ShindigZ Celebrates Customer Service Week October 5-9

Customer-Service-Week-BannerThe customer service department at ShindigZ celebrated National Customer Service Week this week, October 5th-9th. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Every Contact Matters,” emphasizing that each customer matters to the company and every contact made with the customer is important to customer service.

The CS team enjoyed daily prizes wrapped by CS Supervisor Aggie Hartz. Each customer service team member received customer service related puzzles and word searches, donuts and cider, and a picture frame reading “Together We Shine.”

At ShindigZ, we like to celebrate and those celebrations mean decorations! For Customer Service Week the department was Customer-Service-Week-Decorationsdecorated with purple and lavendar balloons, gold mylar balloons, gold star cutouts, and Create-A-Banner Personalized Banners printed with the Customer Service Week slogans.

Everyone enjoyed Customer Service Week and it was a great way to focus on our team and how we can better serve our customers!

Customers Share Their Personalized Standee Stories

Life-Sized-Photo-Standee-in-useOur Life Size Standees and Personalized Photo Standees make great decorations for your parties, whether they’re for weddings, anniversary parties, milestone birthdays, or graduations, there’s so many ways you can turn a favorite photo of a loved one into a life size photo standee, making a fun photo prom and a great keepsake.

ShindigZ customers have found a ton of uses for photo standees and have shared some of the ways these personalized decorations have been a hit at their special events.

Some customers have used Life Size Standees in big birthday parties, to celebrate important moments in the guest of honor’s life. For example, Penelope from Michigan ordered a standee for her husband’s birthday. She commented, “I did a life size of my husband running his first marathon…It was a great decoration for his 40th birthday several weeks later.”

Life-Sized-Photo-Standee-Customer-PhotoCarol from Ft. Wayne, IN had several Photo Standees made for her father’s 75th birthday. She wrote to us, “What an impact these photos were at my dad’s 75th birthday party in Chicago! I wish we would have ordered even more of them. We staged them around the house. All of his friends, children, and grandchildren loved them!”

Standees have also been a popular item for anniversary parties. We can make Photo Standees and Life Size Standees out of older photos too, so they make really impressive decorations when customers have used old wedding photos. Lori from International Falls, MN ordered a standee for her parents’ anniversary party: “I recently purchased one of my parents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. The standee will be next to the kneeler they had knelt at on their wedding day. A wonderful additon to the decor.”

Another customer from Palmetto, FL used a wedding photo from 1944 to make a Life Size Standee: “[I] wanted a special prop for a 65th Anniversary party and ordered a life-size standee, scanned a colorized 1944 wedding photo and uploaded to ShindigZ. I was astounded at the quality and attention to detail. The end product was so good that we’re giving photos of the guests with the standees and the anniversary couple as mementos.”

Lori also used a standee for her son’s graduation party. She commented that many guests wanted to take her son’s picture with “himself” in the standee. Our standees make great props for commemorative photos and are definitely fun decorations for kids and graduates.

One customer from Memphis, TN used some Life Size Standees in a send-off party for a soldier. She wrote to us, “The two life-size standees of my godson, who is returning to service in Iraq soon, were fabulous! They absolutely MADE his send-off party, and we sent them home with his fiancée and his mom, so they could have “him” there while he’s away overseas!” This touching use of Photo Standees is just one of many ways standees can be used to enhance special moments.

We love to hear from our customers. Tell us how you’re using our products or how you make your big days and special events more memorable!

A Dinosaur Birthday Party is a Hit in Miami!

Terry from Miami shared with us the fun she and her family had with Daniel and David’s 3rd birthday party! They had a dinosaur theme party that was a blast!

You can capture the look Terry created using ShindigZ decorations too. Here’s how:

Terry used our Dinosaur Entrance to create the backdrop for her event. The entrance is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and has a mottled gossamer curtain for a prehistoric effect. You can personalize the sign with your own custom wording. The entrance is 84 ½” high and 94” wide x 25” deep.

She accented her decorations with the Dinosaur Standees. There’s a Brontosaurus (35” h x 57” w), Triceratops (36” h x 56” w) and a T-Rex (38” h x 65” w). Each cardboard standee comes with its own stand. They’re great for adding an awesome effect to your dinosaur party decorations.

Use dinosaur footprint wall decals to create a tail of dino footprints around your party space. The 8” long static clings come in sets of 8.

Create a festive party table using the Dinosaur Birthday Party Kit. The Kit includes all the party table decorations you need including tableware, a dark blue tablecover, orange and green balloons, yellow curling ribbon, gold star confetti, cups, napkins and thank you  notes. The Deluxe Kit also includes a 10”x 30” personalized banner, dinosaur mylar balloon, orange streamers, green streamers, and silver spiral candles.

Use coordinating decorations such as a Dinosaur Centerpiece, dinosaur molded candles, and dinosaur jointed banners to really fill out the look.

ShindigZ also has dinosaur party favors! You can create your own favor packs by choosing the favor bag or box and then selecting from our assortment of party favors just the favors you want. Plastic dinosaurs, pith helmets, and plastic canteens are great choices for this party.

Check out the rest of our Party TipZ and we’d love to hear about your party too!

ShindigZ Theme Decorations Great for Parade Floats Too

ShindigZ customers have found another great use for ShindigZ theme kits…decorating parade floats!

Because our theme kits are large, easy-to-use and great for adding that extra something special to any theme, they’re a natural fit for making parade float decorating easier. While we still carry the classic parade float supplies such as tissue pomps (tissue squares), pomps paste, floral sheeting, and festooning, our theme kits make creating outstanding float decorations easier.

Imagine building a gingerbread house float out of 2x4s, chicken wire and tissue squares. With our Gingerbread Theme Decorations, the Bidle Family was able to create this awesome float much more easily. Plus, the theme kits add an extra polish to the parade float.

Other great items for your floats include our personalized vinyl banners. They come in smaller sizes for adding to the back of your float or huge sizes for carrying in the parade—seven different sizes in all. The banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and can be printed with your custom wording.

There’s so many ways to use Theme Party Decorations to create awesome parade floats. For more ideas on how to build and decorate parade floats, check out our Parade Floats Blog. We always love to hear about your parade floats and party ideas!

ShindigZ Customers Take to the Lake for a Pirate Party

A ShindigZ customer tells us about her pirate themed boating party:

Dear ShindigZ,

This summer our family threw a Pirate Themed Party using your products to decorate our boat like a real pirate ship. We dressed up in costumes—even the dogs—and hit the lake for an awesome day. Your products were great for all of the decorating and accessorizing our costumes!

We made some pirate sails using carpet tubes and black fabric. We made sure to paint the tubes a dark brown or black so they looked like real wood. Using rope we attached the fabric like sails and lashed the masts to the boat. We topped each of the masts with a pirate flag and a skull and cross bones mylar balloon.

We lined the boat with brown fabric, covering the white interior so it looked more like a pirate ship. Then, we added a treasure chest to the boat to hold snacks. It added an extra realistic touch and was a really fun way to make space on the boat. We also added a captain’s wheel to the back of the boat for a finishing touch.

Once the boat was decorated, we got busy dressing up ourselves! We dressed up in pirate costumes with pirate party hats and pirate scarves. We blew up inflatable parrots to perch on our shoulders and added fake scars or gold teeth to our outfits.

Some Captain Jack Sparrow hats and beards were big hits with our sons and their friends. The girls had a great time pretending to walking the plank and playing with the dogs who were dressed up in pirate dog costumes.

Our pirate party was a big hit and we couldn’t have done it without your pirate party decorations!



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