Welcome to Your New House! Ideas for Your Home Warming Party

Take a page from the book of domestic best wishes and make your home a center of warmth, light and life for the occasion of your house warming party.

Plants = Life. Plants symbolize the wish, “May your home always have life.” The colors you choose can reflect this wish, and this time of year there’s no better way to go than the hues of spring regeneration.

To start, visit the shop-by-color store. This year we are leaning toward a citrus green paired with fresh white and accented with pastel flower colors such as yellow, pink or lavender. A bright green with hot pink would mod-ify the space; a sky blue with white would reflect more serenity but still be in keeping with a bright spring day.

As you ponder your color options, you’ll also notice materials that are available for covering large areas for different effects:

  • Corrugated paper is 4 feet wide, which is perfect for instant wall wainscoting.

  • Lengths of gossamer covering walls, windows or ceiling can soften a room, and patterns (e.g., clouds against blue sky) can transform.

  • Floral sheeting as table runners adds touchable texture.

These background materials are fun to use on their own merits, but they also mean you have fill-in décor for wherever your home may still be under-furnished or unpacked!

Light = Light. Lights symbolize the wish, “May you always have light through the dark times.” Here are just a few ways to provide restrained, gentle light:

  • Line the main walkway to the house with luminarias. We have the old-fashioned kind for purists, but also new LED and electric options. Our personalized white luminary bags would be perfect for a house warming with a photo of the household and welcome message for the guests.

  • Create a focal point with one or more LED trees with white, green or blue bulbs. (Please note that you will not find a better price on a quality, 7-foot prelit tree.)

  • Paper lanterns – for ceiling or floor – will not only bring festive lighting but also color to an oft-neglected space.

The traditional way to bring the wish for light is with candles, so candle favors are a natural here. Shop our DIY favor pages for the raw materials and embellishments to coordinate a votive style with the rest of the décor and to make them your own.

Wood = Warmth. Wood symbolizes the wish, “May you enjoy warmth, peace and stability.”

Of course your colors, flowers and lights have already put you on a warm path. What will progress the theme further is tying your look together with accents that are rustic, homespun and/or natural. Examples:

  • Place 4” pots of spring flowers in tin buckets; finish with raffia bows.

  • Choose a whimsical icon, such as a retro flower or butterfly, which you can incorporate into the décor as props, wall cutouts and/or tableware.

  • Embellish tables, doorways and handrails with a leaf garland from the Garden Party store.

We hope this gives you food for thought about your house warming get-together – and may you always make life more fun!

Hot Winter Party Scenery

Before the winter chill sets in, start planning your winter event theme now! Whether you are setting the scene for a winter party, a winter play, a winter dance, or a winter photo shoot, there are numerous hot winter party scenery options to choose from to make your event come to life!

Winter Scene Setters
The winter wonderland room setter appears to take you through a white picket fence, down a snow covered path through the forest lined with snow covered trees. The top of the scene setter has the appearance of a banner with the words Winter Wonderland framed out by a snow flake on either side. This 65 inch wide by 59 inch high scene setter comes in two pieces and it is printed on thick plastic material.

The winter wonderland scene setter is a picturesque snowy winter backdrop with snow covered trees. This scene setter is made of a plastic material measuring 48 inches high by 40 feet long and can be easily hung up with double-sided tape.

Winter Party Backdrops
Customize your wintry scene with a party backdrop designed specially by you. You select the backdrop size to meet your event space requirements, and you choose the material: vinyl, cardboard, or mural paper. If you desire custom text on the backdrop, personalize it by adding wording in your choice of font, font color, and text placement.

  • The little cabin in the woods background illustration is an animated, cozy scene with two quaint cabins, set in a snowy scene with mountains and trees in the background.
  • The candy house background illustration features a vibrant gingerbread house decked out with delicious candy and snow covered ground with a pretty design on all four corners of the backdrop.
  • The gold tree backdrop features a small village of homes all in blue with snow covered rooftops. The sky is various shading of blue with snow flakes falling all around. Then in the right hand corner is a brilliant gold tree with gold decorations, which radiantly stands out against the blue and white background.
  • The Santa’s sleigh background illustration features a white, snow covered foreground with shades of blue hills and mountains added toward the background. Pretty white trees peek out from behind the hills and mountains. A blue starry Christmas tree appears in the right-hand corner of the backdrop. A bright, full moon is pictured just to the left of center with a silhouette of Santa swiftly driving his sleigh of reindeer through the night sky.
  • The winter background illustration is a photo quality backdrop which directs the eye down a charming main street after a heavy new fallen snow has blanketed the town. The lights from the shops, streetlights, and decorations brightly twinkle against the brisk winter evening scene.

Snap Settings For Photographers

http://www.shindigz.com/party/Stylized-Winter-Sleigh-Kit.cfmPhotographer’s toolbox checklist:
• Camera (Check)
• Extra cards and batteries (Check)
• Lights and filters (Check)
• Toys and props for kids (Check)
• Backdrops, stand up cut outs, quick sets for parties—shopped at Shindigz (Check)

Today’s tips are for photographers.

      Did you know Shindigz has a ton of quick sets, backdrops, stand up cut outs, and so much more for any photo shoot? Whether you’re doing class photos, a wedding, or anything in between, we have something perfect for your toolbox.

      Shindigz understands that a natural backdrop of trees, a mountain view, or a brilliant skyline isn’t always available. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a wonderful setting for your subjects. You can imagine you’re in a forest with the forest backdrop.

      Taking holiday card photos months in advance and need a winter setting? You could try a winter wonderland room setter to get in the holiday spirit.

      Taking pictures at an engagement party or prom? Why not use the heart patterned corrugated paper as a backdrop. It’s so sweet and romantic, and it’s also available in solids and stripes. For something bigger and more glamorous, try a hollywood entrance. That’ll set the tone for your party.

      Need a simple backdrop for professional headshots? Choose from the excellent selection at Shindigz. A metallic background will be simple and not distracting, while creating a hint of magic.

      Hosting a crazy party and want to add a little spice or silliness? Try a photo stand in cut out. Shindigz has over 250 to choose from and you can personalize them any way you want. They’re perfect for kids’ parties or fundraisers.

      If all else fails, make everyone look like a super hero and call it a day!


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