favorite home-cooked foods, but also stocked with a wide array of camouflage plates, napkins, and cups.  If you don’t want to use a typical military party camouflage pattern, you can always pull some of the individual colors (brown, tan, black, white, and various greens) and either mix them, organize them by table, or even set up food stations.  One color will represent salads, one for entrees, and one for desserts.  Another wonderful goodbye party color set to consider is, of course, the tried-and-true red, white, and blue.  Either color choice would be wonderful with a casual backyard barbecue sendoff.

Navy Bon Voyage Ideas

If you’re sending a man or woman off to the Navy, in particular, don’t throw the typical “goodbye, soldier” party.  Throw a fun bon voyage party.  With anchor-shaped balloons in every corner, your Navy man or woman will feel your support.  There are several options for decorations, it just depends on how detailed you want to be.  Hang bon voyage decorations from the ceiling—streamers, balloons, ceiling whirls, etc. Your options are open.

Whether they’re heading to a deployment or to basic training, remind your soldiers that you love them.  Gather all their friends and family for a well-decorated military goodbye party that they’re sure to remember for a long time.


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