Invitation Tips for a Candy Cane Christmas Party

Send out holiday cheer with your invitations! These invitation tips are great for your candy cane Christmas party or other holiday party.

Be sure to send your invitations out 3-4 weeks in advance. Ask for regrets only, and expect approximately 25% of invitees to RSVP with regrets.

Our Christmas party tableware ensembles feature a matching invitation you can fill out and send to your guests. JOY (shown), Enchanted Christmas and Letters to Santa would all be good choices for a candy cane themed Christmas party.

To add a fun twist, try a plastic holiday message in a bottle. Be sure to attach extra postage, or for a personal touch hand deliver them.

Get your kids involved in the invitation process. Have them cut out and color paper candy canes, Christmas cookies or trees and write your party details on them.

Enclose a mini candy cane or a pinch of holiday party confetti in your invitations.

Check out candy cane decorations in our Christmas party supplies store.

Festive Decorations for a Candy Cane Christmas Party

A candy cane party is a delicious theme for a kid-friendly Christmas party, and it’s easy with ShindigZ decorations.

Outdoor Decorations

• Line your walkways and driveways with a colorful giant bulb walkway set.
• Surround your door with a personalized candy cane arch. Be sure to have your cameras ready to snap excited young faces.
• Greet your guests, neighbors and loved ones all season long with a Christmas Cookie Personalized Banner hanging over your front door or above your garage.

Indoor Decorations

• Set a pathway from entrance to main party room with peppermint drop walkway cutouts.
• Top off the look with Gum Drop Standees.
• Balloons can economically transform any room into a festive space in a matter of minutes by using some of the following ideas:

-Use a helium tank to fill balloons. Tie curling ribbon to red and white balloons, and group them together. (Odd numbers look best, as in: 3, 5, or 7.) Place groupings of balloons around the party room.
-Tie a bunch of helium-filled balloons to the chair, or tie one balloon to the back of each chair.
-If you choose not to use helium, tie balloons to varying lengths of curling ribbon, and hang from the ceiling or from ceiling light fixtures.

Table Decorations

• Set your table with red and white plates. The napkins, plates, table covers and cutlery are a fast way to create a focal point in a room. Bundle up your cutlery together with a red and white striped ribbon.
• Add personalized items, such as a stadium cup, to each place setting as a functional favor.
• Hook a small candy cane onto the edge of each cup.
• We offer a candy cane foil centerpiece that will help complete your look. Sprinkle a few round peppermint candies around the centerpiece and rest of the table as an edible confetti.

Activities for a Festive Candy Cane Christmas Party

Unless you are hosting a Snowball Fight or Igloo/Snow Figurine building contest, you will need ideas for indoor games for a kids’ candy cane party. That doesn’t mean the games can’t be great fun, though. Check out our game and activity ideas, and feel free to add a few of your own favorites. Award lots of dollar favors and treats, as this is your opportunity to indulge them a little.

Give each player a bag or stocking with 10 small treasures in it (candy, chocolates, little toy favors). Have bags labeled with players’ names, so they don’t get mixed up. Let players know at the start of the game exactly when the game will be ending—this game can be played throughout an entire party if you so choose. The object of the game is to catch fellow players saying one of the following words or phrases: Santa, reindeer, snow, Christmas, ornaments, etc.

To help players, post the words prominently on a board where they can be seen often. If someone is caught saying one of the words on the list, that person has to give up a treasure from their stash. The player with the biggest haul of goodies at the end of the game is the winner! This game is always a big hit with ages 7-adult.

Divide the children into two equal groups. About 25 feet away place two bags of inflated red and white balloons. These balloons should be overinflated to make popping easier. At the sound of a ringing bell, the first two relay contestants, one from each team, run to the bag, and remove one balloon. Each must sit on it until it pops. Once the balloon pops, the players run back to the starting line, and tag the next player in line. The first team to complete the course wins. If you have children who are afraid of the sound of popping balloons, offer a grown-up stand-in. Not a quiet game…but a guaranteed favorite! (Ages 4-adult)

Wrap two boxes to look like beautiful gifts (approximately shoe box size). Divide the children into two teams and have them form two lines. At the signal to “go”, the gift is to be passed from child to child. The catch is that they can use any part of their bodies except their hands. If the gift touches the ground at any time, it must go back to the beginning of the line again. Whichever team manages to get the gift to the end of the line first wins the game. You may want to fill each box with little prizes so that both teams can open the gift and be rewarded for their efforts. Look for inexpensive toys in Novelty Party Favors (Ages 5-adult)

Party Favors for a Candy Cane Christmas Party

‘Tis the season for gifts and goodies, and a lively Christmas party is the perfect time to share the joy. Here are a few fun and festive favor ideas that will do more than make Sugar Plums dance in your head!

  • Use Candy Cane Mylar Balloons as decorations and then pass them out to your guests as they leave the party.

  • Kids love to have their faces painted. Pick up some face paint sticks and practice a few simple Christmas designs. Alternatively, try some Ho, Ho, Ho Christmas temporary tattoos.

  • Make some festive chocolates and holiday peppermint candies before the party and send them all home in pretty red organza bags.

  • Make it easy on yourself by purchasing a fun Christmas Favor Pack, as shown. It includes a Santa hat and is a good value.

  • Make other fabulous favor finds in Christmas Party Favors.
  • Treats for a Candy Cane Christmas Party

    Here are a few fun, easy and tasty ways to bring the very edible Candy Cane Christmas party theme right onto your plates (or into your cups).

  • Make a Peppermint Cheesecake by adding peppermint extract to the mix and top with crushed peppermint candies.

  • Set up a Sundae Bar with hot fudge, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Bring the candy cane into it by offering peppermint ice cream instead of vanilla, or by serving crushed peppermint candies as a sprinkling option.

  • Children always enjoy Jell-O® Jigglers! Cutting red Jell-O® into candy cane and holiday ornament shapes is an easy way to make a party treat! Stripe them by piping Cool Whip® onto the tops. Yum!

  • Serve up a variety of candies or snacks in O’Tannenbaum or Christmas Stripes serving platters.

  • Co-opt the Sweet Station centerpiece for use with Christmas-themed cupcakes or mini tarts.

  • Serve some shots of peppermint Schnapps or hot chocolate with a peppermint stick or candy cane stick and a generous dollop of whipped cream.

  • Check out Christmas party tableware to serve your holiday treats on!


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