Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Summer Party for Tweens

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Summer Party for Tweens

Beat the Heat

Pinata's are fun for all ages!

Pinata’s are fun for all ages!

Use water balloons as balls in a fun game of dodgeball.  Not only is it a classic group game it will help cool off your guests as they enjoy themselves.  Water balloons can also be turned into piñatas that surprise the player with a shower of water when they break the balloon.  Or add a regular piñata as another game to play.

Make the Decorations a Game

Place small favors in balloons that way each child is able to break a balloon and earn a favor.  Any small favor in a balloon can turn a regular balloon into an individual piñata for each of your guests.  If you would rather not pick up the pieces of broken balloons then hanging gliders would be another option.  Before the activities the gliders make fun decoration.  During the activities it is quite simple to have a glider flying contest.  Simply take them down and see who can throw theirs the furthest.

Angry Birds

If you want to integrate some bird slinging and pig popping fun into your party an Angry Birds party would be right on target.  With decorations and tableware to fit this theme you can make sure only the birds are angry at your party.  You can create your own levels for your guests to defeat.  Set up blocks in fun configurations and fling your bean bag birds try and knock them all down.

Hawaiian Party

Personalized Surfboards from Shindigz!

Personalized Surfboards from Shindigz!

Break out the leis and grass skirts and have a luau this summer.  Invite your guests to participate by donning Hawaiian print shirts, grass skirts, and as many leis as they want.  With a few surfboard and palm tree standees any space can look like an island paradise.  To add to the fun have a limbo or hula hoop contest to see who has the most island spirit.

Even the pickiest tweens will find themselves having fun at your party this summer.

Sports Fans Turn to Big Heads to Show Support

Big Heads - Little BodiesTake a piece of poster board, write a clever message in big, bold letters of support for your favorite team or player, wave it wildly when the camera is pointed in your direction, and you’ve got a shot at being seen on television.

That was the way sports fans have been doing it for decades. But that’s so old school.

Big Heads is new school.

Big Heads are a larger-than-life personalized photos, printed on durable cardboard. They’ve become a trendy, fan favorite.

Expect to see them during crowd shots and behind the backboard on broadcasts during this year’s basketball tournaments.

Sports Illustrated columnist, George Dohrmann, recently traced the Big Heads concept back to 2002. That’s when 25-year-old Conor Mongan created one of the first versions of a Big Head as a way to distract opposing teams of his beloved San Diego State Aztecs when they were shooting free throws.

Shindigz, a leading party supplies provider, has seen orders skyrocket for personalized Big Heads. The combination of low-price, ability to use any digital image, and online ordering are fueling this fan phenomenon in 2013.

“We predict a surge in the number of Big Heads seen during the 2013 college basketball playoffs,” reports Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales & Marketing for Shindigz.

Besides a larger-than-life fan image, other popular Big Heads include Grumpy Cat and celebrities. The craze has trickled down to high schools too with cheerleaders using them at pep rallies. “The reaction to a 3-foot-tall face really gets the crowd energized,” says Downey.


Cheerleading Party TipZ for Teenagers

Custom-Life-Sized-Standee-CheerleaderCheerleading themed birthday parties are fun for members of the cheer squad or people who just like cheerleading and sports! Get your cheer on with these Cheerleading Birthday Party TipZ for teenagers.

The first step of planning your party is to send out invitations. You’ll want to send out invitations about a month in advance to be sure to get your space on people’s schedules (especially if it’s football or cheer camp season) and expect about 25% of your RSVPs to come back regrets. If having an exact head count is essential to your plans, be sure to set a date by which you want people to RSVP and make sure they know how best to contact you (e-mail, phone, megaphone, etc.)

Our Girl Time Cheer Party Kit includes a paper invitation with a girly cheer design and a space for you to write in your party details. Another fun invitation idea is to write all your party details on a tag and attach them to Hair Poms. The Hair Poms can also be worn on wrists and will make a fun accessory for guests to wear to games and to the party!

If you’re inviting the entire cheer squad and aren’t shy, it might be fun to deliver your invites to everyone in the form of a cheer! It’ll be sure to get the party on everyone’s minds!

custom-cheerleading-vinyl-bannerWelcome guests to your party with a Personalized Cheer Banner. The custom vinyl banner is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is customized with your own wording on the sporty cheerleading design. Have guests sign the banner for a wonderful keepsake! We also have a Custom Vertical Cheer Banner, which is great for hanging on doors.

Create a fantastic focal point for your cheerleading party with the Loud and Proud Megaphone Decoration. This megaphone is available customized with your school or personal initials and comes in blue/gold, black/gold, purple/gold, blue/white, purple/white, green/white, or red/white. Place it by the entrance customized with the birthday girl’s initials and take awesome keepsake photos with it! Plus, it’ll make a great decoration in her bedroom for years to come.

Decorate for your cheerleading party using your favorite team colors or coordinating with the Girl Time Cheer Party Kit. The party kit includes tableware for 8, a white plastic tablecover, silver star confetti, and blue and pink pearl tone balloons with coordinating curling ribbon.

Use our gossamer decorating material to create swags and curtains to coordinate with your school colors. Check out our Gossamer TipZ for plenty of ideas on how to use gossamer. Create chair bows to go on the back of guests’ chairs.

Balloon bunches are also a great party decoration. They’ve got lots of spunk, which is perfect for cheerleading parties. Create balloon bunches out of odd numbers of balloons coordinating with your party colors. Anchor balloons to balloon weights, banisters, or the back of chairs with coordinating curling ribbon.

For party activities, have the girls learn a cheer, paint each other’s nails, or watch cheerleading movies like Bring It On! If the girls’ aren’t on the cheer squad have a member of the squad or an adult with cheer experience come in to teach them a cheer or a few basic stunts (always make sure there’s mats and other safety precautions).

Cover your party tables with a plastic tablecover that coordinates with your party colors. Sprinkle plenty of metallic star confetti over the top. For a centerpiece, place a custom cheerphone in the middle and add some milky way star garland coming out the top and in twines across the center of the table, like a spirited table runner.

Set the table with the Girl Time Cheer Tableware or with plastic tableware in your party colors. Create cutlery bundles by wrapping personalized napkins around your matching plastic cutlery. Secure the bundle with milky way garland or with a favor like a cheer cell phone charm or a sequin snap bracelet. Set a Chearleader Spirit Stadium Cup at each place as a favor that does double duty as tableware.

ShindigZ has tons of cheer gear for you to give for guests as fantastic party favors. Place an Ultra Personalized Cheerphone at each place setting. These cheerphones can be personalized with your party details printed right on them! Cheer Funtoo Sets are also great favors for decorating your guests with spirit during the party and afterward for more fun! Guests might also like cheer socks, cheer pom pom pins, and other favors like body glitter and daisy swirl lip gloss. The birthday girl will love our Rhinestone Cheer Tee!

Check out our other Cheerleading Party TipZ for more ideas!

Girly Decorations for a Girl Time Cheer Party

Decorating for your Girl Time Cheer Party will be quick and easy with these decorating tips.

Start your decorating with the Girl Time Cheer Party Kit. The kit includes tableware, invitations, silver star confetti, blue pearl balloons, pink pearl balloons, silver curling ribbon, and a silver star plastic tablecover. The Deluxe Kit also includes a 10” x 30” personalized banner, a holographic star mylar balloon, baby blue crepe streamers, white crepe streamers and silver star candles. Coordinate the rest of your decorations to this kit for a seamless party look.

Accent your party décor with milky way star garland wrapped around banisters or the edge of tables. Use it to hang holographic shimmer stars from the ceiling or doorways for a great finish.

Gossamer is a great choice for creating backdrops for your decorations. Use blue or pink gossamer to create swags, drapes or curtains. Gossamer is wonderful for covering walls and it really makes your theme décor pop.

Add some metallic curtains to your doorways for some extra pizzazz. A silver metallic curtain is a great choice for this theme.

Use a stars and swirls personalized banner to welcome guests to your event. The banner is printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is available in seven sizes to suit your needs.

Use balloon bunches to fill out your party space. Pink and blue pearl tone balloons are a great match for this theme. Tie balloons in bunches of odd numbers (3, 5, 7) with silver curling ribbon and attach them to star-shaped balloon weights. Add a Girl Time Cheer mylar balloon for a perfect accent.

Create a personalized lifesize standee of the birthday girl in her cheer outfit or a custom photo banner of the cheer squad. These personalized decorations will be a hit with guests and a favorite keepsake for the guest of honor.

Table Decorations:

Decorate your table for a perfect finish! Table decorations from and matching the Girl Time Cheer Party Kit are a great choice.

Start by covering your table in a silver star or pink plastic tablecover. Over the top, sprinkle silver star confetti. In the middle add a Girl Time Centerpiece featuring a festive 3D star.

Next, set each placesetting with Girl Time Cheer tableware. The tableware is coordinated for a fantastic look before the eating starts. Create cutlery bundles with Girl Time napkins and curling ribbon or small pieces of milky way garland.

Party favors also make great table decorations. Add favors such as daisy swirl lip gloss or cheer stickers to each place setting. Slip a pink princess pen into each cutlery bundle.

Check out the rest of our Girl Time Cheer Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!

Girl Time Cheer Party Activities and Games

Corex-Cheerleading-Letter-SetIdeally for your cheerleading party, your activity will be cheerleading. See if a local squad or just a few members can come over and teach you how to cheer. Practice easy stunts, cheers and dance routines. Stock the girls up with spirit pom poms and cheerphones.

There are also plenty of fun party games to play!

Chubby Bunny.
All you need is marshmallows and several willing victims…uh, contestants. Each contestant stuffs a marshmallow in his/her mouth and says “Chubby Bunny” (you could have them say something else – like “Go Panthers!”). They repeat this until only one person is left who can actually say the slogan with all the marshmallows in his/her mouth!

The Knot
Stand in a small circle, shoulder to shoulder and close your eyes. First, everyone reaches in their left hand and grabs someone else’s hand. Then, still holding left hands, repeat with right hands. Now everyone will be holding hands with two other people (if both hands you’re holding belong to the same person that’s okay too.) Open your eyes. Try to unravel the knot you’ve created by holding hands so that everyone will be standing in an untwisted circle, holding hands. This is a good team builder and a challenging, but fun game.

Everyone sits in a circle. Choose one person to be a detective and another to be the killer. Make sure the detective is out of sight and ear-shot when you choose the killer. When the detective returns, the killer starts killing others by winking to victims. If you are a subtle killer the detective will have a hard time figuring it out. Take turns being the detective and the killer.

Once the cheerleading fun is complete, turn the party into an all-out sleepover bash.

Turn your house into a spa by stocking up on nail polishes, lip glosses, facial masks and all the things girls will need for some pampering time.

The girls will love a game of Truth or Dare, just be sure to keep the dares clean and safe and warn the girls about hurting each other’s feelings.

Have a cheerleading movie marathon. Rent or borrow movies such as Bring it On! or High School Musical and pop some popcorn. Even classics like Grease work for this activity.

Check out the rest of our Girl Time Cheer Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!


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