The Top 5 Summer Birthday Party Themes for 2013

A Luau Themed Summer Party

A Luau Themed Summer Party

You’ve got one big advantage when planning a summer birthday party, compared to wintertime.

Warm summer weather which means you can include outside activities.  With a little planning and perhaps reserving a spot at a local park, your birthday party options have multiplied.

To help you narrow down the possibilities, here are the Top 5 Summer Birthday Party Themes for 2013:

  1. Buzz.  As in Buzz like a bee.
  2. Stars. Summertime is the best season for star gazing and a popular party theme.
  3. Patriotic.  With Memorial Day in May, Flag Day June 14th and Independence Day July 4th, there will be plenty of flags flying.
  4. Hollywood.  Walk the Red Carpet.
  5. Luau. The perfect outdoor party theme for all ages.

Explore in more detail each of these summer birthday party themes at our Birthday Decorations website.

Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Birthday parties for women are pretty easy. Find some pink stuff, anything shiny, and surround her with her best friends and favorite family members and she’ll remember it for a lifetime. Women love parties and love being thought of. For men, it can be a bit more difficult. Believe it or not, there are lots of ideas and decorations for a manly birthday celebration.

A Sports Celebration

Most men are crazy about their sports teams. Who cares if the NFL season is over? You can guarantee that the NFL fan in your house hasn’t stopped thinking about his favorite teams just because it isn’t football season at the moment. Make the birthday man feel like an all-star with the NFL Party Zone Kin-N-Kaboodle.

The official NFL licensed party pack includes plates, napkins, cups, invitations, cutlery, balloons, a table cover and curling ribbon. Want to really impress the birthday man and his friends? Go for the deluxe kit- it includes everything listed above plus a banner, a football balloon, candles, and blue and red streamers.

If the guy loves football, he’s probably a big competitor. Set up a flick football game on one of your tables and watch it bring out the kid in the birthday man. It will be a birthday celebration he won’t soon forget.

Military Mania

Whether the birthday man is in the military or not, this party idea will have him feeling like a hero.

The American Heroes Kit-N-Kaboodle pack can get you started with plates, napkins, cutlery, balloons, cups, invitations and curling ribbon. But don’t stop there! Make his cake unforgettable with these camouflage chunky candles.

You might want to have a television set up somewhere at the party showing his favorite war movies. It will give guests something to do and add to the military atmosphere you’re trying to create.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for the birthday hero, think about a day of paintball, or some time at the shooting range. The gift will mean more if it goes with the theme of the party.

Viva Las Vegas

Men love Vegas, but if you can’t afford to send the birthday boy to Sin City, you can bring the fun to him with a casino-themed birthday bash!

You will naturally want to have tables set up for poker and blackjack. Make the event extra special with some personalized poker chips. Not only will they be fun the night of the party, but years down the road when he’s playing poker with friends.

Hang some casino ceiling danglers to set the scene, and use anything red and black to decorate. If the birthday man is also an Elvis fan, throw in some Elvis decorations as well.

Princess Ideas for Her Girls Birthday Party

She’ll Always Be Your Princess!

“Yes, my Lady, your company eagerly awaits you and desires your presence!” Age matters not, because girls love to be treated like princesses. Whether they are gallantly riding horses in open meadows and fields, dancing merrily while hoping to meet prince charming or dining elegantly in serene surroundings, a princess party is the ultimate foundation for dozens of girl’s birthday party ideas.

Planning the Perfect Princess Party

Princesses have their own personalities, preferences and desires. Before anything else can be accomplished, the perfect theme, one that will please her grace beyond measure, should be determined, so that all party decoration supplies coordinate together.

Personalized invitations, menus, table decorations, activities, birthday party games and matching party favors will each add a touch of style and flair to the grand and wonderful celebration. Every detail should be considered including lighting decorations, balloons and even gift wrap supplies.

Decorating for a Princess Party

Begin by layering sheer, shimmering gossamer fabric all over the room, designing special photo corners, tying bows around chairs, covering unsightly areas and creating a soft and welcoming ambience for your majesty.

Determine the menu and how to present your offerings. Buffet style banquets are excellent for more casual and social events, while barbecues work well for outside gatherings. Princess parties needn’t always be formal. However, the elegance of hosting a sit-down meal should be happily considered as well. Consider the classic girl’s tea party, for example.

Use garland, balloons and ribbon freely, hanging it from light fixtures, draping it over curtains and swaying it in archways and doorways. Separate party events like eating, dancing and games, allowing guests the courtesy of enjoying whatever they are doing, at any given time.

Hosting the Ultimate Girl’s Birthday Party

It’s the little things that make all the difference, when planning a girl’s birthday party. Choosing the right colors, selecting her favorite foods, presenting the “to die for” cake and playing the perfect music all contribute to the overall success of hosting a girl’s birthday party every princess will love. Girls have a way of lighting up the room when they look and feel like princesses, which is why every girl deserves to be treated like royalty on her birthday.

Need a few more girls princess party ideas?  Check out these tips:

50th Birthday Parties and Lasting Memories

50th Birthday Mint Tin

Personalize your own 50th Birthday Mint Tin Favor

How can we measure our blessings over the expanse of fifty years? As we move into our next personal, half-centuries, those of us who are turning fifty this year look back and realize that it’s only natural to recall special birthdays- our milestones. We fondly recall fully-decorated events. Those memories move forward in time with us.

Do you remember a certain childhood birthday party? What made it special? Did your parents devote extra attention to the details? Maybe their labors of love extended to your dearest companions. Parties were magical affairs filled with colorful balloons, glistening streamers, and exuberant, hot potato games. The children wore party hats, blew noisemakers, and carried home goody bags brimming with party favors. If you were a child in the 1960’s, you might remember the mandatory dresses and ties. Fortunately, some things do change!

Oh, to be a teenager in the seventies, again. Romantic hearts were as big as the hair and the patterns on dresses and ties were as groovy as our parents’ family room curtains. Vinyl albums played through the night as girls spun the bottle to see who’d confess to having crushes on Shaun Cassidy. Reliving the retro party era is dreamy!

50th Birthday Party Mints

50th Birthday Party Mints

Band sounds of Chicago and Boston remind us of the big cities we visited with dates in those years. Our city party theme decorations capture the essence of what solidifies relationships. Couples enjoy gazing at city lights, while talking for endless hours about the future and dreams.

For a mother, the moments that touch the soul are cradling your sleeping baby, listening to the first sounds of “Mama”, or feeling little hands clutching your pinkies while learning how to walk. Then too, are the first friends, the play dates, and the planning of your own children’s parties. So many beautiful memories accompany these years. Baby showers and themed birthday parties were so fun to plan.

Shindigz customers are the most fun people we know. You make life extra special for your friends and family. Celebrate a special 50th birthday with bits and pieces of the above eras. Decorate each room to match a certain decade.  Invite guests to gaze at old pictures and sample favorite foods or drinks from your honoree’s personal journey.  By decorating five rooms, the entire party becomes a collection of fifty years!

May your loved one’s 50th birthday milestone create fond, new memories!

A Special 50th Birthday Wish:

The Shindigz team sends happy birthday wishes to Shindigz owner, Wendy Moyle.  Enjoy your special day.  Happy 50th birthday from all of us!

49th Birthday Slogans

Over The Hill Mylar Balloon

Over The Hill Mylar Balloon

Some birthdays receive more attention than others. Those that have turned 49 know what I mean. While the Big 5-oh looms, consider these 49th birthday slogans that the celebrant should be allowed to utter:

  • I’m chronologically gifted!
  • Aged like fine wine, complex & fruity.
  • I’m not old, I’m youthfully challenged.
  • Are we the grownups yet?
  • It’s not about age, it’s about attitude.
  • Getting old stinks, but it sure beats the alternative.
  • 49! I demand a recount.
  • It’s just my birthday, I’m not extinct yet!
  • 49! Not me, no way!
  • It’s after fifty that everything that doesn’t hurt doesn’t work!
  • Yes, me – Charter member, “Old farts hall of fame”.
  • Fifty is the ultimate “F” word.
  • I Love my 40’s, because I know what comes next? My 50’s!
  • I’m not 49, I’m 18 with 31 years experience!
  • I can’t believe I’m 49; 48 maybe, but never 49!
  • Once over the hill, you pick up speed.
  • My own mortality will be the death of me yet.
  • How the hell’d I get this old?
  • In dog years I’m dead.
  • Naps & farts, that’s all I’m really good for these days.
  • My wild oats have turned to mush.
  • Old fart, young heart.
  • Aged to perfection!
  • I’m a classic, you only get better with age!
  • Don’t interrupt me while I’m talking to myself.
  • Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
  • Age equals wisdom – hear this youngin’s?
  • I’ll be spontaneous when I get around to it.
  • Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.
  • I get everything I set my mind to. Now where’d I set my mind?
  • I have the body of a god – Buddha!
  • I’ll be kind to my kids; they’ll be choosing my nursing home.
  • I’m immortal — so far!
  • I will avenge myself and live long enough to be a problem to my kids!
  • I’m cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.
  • Age is not a destination, it’s a journey!
  • Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of my tunnel has been turned off.
  • AND – He may rule the roost, but I rule the rooster!

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