Birthday Party Themes for Active Boys

We all know that boys will be boys, but some boys are more active than others.  If you have a birthday boy who doesn’t like to sit still here are a few ideas that will keep him moving.

Birthday Party Themes

No matter the interests or the age of the birthday boy there is a birthday party theme that will thrill him.

From Iron man to Superman, superhero themes are ideal for active boys.  Ask your son which hero he’d like to be at the party and then invite his friends to come as other favorites.  During the party, offer a treasure hunt where all of the heroes have to work together to save the planet.  Set up stations or an obstacle course that the boys must weave through in teams.  Hire an evil character or two to crash the party with incoming water balloons.  Using squirt guns, have your young superheroes chase the villain away from Planet Earth (your backyard or some other area).

If superheroes don’t save the day there are many other themes to keep your active boy’s attention.  Keep them dug in with a dinosaur themed party.  The birthday boy will enjoy being the T-Rex of his party.  He can even have a hat to show off his status as king of the dinosaurs.  With inflatable dinosaurs or dinosaur standees around the birthday party dig site, each of your little paleontologists can have their picture taken with their favorite dinos.  You can have dinos hanging from the ceiling with hanging cutouts.

Sports also score.  No matter if the sport is baseball or hockey or soccer there is a sport out there for everyone.  There are decorations for every athlete.  If you have a little slugger then make him feel like he is in the middle of a big game with a room roll that will make him feel like he is the star of the game.  You can even decorate a cake to match his love of baseball with baseball bat candles.

Active Party Games

Burn off some excess energy with games fit the theme.

If you decide that Superman will save your party you can play a Superman game.  Have each boy try to pin the shield on Superman’s chest.

If digging up dinosaurs is the plan, then a scavenger hunt just might fit the bill.  Hide Dino themed favors and give the guests clues to find them.  Or have a dinosaur pinata for the boys to take a swing at.

If your boy likes sports then what would be more perfect than a game in the back yard.  It can be as simple as setting up a basketball hoop and watching the fun hit nothing but net.

No matter how active your birthday boy is there is always plenty for him to do at his party.  Just remember that it’s always better to have too many activities planned than not enough.  With the right supplies you can let your boy be a boy for his party.

Soar to Party Greatness With an Aviator Birthday

Do you have a birthday boy who wants to grow up to be a pilot or a birthday girl who wants a high-flying, birthday party?

Plane Party verses a Plain Party

With the arrival of Disney’s Planes, your aviator may very well be in the clouds this summer.  Start your party with an airplane invitation that boasts of high-flying fun.  Add a banner or yard sign so that your guests will know where the party has landed.

Once your guests arrive, it’s time for the party to really take off.  You can hang gliders from the ceilings and walls.  Not only will these make great decorations; they can be used in a flight competition and they make great favors for your guests to take home with them.

Even the cake can get in on the high flying fun.  Decorate the cake from an airplane cake pan with your aviator’s favorite, frosting colors.  Complete the look with airplane-themed cake decorations.

Aviation Activities

What could be more fun than having your picture taken in an airplane prop?  Complete the photo setting with some aviator sunglasses and a pilot’s hat.  Who wouldn’t want a picture of themselves as a pilot?

Pilots have to practice their flight skills, so offer a flight contest.  Invite older children to make their own paper airplanes or pre-assemble gliders and let young children color their own.  Line up them up and at the count of three, send planes soaring through your yard.  The plane that travels the farthest wins.

Take a couple hours with the kids to watch Planes in the theater, or when it’s available, pop popcorn and view the movie at home.

Thanks for Flying

Award guests goody bags filled with airplane party supplies.  It’s just another way to make your party soar.

For all of your little pilots or for fans of high flying party fun your aviator birthday party is cleared for take off.

Birthday Party Ideas for Spirited Girls

All girls have spirit but not for the same things.  Some have spirit for their teams or their sports, and these party ideas will let their spirit shine through.

Spirited Party Themes

If she likes cheering on her favorite sports team; give her a a party to cheer about. Decorate with the team’s colors and logo.  Give your guests spirited fan gear, just like they would get at the big game. Give them beads, pom pons, and even foam fingers all in team colors. That way even if they can’t make it to the stadium they can feel like they did.

If the birthday girl does not have a favorite team but she has a favorite sport; bring that sport to the party. Sports themed decorations and favors are bound to be a hit with any sporty girl.  If she is a rising soccer star then let her show off her skills with a party that reaches the goal.  Feature her favorite sports equipment on all the tableware.  You can even make a soccer ball cake that she and her friends will get a kick out of.

Activities for Spirited Girls

What real sports fan doesn’t paint her face before going to a game? Your party shouldn’t be any different.  With a little bit of face paint you can set up a face painting station so that your girls can show off their spirit.  Painting a simple “Go Team” in the team colors is a always a good option.  For the more artistically inclined girl stars and flowers make beautiful additions to a spirited face.  The video below will give you some ideas of options for you.

Once your guests are all set to show off their spirit have a cheer-off. Each girl can write her own cheer and perform it for everyone.  The cheers can be specific to a favorite team or sport.  “Run! Kick! Goal!” would be a great cheer for a soccer player. Maybe they will come up with new ideas to use at the next, big game.

If your guests prefer playing to cheering then let them play. A small backyard soccer game is always a big hit with your soccer stars.  Or let the spirited girls show off their talents by making trick shots on the goal.  If kicking the soccer ball around isn’t enough then why not take a swing at a soccer ball pinata.

With all these spirited ideas there is no way for you to miss the goal of throwing a spirited party for your birthday girl.  All your guests will leave cheering for you, “Hip Hip Hooray!”

How to Plan th’ Best Ever scurvy Pirate Parrrty

Shindigz introduces a brand new Pirate Theme for your next Pirate Party for your kids.  And to set the mood, let’s slip into Pirate Speak:

You'll be the Best Mom with this Shindigz Pirate Party!

Ye’ll be th’ Best Mom wit’ ’tis Shindigz scurvy pirate parrrty!

Ahoy, Matey! Lookin’ fer a unique parrrty to throw fer ye son or girly offsprin’? Have ye child invite all ‘o his or her pals over fer a scurvy pirate theme bash!

Start wit’ personalized invitation.

Pirate Photo Invitations

Pirate Photo Invitations

Welcome them wit’ a custom yard sign ‘n banner, ‘n then as they board th’ ship, deck them out wit’ an tattered eye patch, gold tooth, hat, scarf ‘n  hook!

Dress 'em up Pirate Style!

Dress ‘em up Pirate Style!

We’ve got plenty more scurvy pirate parrrty ideas at our scurvy pirate store, but first, take a couple ‘o minutes ‘n spy wit’ ye eye how parrrty Plannin’ Pro Wendy ‘n her sidekick Mary prepare fer a scurvy pirate parrrty:

Shindigz also found a collection ‘o scurvy pirate parrrty grub ideas to feed ye crew!

Top Party Themes for Baby Boomers

Here are some groovy theme parties to throw for Boomer birthdays, anniversaries and retirements.

1. Luau celebration. When Hawaii became a state in 1959, it sparked a tourism boom (no pun intended) that was so pronounced it – and Don Ho – promptly got absorbed by popular culture. “Gidget” went there, Elvis went there and even the Brady Bunch vacationed in the islands. Kiddos coming of age in the years following WWII were continually tempted by the allure of ocean breezes, boogie boards and poi products. The islands still rank high as vacation destinations, the luau likewise as one of the all-time popular party themes. Boomers were among the first to appreciate both.

2. Party of a Decade. Though the timespan depends on the context of the discussion, the Baby Boom by most accounts occurred about 1946 into the early 60s, so it is often helpful to think in terms of early Boomers and late Boomers. The early wave came of age in the 60s and a whole lot of them are retiring now. Those who came later finished high school in the 1970s – and in the 70s, the 50s party first became popular! That means there are at least three decades the members of this generation love to party to.

3. Zebra retro. Big, colorful florals, op art and zebra patterns were all iterations of the strong, “mod” patterns fashionable in the 1960s for clothing, accessories and even home furnishings. A zebra party is another way to go retro, and as luck would have it, it also happens to be an “in” party theme for multiple generations right now so there are plenty of decorating options to be had. The fashion plates and the Boomers who adore the excesses and exaggerations of the Austin Powers movies really dig this party, baby, in both regular and hot pink.

4. Murder mystery. Boomers grew up playing Clue (as well as other classic board games such as Candy Land and Monopoly) and many of them likewise enjoyed the first Clue-based murder mystery role-playing parties of the 1980s. Combine nostalgia, humor and lots of entertaining activity during a dinner party with a Boomer as guest of honor, starting with the coolest licensed murder-oriented props around.

5. Music. When you read above about the luau and Don Ho, does the song “Tiny Bubbles” run through your head? Background music is far more than just about movies; it is woven inextricably with our memories and therefore comprises a powerful force in our personal and shared histories. Match the party soundtrack to theme and mood, and include some of the party VIP’s selections. You can also spotlight music itself – check out the new Music Note decorations as well as established favorites Music of the Night, Disco and Jazz/1920s collections.

While there’s no substitute for knowing the tastes and interests of the Baby Boom generation co-worker, friend or relative in your life, we hope discussing popular themes has helped you work those creativity muscles! Explore even more on the Themes pages, and let us know how it goes.


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