Sports Fans Turn to Big Heads to Show Support

Big Heads - Little BodiesTake a piece of poster board, write a clever message in big, bold letters of support for your favorite team or player, wave it wildly when the camera is pointed in your direction, and you’ve got a shot at being seen on television.

That was the way sports fans have been doing it for decades. But that’s so old school.

Big Heads is new school.

Big Heads are a larger-than-life personalized photos, printed on durable cardboard. They’ve become a trendy, fan favorite.

Expect to see them during crowd shots and behind the backboard on broadcasts during this year’s basketball tournaments.

Sports Illustrated columnist, George Dohrmann, recently traced the Big Heads concept back to 2002. That’s when 25-year-old Conor Mongan created one of the first versions of a Big Head as a way to distract opposing teams of his beloved San Diego State Aztecs when they were shooting free throws.

Shindigz, a leading party supplies provider, has seen orders skyrocket for personalized Big Heads. The combination of low-price, ability to use any digital image, and online ordering are fueling this fan phenomenon in 2013.

“We predict a surge in the number of Big Heads seen during the 2013 college basketball playoffs,” reports Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales & Marketing for Shindigz.

Besides a larger-than-life fan image, other popular Big Heads include Grumpy Cat and celebrities. The craze has trickled down to high schools too with cheerleaders using them at pep rallies. “The reaction to a 3-foot-tall face really gets the crowd energized,” says Downey.


Sound and Motion Mesmerize Holiday Party Guests

The holidays are a great time for charitable organizations to raise money for a good cause and help out those in need. Whether you’re raising funds to help those less fortunate, battling medical conditions, or you just want to bring a little extra holiday spirit to a local nursing home, this year, rather than the traditional – ask em’ to open up their pocketbook theme – host an evening that will be sure to entertain and let your giving guests have a little unique fun while supporting your mission.

After you set a date for your event and book the necessary vendors and venues to host your evening, get the word out. Charitable organizations often reap benefits in making their vision a reality. There are a lot of opportunities to advertise for free or reduced costs. Have a member of your committee send out a Public Service Announcement (PSA) – radio and news stations will often advertise for non-profit organizations freely, even if only on their Web site. Press Releases are another option for spreading the word without incurring a cost.

Gangster Fundraising Gala

Host a Gangster Fundraising Gala

Invite all of the townspeople to your Gangster Gala for a night of dance till you drop fun. Recreate the iconic 1920’s and 30’s era adorned with the knee-high bedazzled dresses, long, string bead necklaces, feather boas, top hats, pinstriped suits, and long cigars in a fingertip holder. Inform your guests to come dressed in their best gangster get-up. To make the night come true, decorate your dance hall with a Gangster Gala themed backdrop distinct with a roaring 20’s building, hotel, jazz building, police and gangster cars, and street-side lamppost. Your guests will dance the night away. And to make it a little fun, add a twist with a non-stop dance until you can’t dance anymore theme. The last dancing gangster mob couple standing will win.

Host a night of romance under the stars

The After After Prom
Give a teen in need, who might not otherwise get to experience the essential high school Prom event, a donated prom dress, and a chance to experience their once-in-a-lifetime event. At the same time, couples can share in the sentimental nostalgia of your high school days all over again. Invite couples to share in your adult themed After Prom. Adults can purchase a formal dress (or re-purpose a formal dress – a bridesmaid dress they wore in their friend’s wedding, their old prom dress, etc – wear it for an evening In the Depths Forever. Decorate your venue with a romantic aquatic theme furnished with the beauty of coral reef, dolphins, a ship, a school of fish and more. Dress up your dance floor with a beautiful Bermuda blue gossamer, fish netting, and white tulle. At the end of the magic-making evening, the dresses can be donated to local high school students in need. Make it an annual event. It’s a great way for couples to rekindle the flame and pass good spirit forward.

Dinner and All That Jazz

Host a dinner and dance for couples in love and support a good cause at the same time.

Host an evening for couples to enjoy a dinner and dance. Rent a fun, upbeat and modern venue to host a night for couples to share in an evening of romance. Most venues have catering available and can offer a menu tailored to your choice. The nice thing about that is they will also offer full service – including, silverware, plates, linens, and catering staff. Hire a jazz ensemble to join you for the evening to play soft, classic music throughout the evening. Decorate your venue with an All That Jazz décor. Line your tables and chairs with feather boas. Place candles around the room and create a dimly lit, candlelight ambiance. Make it a formal event and couples everywhere will join you in a night to remember. Couples will share in their love for one another and share in supporting your cause at the same time.

Fun Activities for Halloween Parties

Halloween parties are great for celebrating, socializing, and having fun, but what is there to do at Halloween parties? Here are some spooktacular activities to keep your guests happy and entertained.

Pumpkin Carving

A classic Halloween activity that’s loved by people of all ages, pumpkin carving can bring out the creativity in your guests. To make carving pumpkins even more entertaining, make it competitive. Have a time limit and have guests race to see who can make the best pumpkin in the allotted time. Or, to really keep guests entertained and creative, simply have a pumpkin carving contest where the best-looking pumpkin at the end of the party wins. Here is a video to inspire you and your guests to strive for the best when carving pumpkins.

Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for apples has been a game played at many autumn festivals over the years, not just Halloween parties. For guests of all ages, this game is an excellent addition to a fun-filled Halloween party. Make sure to keep some towels handy, since this game can get a little wet! For competitive versions of apple bobbing, have two or more  guests (depending on the size of your water container and amount of apples available) stand with their hands behind their backs to start the game. Whoever can collect the most apples wins. For a less competitive game, have one guest bob against the clock to see how many he or she can get within the time limit.

Ghosts in the Graveyard


For a game that gets your guests active, try ghosts in the graveyard. The game is played in a large field with many places to hide if your party is occurring during the day, or played at night where places to hide can be scarcer. To add spookiness, make the field a cemetery! First, a base is established. One person is elected the first ghost or ghosts, depending on the size of the group that’s playing. The group (which should be around 10-20 people) counts (usually for 30 seconds) while the ghost(s)  find(s) a place to hide. One way to count that’s been used when playing this game is saying the phrase, “One o’clock, two o’clock, … eleven o’clock, midnight! Hope I don’t see a ghost tonight!” When done counting, the group begins to try to find the ghost. When found, the finder shouts, “Ghost in the graveyard!” and then the ghost(s) try to catch that person or anyone else before they can reach base. If tagged, that person is the new ghost. If not, the ghost remains a ghost. There are no winners, so just have fun!


Spider Piñata

A piñata adds a tasty element to your Halloween party. With a haunting piñata and a bat, guests can be entertained for hours. Make sure not to let the guests break open the piñata too early into the party! Fill your piñata with delicious candy that your guests can take home to enjoy.

Costume Contest

At the end of the party, host a costume contest. Categories for costume judging can range anywhere from “spookiest” to “most original” to “craziest” to simply “overall best.” Tell your guests ahead of time that there will be a costume contest so that they can choose their best costumes. Give a trophy to the winner as a keepsake and as motivation to the other guests to dress their spookiest!

October Party Ideas

There really is no more versatile of a month to celebrate than the month of October. The warmth of the autumn hues signals all of the inspiration we need to gather with friends and loved ones to rejoice in fellowship and enjoy all of the pleasures that life has to offer.

Host a Fall Fellowship Festival:

Gather your loved ones for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship! Excite your backyard setting with the simplicity of a beautiful natural backdrop of passionate reds, fiery oranges, and burnt yellows adorned with wispy stacks of hay and straw. Let the warmth of a backyard fire ignite the aromas of kettle cooked firehouse chili and corn. Spark a smile on your loved ones’ faces with the simple joys of an amusingly-friendly competition of bobbing-for-apples. Set out a few ice buckets and fill them with water. Drop a few fresh, crimson colored apples in the bucket. Have each participant line up next to their bucket and on your mark, have them bob for apples using only their mouths. The first participant to empty their bucket of apples first will be the winner. For a little extraordinary fun, have a few prize giveaways, such as a scarecrow decoration, a fall leaves centerpiece, or a pack of leaf swirl hangers  for a little added fun for the winners of each competition. And if you are hoping for a family-friendly get-together, don’t forget to have a few children’s games scattered throughout the yard. The Pumpkin Toss Game, inflatable pumpkin toss game, glow-in-the-dark frisbee, and inflatable jumpies (moonwalks) are a few children’s favorites. And, as the cool evening sets in, warm up to a bubbling cup of hot chocolate topped with a sticky, sweet marshmallow or a cup of sweet apple cider. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to turn your Fall Fellowship Festival into an annual gathering.

Bring the Joys of Oktoberfest to October:

Decorate your home for an ol’ fashioned, hike up your lederhosen, good time and gather your adult friends together for an evening of German sausages, cold drinks, and lots of laughter. Everyone knows Oktoberfest is known for good food and good drinks, so make sure you have plenty of Oktoberfest steins and keep your cold drinks a-flowin’. Your friends will yoddle the night away when you surprise them with Oktoberfest party buttons, Oktoberfest Hi hats, and Oktoberfest plastic beads. And to make your party complete, embellish it with beer candle favors.  (For a little surprise memory-making, ask that your friends come dressed in their best Oktoberfest outfit and you’ll make long-lasting memories for you and your friends).

And for a fun children’s October-themed party, host a Pumpkin Carving Party. The kids will love it!

Cool and Trendy Homecoming Theme Ideas

Homecoming is all about the students, so shouldn’t the party be all about the students’ interests? We think so! Make this year’s homecoming something everyone will be talking about for a long time by using the latest trends as the theme!

Up, Up, and Away!


Superheroes are very popular right now. There has almost always been a superhero movie in theaters or coming to theaters in the past few years. Superheroes allow us to imagine a world where people can obtain extraordinary abilities and be a beacon of hope to all of humanity against the forces of evil. Create that feeling at this year’s homecoming! A very popular superhero movie that just came out is the Avengers. Why not make this year “Avengers”-themed? There are many other superheroes to use as themes, as well, but if you’re looking for a more general superhero party, no worries! Make the event about superheroism in general. You could even use the theme of “Everyone’s a Supehero,” where the guests can be superheroes for the night.

Fantasy: The Unrestrained Imagination

What are your fantasies? Medieval adventure? Magical encounters? Travels in space? Let imaginations run free at this year’s homecoming with a fantasy theme. Guests can be a great king or queen, a mighty knight, a cunning mage, or even an adventurous astronaut! Why not all of the above? Create a land of many fantasies all combined into one big adventure. To escape to a world where your biggest and most glorious ideas come to life is a possibility that you give your guests for the night.

The Sky Is Falling!

Doomsday theories are very popular right now, especially with the Mayan 2012 Doomsday theory. Make this homecoming an End of the World theme! There are all kinds of theories out there, which makes for many possible apocalyptic settings. Scare the guests with a zombie apocalypse or turn out the lights with a blackout apocalypse. Set up a desolate city where your guests are the only survivors. Any one you choose, the apocalyptic feeling will be present and enjoyed by all!

Whether you’re feeling super, imaginative, or apocalyptic, these themes will make this homecoming the best yet. Stay creative and exciting!


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