Need a Reason to Party? March is Here!

Depending on your interests, there are plenty of reasons to host a party this month.

We’ve got Easter on March 31st this year, and whether you’re going to be hunting Easter Eggs with the kids, or are planning an Easter pageant, you still have time to order your decorations online at Shindigz.

St. Patrick’s Day is also on a Sunday this year, so there’s plenty of opportunities to Wear the Green and salute our Irish ancestry, even if you’re only “Irish for a day“.

Take a moment and tell us your plans in our St Patty’s Poll.

Have you filled out your brackets for the NCAA March Madness College Basketball Tournament yet?  The Party King at Shindigz has his favorites and you can show your support for your team too. Shindigz has 29 teams to choose from.

NASCAR’s back, and baseball fans are celebrating with spring training.

One more reminder, Daylight Savings Time kicks in March.

Spring forward, as they say, which means set your clock forward an hour when you go to sleep on Saturday March 9th!

What else are you doing this month of March?

New Vacation Bible School Theme Decorations for Summer

New VBS Theme- Nazareth Village

VBS Decorations

Picking a theme for Vacation Bible School and choosing decorations are big, yet exciting tasks. Make sure the theme goes with the activities and crafts you have planned for your VBS. If your camp, choir, or church prefers to write the lessons and songs, Shindigz has mighty suggestions for VBS theme decorations.

Treasure Cove Theme Decorations

For a treasure vacation bible school theme, these nautical lantern centerpieces brighten your scene and bring new meaning to “this little light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine.” Adding parrot mylar balloons and palm tree mylar balloons set the island mood. Hang fishnet and decorate it with shells and a captain’s wheel. Take pictures in a redeemed, pirate ship. This 3′ h x 6′ w x 3′ d ship includes flags, a mast, an anchor, steering wheel, and water gossamer.

After a long day at sea pirates can get hungry. Feast on Goldfish crackers, submarine sandwiches, fruits on sword skewers, and ocean, Jelly Belly freezer pops.

Aaaaargh, place gold coins in your cardboard treasure chest, or to trade with the other pirates at VBS. A spyglass is a great favor for those seafaring pirates in search of land!

Design the looks of your own treasure chest craft kit or play the pirate treasure map game where the kids, wearing a pirate blindfold, try to find the treasure. Fill a treasure chest piñata with candy and trinkets for the children to enjoy!

Take the Plunge Theme Decorations

Host a luau revival and Take the Plunge! Decorate Vacation Bible School with palm trees, tropical lights, and other beach decorations to set your scene. Hang luau cutouts and hibiscus flowers on the wall for decoration. Place some tropical leis, shells, palm tree confetti, or tissue bubble fish on the tables to spice up the table décor. Our surf board standees will be a hit at your VBS. Island waterfall, tropical hibiscus, and aloha signs are also available for purchase.
Serve pineapple, grapes, dirt pudding, J-ello jigglers in the shape of sea creatures, blue punch, ocean jelly pops, or shark gummy candy at your VBS and the kids will love it. For an added touch serve the dirt pudding in a beach pail set and garnish it with gummy worms!

Our pool party sunglasses, straw beachcomber hats, and tropical leis also make for fun favors!

Kids love to make things. Try making our flip flop and sunglasses magnets, they’re easy to make and the kids will love it! You could also fill a sand box or plastic pool with sand and hide small trinkets or toys inside for the kids to dig up! Filling a palm tree piñata with candy and toys is another activity your kids are sure to enjoy.

Set Sail Vacation Bible School Theme

Use life preserver arches, mini sea creatures, beach room roll, and ship in a bottle standee to create the perfect scene. Cut some construction paper in the shape of life preservers or pelicans and write welcome messages on them for great wall décor. You could also spread sea shells on the table to create the perfect setting for a Set Sail Vacation Bible School theme.

Feed your hungry little sailors snacks fit for the open sea. They will love submarine sandwiches, gummy worms, gummy fish, Goldfish, ocean Jelly Belly freezer pops, or fruit served in watermelon boats. Shark gummy candy, sailor hats, and shell necklaces make fantastic gifts for your little sailors. Our beach pail and shovel also made great gifts for when they made it to shore!

Kids will love making magnets with our great flip flop and sunglasses craft kit. Fill a whale pinata with candy and trinket for your kids to enjoy. You could also try one of our photo stand ins for a game of bean bag toss. Simply get the bean bag through the face hole!

Safari Fun Vacation Bible School Theme

Use our jungle animal standees and Jungle Allure kit to create the perfect setting. Hanging animal print gossamer and setting up palm trees will make a great accent. Place potted palm tree centerpieces on the tables for an added touch. Hang a candy filled palm tree piñata from the ceiling for children to enjoy. Our safari snake pit entrance will add some excitement to your VBS. Snake standees, tree frog standee, and other safari animal cutouts are also available for purchase.

During break, serve lemon-lime punch, gummy worms, animal crackers, peanut butter, trail mix, chips, monster cookies, and jelly sandwiches.

Kids will love making monkey face crafts at Safari Fun VBS 2011. Once the glue is dry they can pretend they are in the jungle! You can also pass out jungle bounce balls. They will be a hit with your kids! Try one of our fun jungle standees. They are great for pictures and can double for use with a game of bean bag toss.

Check out these additional decorations and sensational, Vacation Bible School themes!

New Nativity Scene for Church Events

Nativity Scene Props

Nativity Scene Props

Decorating a church lobby or stage for a holiday service has been made easy with the new Nativity Scene Props from ShindigZ. These five cardboard standees include the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph as well as a large manger backdrop and shepherds with sheep. Also included, the three wisemen cutouts and donkey standee (not shown in the picture).

This Nativity Scene Kit makes a great backdrop for a Christmas holiday social at the church. Have a camera ready for pictures that families and kids can use on  their Christmas cards. Or, use as a backdrop for midnight church service.

Set-up is simple. Attaching braces and positioning takes just 1-2 hours – quicker if you grab a friend to assist. Joseph stands 6 1/2 feet tall and the manger is eight feet. Merry Christmas!


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