Gamble on These Creative Uses for Poker Chips

Poker chips are loads of fun, there’s no doubt about that. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a poker player — just ask anyone who has a spare set of poker chips and a toddler or two! The small, smooth with a few embellishments, multicolored discs are just… fun.

“Play with me! Spill me onto the floor! Toss me in the air!” It’s practically begging you.

There are lots of blogs out there with tons of great ideas on poker-themed parties and uses for poker chips. There are definitely of few of them right on this site, like this one on adult-themed parties, a fun corporate event in this one,  or this one about a casino party!

Poker chips don’t have to be all fun and games, though (well yes, yes they do end up always being fun!); consider a few other creative ways to use them. For birthdays and special events, poker chips can be used as gift tags. Use a permanent marker to inscribe the recipient’s name on the smooth white clay surface. Adhere with double-sided tape and/or some fancy “ribboning” and you have unique and durable gift tags. Unlike the typical cardboard ones, these aren’t going to get bent, creased, ripped in half, or otherwise marred beyond recognition.

“Put the key to the minibar on me!”

If you have loads of keys to keep track of (office, safe, shed, storage space, minivan, gym locker, etcetera), key tag poker chips in different colors are a fun and different way to organize. Also: use the poker chip key tags as prom or other school dance “tickets” to give the party-goers the keys to the dance!

Whether you are in education in a school system, if you home school (or know someone who does!), or have a toddler of your own to keep busy, sorting, matching, and color recognition games are important part of development to incorporate in learning and playing.  If you already have some poker chips and your little one found out about it, you know how much they enjoy them. Why not get gobs of poker chips in blue, green, gold, purple, green, red, yellow, and black that you can use with your child, children, or preschool or daycare that are specifically for them? An added bonus to this is that you’ll never have to fuss with sorting out the jumbled and sticky chips before poker night again.  Here are some fun learning activities to get your play-magination going.

Finally, here are some DIY ideas for the crafty readers out there. Glue clothes pins to poker chips personalized with your event (graduation, bat mitzvah, military homecoming…) and use them to do any or all of the following:

  • hold tablecloths onto tables
  • hold and weight name cards for seating
  • display photographs (clip the clothes pins onto ribbon and then clip in the photos)
  • whatever your imagination dictates you need to clip!

At the end of the event, you can even let guests take the personalized poker chip clips as favors!

Another DIY craft idea is to create a unique gift for that special person who loves poker. Make wind chimes! Using an assortment of mini bells, sleighbells, poker chips, and florist wire, you can wind together your own unique design and create something that looks and sounds beautiful. You could even host a craft party and have this be the project. Don’t worry, if you need to use a spot of hot glue to help the florist wire along, we won’t tell.

Remember, don’t be afraid to step outside the box and use something that is already fun in a totally unique way — take a gamble!

For being brave, you get a cookie!

Commemorate a Special Day with a Confirmation Party!

wooden-jesus-fish-nekclacesWith Spring and Easter come an assortment of other religious events, such as Confirmation. Confirmation parties are a wonderful way to celebrate the milestone in your loved one’s life. ShindigZ has great party supplies and favors to help you create a Confirmation party that’s really memorable.

Send out our Grace Invitations for a lovely way to gather the whole party. The Grace Christian Party Invitations are pre-printed with spaces for you to write your party details in. The front has a beautiful cross and scroll design. We also have invitations that you can have custom printed for your event.

I personalized vinyl banner is a great way to announce the event! Our banners are printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and make great keepsakes. The Cross and Fish Personalized Vinyl Banner is a fantastic design for this special event.

Decorations for your Confirmation party can be simple but still make a big impact. Our Religious Cutouts and Mini Cross Cutouts are perfect for decorating your walls.

Foil Cross Hanging Decorations are great for adding an extra dimension to your décor. Hang them from the ceiling above the food tables or around the room for a fun, festive look.

Classic party decorations such as crepe or gossamer streamers and balloons are a great way to fill out the room. Create balloon bunches in white and gold or in favorite colors. Balloon bunches look best in groups of odd numbers. Tie them with curling ribbon to the back of a chair or a balloon weight. Add a cross shaped mylar balloon for an extra touch.

Decorate tables with solid white table covers topped with Crosses Foil Spray Centerpieces. Scatter Rejoice Embossed Confetti over the top of the table and add gold and silver plastic tableware.

Finally, ShindigZ has fun religious themed party favors for handing out to guests as door prizes or thank yous for joining in on the special day. Our Wooden Jesus Fish Necklaces will be a hit with the younger crowd or our Religious Hacky Sack Kickballs are a fun choice. Metal Fish Keytags are a great choice for guests of all ages.


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