Holiday Tables and Paper Tableware

Holiday Paper Tableware

Holiday Paper Tableware

The holidays tend to get very hectic, especially when you are hosting a large holiday party! You may not have a large number of holiday dishes or china to serve all of the guests that you have invited to your gathering.

To lessen the stress of planning a party and increase the joy of being apart of the party, use festive holiday paper tableware, paper napkins, and plastic cutlery.

Dress up your table with our Paper Tableware:

  • Dress up your table from your personal everyday plates with our paper tableware patterned plates.
  • Use our red and white polka dot 7” paper plates (item PL7RPK) to add a punch of color and design to your holiday party. Not only is it a totally budget friendly and trendy way to transform your table, it also means you will be spending less time washing dishes and more time celebrating with your family and friends after dinner!
  • Dress up disposable paper napkins and plastic cutlery by using your favorite ribbon and glittered bells, found at your local craft store, to create adorable napkin rings on a budget.
  • Use our polka dot luncheon napkins (item NALRPK) and white plastic cutlery (CUTP24 WHI).

Holiday Table & Paper Tableware Ideas:

  • Other attractive paper tableware options include the enchanted Christmas dinner plates and the cozy toeszies banquet plates. Both of these plates will look nice with the napkin ring project that is suggested above.
  • Liven up your holiday table with the metallic red opalescent tablecover or the gorgeous red iridescent chiffon material to cover your table.
  • One pretty holiday centerpiece for the middle of your table is the Christmas tree centerpiece. For a simpler look, leave the tree as it is, or for added adornment decorate the tree with silver or gold strings of beads. Around the tree, toss beautiful poinsettia embossed confetti as an accent.
  • Remember that there will be numerous decorations in and around the space, and sometimes it is better to simplify or go with at least one understated area.

Crafty, Christmas “Kid’s Table” Tablecovers

Let them create a Christmas Kid's Table Tablecover

Let them create a Christmas Kid's Table Tablecover

Many families that gather at the holidays have too many people to fit around one table. One common solution to this issue is to divide the guest seating into two tables, an adult table and a kid table. If this is the arrangement at your gathering, you may be wondering what to do this year for the tablecover at the kid’s table?

We have an artsy idea for you that will keep the little ones busy, while the adults enjoy a pleasant holiday meal at their table. The best part about this tablecover is that it is inexpensive, and it can go home with the artists if they choose to limit their artwork to their allotted section of tablecover.

Christmas “Kid’s Table” Tablecover:

  • Use flat white paper (item BGFPLN WHI) and red crepe streamers (STMCR2 RED) to create this look.
  • Cover the table top with white flat paper.
  • Create diagonal “candy cane stripes” using crepe streamers.
  • Add a small metal bucket (Item WESMMB) to each place setting filled with crayons (TOYCRA8).
  • The table cover becomes a craft by allowing children to draw and color on it during dinner.

Candy Cane Christmas Kid’s Tablecover:

  • In the middle of the candy cane tablecover, place a festive candy cane centerpiece. The kids will enjoy looking at this bouquet of candy canes.
  • In addition to the metal crayon bucket, place individually wrapped peppermint candy canes with an adorable snowman on the wrapper at each kid’s spot.
  • Kids love cupcakes! Make a batch of your favorite flavor cupcakes, frost them, and then put in the cute candy cane cupcake picks.
  • In keeping with the candy cane theme, decorate your party space with a few quick and easy holiday wall graphics. The wall graphics include: a personalized ribbon, a giant candy cane, a happy snowman, and a smiling gingerbread man.
  • At the end of the party, remove the tableware and food off of the table and take a picture of the masterpiece. Then, let each kid take home their section of the tablecover, if they so desire.

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