Beauty Queen Contest Tips for Coordinators

When you’re planning a beauty pageant then there are many details to consider.  From organizing the location, the decorations, and the paperwork to coordinating judges and the contestants, a pageant coordinator’s schedule is a busy one.  Here are some tips to make sure that small details make your pageant amazing.

Thank the Contestants

A small gift for every contestant goes a long way towards encouraging contestants to return next year.  A small gesture of thanks, such as a personalized favor in the registration information, will make your pageant stand out.  Personalized water bottle labels are also a nice touch to the water bottles used during the pageant itself.

Even small tiarasgiven to each contestant can remind them that they are all beautiful no matter who wins.  These can also be worn as all the girls are shown to create a unified image on stage.

Thank the Judges

You have given the judges the difficult job of deciding who wins and who loses, so they deserve a gift of appreciation, as well.  Giving a personalized gift shows each judge that you appreciate his or her hard work.  Pageant favors also serve as reminders from memories made at your pageant.

To the Victor go the Spoils

The rewards for the pageant should be as spectacular as the pageant itself.  The winner’s tiara is no exception.  It should stand out from the crowd so that the entire audience can see it sparkle.  This tiara can resemble the tiaras of the other girls but it has to stand out.  To go along with the tiara the winner needs her sash.

With the right favors and rewards for the participants and judges your pageant will be as beautiful as the women on the stage.  Your event will be able to raise money for any cause of your choosing and with the help of Shindigz it just might become an annual event.

Kate Middleton’s Upcoming Royal Birth is a Contesting Phenomenon

From Vegas to the United Kingdom odds makers are taking wagers on all sorts of trivial information relating to the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams first child. The announced due date of July 13th was also the due date for another celebrity baby, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who delivered 5 weeks early.

Shindigz is inviting people to have fun and win one of five $100 Gift Certificates. We decided to keep our Royal Baby Contest both fun and simple. Our winners will be randomly selected from the entries that correctly predict the birthdate and if Kate has a Prince or Princess.

Other contests around the world range from predicting the babies name, to hair color, birth weight or whether it will be a natural birth or C-Section.

To enter the Shindigz Royal Baby Contest, visit


Click on the Royal Baby to enter!

Click on the Royal Baby to enter!

Fun Activities for Halloween Parties

Halloween parties are great for celebrating, socializing, and having fun, but what is there to do at Halloween parties? Here are some spooktacular activities to keep your guests happy and entertained.

Pumpkin Carving

A classic Halloween activity that’s loved by people of all ages, pumpkin carving can bring out the creativity in your guests. To make carving pumpkins even more entertaining, make it competitive. Have a time limit and have guests race to see who can make the best pumpkin in the allotted time. Or, to really keep guests entertained and creative, simply have a pumpkin carving contest where the best-looking pumpkin at the end of the party wins. Here is a video to inspire you and your guests to strive for the best when carving pumpkins.

Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for apples has been a game played at many autumn festivals over the years, not just Halloween parties. For guests of all ages, this game is an excellent addition to a fun-filled Halloween party. Make sure to keep some towels handy, since this game can get a little wet! For competitive versions of apple bobbing, have two or more  guests (depending on the size of your water container and amount of apples available) stand with their hands behind their backs to start the game. Whoever can collect the most apples wins. For a less competitive game, have one guest bob against the clock to see how many he or she can get within the time limit.

Ghosts in the Graveyard


For a game that gets your guests active, try ghosts in the graveyard. The game is played in a large field with many places to hide if your party is occurring during the day, or played at night where places to hide can be scarcer. To add spookiness, make the field a cemetery! First, a base is established. One person is elected the first ghost or ghosts, depending on the size of the group that’s playing. The group (which should be around 10-20 people) counts (usually for 30 seconds) while the ghost(s)  find(s) a place to hide. One way to count that’s been used when playing this game is saying the phrase, “One o’clock, two o’clock, … eleven o’clock, midnight! Hope I don’t see a ghost tonight!” When done counting, the group begins to try to find the ghost. When found, the finder shouts, “Ghost in the graveyard!” and then the ghost(s) try to catch that person or anyone else before they can reach base. If tagged, that person is the new ghost. If not, the ghost remains a ghost. There are no winners, so just have fun!


Spider Piñata

A piñata adds a tasty element to your Halloween party. With a haunting piñata and a bat, guests can be entertained for hours. Make sure not to let the guests break open the piñata too early into the party! Fill your piñata with delicious candy that your guests can take home to enjoy.

Costume Contest

At the end of the party, host a costume contest. Categories for costume judging can range anywhere from “spookiest” to “most original” to “craziest” to simply “overall best.” Tell your guests ahead of time that there will be a costume contest so that they can choose their best costumes. Give a trophy to the winner as a keepsake and as motivation to the other guests to dress their spookiest!

Win the Ulimate Super Bowl XLIV Football Party

Who will be at your Super Bowl XLIV football party? Will you be cheering for the Indianapolis Colts and Manning or the New Orleans Saints and Brees? Host the football game party at your house with the ShindigZ Ultimate Super Bowl Football Party.

Enter today through Janaury 25, 2010 for your chance to win a football party contest prize package with a retail value of over $200. Prizes include:

Win the Ulimate Football Party

Win the Ulimate Football Party

24 Super Bowl XLIV Invitations
32 Super Bowl XLIV Beverage Napkins
16 Super Bowl XLIV Banquet Plates
32 Super Bowl XLIV Luncheon Napkins
16 Super Bowl XLIV Desert Plates
16 Super Bowl XLIV Plastic Cups
1 Inflatable Goal Post Cooler
8 Unimprinted Sport Ball Football Clappers
1 Mylar Sports Football Balloon
1 Silver Curling Ribbon 75′ Roll
2 Silver Beaded Football Necklaces
2 Gold Beaded Football Necklaces
2 Red Beaded Football Necklaces
2 Blue Beaded Football Necklances
8 D-Fence Head Boppers
12 Bright Tone Red Latex Balloons
12 Bright Tone Blue Latex Balloons
2 Emerald Green Plastic Table Covers
1 Inflatable Football Decorations
1 Red Crepe Streamer Roll
1 Blue Crepe Streamer Roll
3 Beer Mug Candles

Enter today! Winner will be annouced January 26th. Don’t forget to order your football party supplies today.

Ten Winners Pick Up $100 Gift Certificates from ShindigZ

And the birthday party winners are…

The following ten people entered to win the ShindigZ Birthday Party Gift Certificate Sweepstakes. Each was selected in a random drawing as a winner of a $100 Gift Certificate:

Win the Ultimate Football Party

Win the Ultimate Football Party

Denitrice Banks
Mary Anne Le Gallee
Travis Heister
Kellie Luther
Doug Barnett
Hichem Toumi
Melaney Palmer
Laurie Forrest
Rhonda Blair
Romulo Zapata

There are always fun things happening with ShindigZ! Now through Janaury 25, 2010, visitors to the web site can enter to win the Ulitimate Football Party valued at $200 for Super Bowl XLIV. Enter to win today!


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