Magical Princess Party Ideas

Every little princess dreams of her perfect fairytale – her beautiful pink gown that glistens in the light of the moon, her shiny silver slippers that grace her twinkling toes, her stunning tiara that crowns her and captures the glow of her picturesque smile, and of course, her reigning moment of beauty. Each little princess envisions her royal moment in her own unique way, but one aspect is for certain, it is always one of the dreamiest moments in a little girl’s life.  Oh, the marvel of a little princess’ whimsical imagination!

Belle of the Ball

Share your plans for a fairytale birthday or princess playdate with personalized fairytale floral photo cards. They are a perfect way to spread the news far and away that your little princess will be holding a royal gala! Invite all your favorite little princesses to share in your Once Upon A Time event. Remind each princess to come dressed in their gown just in case her handsome prince appears!

Isn’t She Lovely

Since every little princess will be elegantly displaying her perfect gown it is only fitting that a shoe and tiara accompanies.

  • Purchase adorable costume slippers and let your princesses’ parade around the party in their dazzling heels.
  • Purchase assorted colorful tiaras that will be sure to sparkle in the eyes of their prince.
  • Plan time for the little princesses to have their hair and make-up done, because every princess loves to look her best. Be sure to have play/costume make-up, hair spray, brushes, bobby pins, and ribbon.
  • For something special, you can even have assorted nail polish colors and paint their pretty hands and twinkle their toes for them! And for something a little extraordinary, sprinkle some glitter on their freshly painted nails!
  • Plan to have a couple of chaperone friends around to help you with their hair, make-up, and nails.

A Royal Feast

After your little princesses have prepared for their big evening, treat them to a royal feast. Be sure to dress up your royal feast with everything that your little princess could desire. Check with her to see what items she would like since each princess dreams of her day in her own little way. Remember your lovely princess plates, napkins, and silverware. Embellish your event with streamers and ribbon. Add a centerpiece for an adding touch. If you would like to enhance your table decorations, try adding a glass slipper at each girl’s setting and fill it with princess favor mints – they can double as party favors, too!


And what is a royal gala without an enchanted dance to follow the dinner? Your princesses will love to twirl and spin as their flowing locks drape through the air like kites in the sky. Decorate a small room in your home into a dance floor. Use glittery princess balloons and streamers to section off the dance floor. Play their favorite romantic princess music with a Princess Movie Hits CD and watch them whisk away into their fairytale dreams.

A Night to Remember

Let the sounds of the gala reign on high

Since every little princess dreams of her royal moment, make her dream memorable with a picture in front of the castle wall. Turn on the royal trumpet music and roll out the red carpet. Capture the essence of the night and surprise your honorary princess with a special surprise appearance from her one and only prince, Dad. Just don’t forget to have the camera ready so you can snap an everlasting picture of their endearing affections. After the party, print off the pictures and send each princess a picture of their night to remember in a thank you card. They will always remember the day you made their dreams come true!

Boys Birthday Parties and Movie Themes

Boys love movie nights and those deliciously fun parties that Mom or Dad create.  Jump into an adventure and plan your guy’s next b-day bonanza.  We’ve compiled a list of top, boys birthday party ideas for 2012.

Angry Birds Birthday Party for Boys

Invite the red, blue, and white birds to collide with the pigs at your son’s Angry Birds, boys birthday party.

Just about every retail store sells these cross plush toys .  Use them as decorations and as part of a dodge ball game.  Go nuts placing solid color Kit-N-Kaboodles and streamers in red, yellow, and green on your party’s tables.  Buy extra solid color dinner plates to create bird and pig faces with craft pom pomsgoogly eyes, and crafting feathers. At another craft station, leave birthday party dough in red, yellow, blue, and green to entertain your creative clutch.  Take a picture of your angry bird with his bird friends and create a personalized banner as a forever keepsake.

Hero Boys Birthday Party

He’s all action and he loves to save the day.  Give your guy and his buds their own hero status.  Ask them to come to the party dressed as their favorite career hero.  Honor those fire fighters, police men, soldiers, and astronauts.  Watch an episode of the 1970’s Emergency movie or series.  All six seasons are now on dvd and are still a find for elementary-aged, boys sleepover parties.

Bake a cake with your son the night before his party and enjoy decorating it with fire truck cake decorations.  This fire truck craft kit could be just what Mom needs to keep the party’s early birds busy as the budding heroes arrive.  Hang a police car piñata over your dance floor.  Start and stop the music or red police light when playing the “freeze” game.  Only the boy who freezes the fastest remains on the floor.  He wins first dibs at whacking the piñata.  Dress the tables with an American hero party pack and write thank you notes to actual soldiers, policemen, fire fighters, and others.  Place military shape bands in the soldiers’ letters and your guests’ favor bags.  Take pictures of the boys by a doctor photo stand in or a personalized jet standee, a personalized spaceship standee, a personalized space shuttle standee, and/or a personalized fire truck standee.

Spy Boys Birthday Parties

Drive your older boys to see Mission Impossible (rated PG-13) and get ready for fast action.

Afterward, direct the gang to a party room with pizza, snack, and cake tables slickly decorated with spy party supplies, black paper tablecovers, and silver plastic tableware .  Include baskets of fortune cookies or Tootsie Rolls.  Pull out Clue or another solve the mystery game.  Hang spy murals or spy personalized banners with special agent birthday messages.

If your agents are too young for Mission Impossible, a Phineas and Ferb pack will delight Disney fans ready for adventure.  Hold your very own secret agent Phineas and Ferb Wii tournament!

Boys Car Birthday Party

Push it into overdrive. Younger boys are sure to love Hot Wheels or Cars 2.  Bring out the red color scheme!

Set the scene with a Disney Cars 2 party pack, car spirit items, and a field trip to a car dealership, race track, and/ or repair shop.  Your party area comes to life with race car standees for the boys to drive in one of your homemade racing games.  Fill goodie bags and stock car pinata with boys party favors.

Throw a set of real keys to your older boys- or… maybe just the key tags.  Create personalized key tags.

Barrel of Monkeys Boys Birthday Party

Your little monkies are ideal for the monkey party pack! Usher the tail swingers to your favorite playground or bouncy house to burn off that excess monkey cake energy.    Decorate any party space with the monkey arch & tree and monkey piñata.  Then, play pin the tail on the monkey.  For a quiet break, slip in a Curious George dvd or take the boys to see Chimpanzee.

For your teen age primates, pop in King Kong or Planet of the Apes.  After ringing neighborhood door bells for a treasure hunt of monkey items- bananas, combs, yellow hat, etc send the boys home with monkey favor packs.

Wimpy Kid Boys Party

Greg and Rodrick rule and so does this boy favorite series.  As guests arrive, place the name of one of the Wimpy Kid characters on each boy’s back. Encourage them to mingle by asking each other about their characters.  The scene is set for a cartoon party in black and white.  Hang black and white balloons with red streamers.  Let the boys create a Wimpy kid cartoon storyboard and homemade movie together.  Keep your computer screens on these Wimpy kid games and serve plenty of chocolate ice cream.  Watch the Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2.

Fill miniature back packs with plenty of school-themed party favors.

Underwater Boys Birthday Party

Based on a true story, Big Miracle is the ideal boy’s birthday party theme for arctic buffs, swimmers, divers, and all around water and ice lovers.

These dazzling under the sea invitations welcome your boy’s deep sea adventurers to a magical birthday party.  “Believe in the power of one” or “We accomplish together” could be the messages on your ocean murals.  Turn your basement into an under the sea party that truly takes the boys to new depths of fun.  Ocean creatures, including whales, swim in the air as helium-filled, sea balloons. Place your whale-shaped cake in the middle of Bermuda blue tableware.  Say goodbye with mini fish bowls filled with ocean favors.

War Horse Boys Birthday Party

The soldiers of World War I fought for country with a cavalry of horses.  War Horse chronicles the devotion of a boy for his steed:

Invite your son’s best buds to see War Horse (rated PG 13) and then come home to a western party or head to a rescue horse stable for a tour.  Colorize your snack bar with green plastic tableware and serve soup in an old army pot.  For the taste of France, add grapes, cheese, and crackers.  You might even add a misty woods photo backdrop here and there. Place dollar party favors in a handkerchief to give to the boys at the party’s end with a galloping brown horse balloon.

What are your favorite boys birthday party ideas and movie themes?

Basketball Tournament Time

Troy Bolton Standee

My oldest, Madison, plays on her High School Varsity basketball team. Last year, they won the state championship in Division 1A. The team played the first set of tournament games last week and were able to make it through the first round – Sectional winners!

This weekend, they travel to Fulton, IN for Regional competition. To fire up Madison and the team, the parents decorate lockers, hallways and the cafeteria. Working at ShindigZ is definitely an advantage. Each girl has a personalized sports banner on her locker and the sectional “fire up” banner was recently replaced with a “Good Luck at Regionals” banner.

For fun, I also set up a life-sized photo standee of Zack Efron (Troy Bolton standee) with a special good luck wish for the Lady Cavs! He was definitely a big hit. The team took Zach with them to the game for an “extra” fan. I’m not sure the Dad’s understood – but the younger kids and most teen girls loved it.

Basketball Photo Banner

Basketball Photo Banner

Basketball Team Banner

Basketball Team Banner

Disney Princess Fairytale Friends Party Favors

Feather-Heart-Purse-NecklaceParty favors are a favorite part of parties for guests of all ages. These favors are wonderful for a Disney Fairytale Friends birthday party.

Create a favor pack for your princesses by selecting a favor box or bag and party favors to fill it from our wide assortment. We suggest a Feather Heart Purse Necklace filled with stick-on jewels, tiara pens, a marabou tiara, body glitter, a tiara wand, daisy lip gloss, and a cell phone sticker. You can even have the favor packs personalized with each guest’s name.

Create your own favor packs by purchasing any assortment of the above favors.

Guests can create their own favors with the Princess Crown and Wand Craft Kit. The fun craft makes a great party activity too.

Personalized princess stickers or buttons can double as both favors and nametags. Have each guest’s name printed on the stickers.

Everyone will love strawberry princess funtoos! The temporary tattoos go on easily with water and come off with rubbing alcohol or cellophane tape.

Be sure to check out our other Disney Fairytale Friends TipZ and tell us your ideas!

Activities for a Disney Princesses Fairytale Friends Party

No party is complete without activities! Here are some activity ideas for your Fairytale Friends Birthday Party.

Games and Activities:

Bubbles and body jewels are always a big hit, and both are perfect party starters.  Let those who arrive early get be-jeweled and play with bubbles while they wait for all the guests to arrive.

Gather all the fun dress-up clothing you can find (or borrow from friends)…fun, frilly dresses (size is completely irrelevant), feather boas, faux fur wraps, high-heeled play shoes, capes, etc. As each guest arrives, invite her into the royal wardrobe to “dress up”. After each guest has selected an outfit befitting a princess, apply some royal makeup…and crown her with a Tiara.  We offer some wonderful princess costumes that would make a delightful gift for the birthday Princess, and would be terrific additions to a dress-up box.

Palace Parade – After all the party guests have  dressed up, have the birthday child lead a palace parade through the backyard or through the house with the help of a tambourine or other musical instrument. The beaming smiles of the children during the spirited parade will provide a perfect photo opportunity and some priceless video footage.

Dragon Egg Hunt – This castle version of a classic egg hunt is a kingdom-wide search for dragon eggs as opposed to Easter eggs. Make a proclamation stating that the Queen has asked all her subjects to help…a new batch of fire-breathing dragons is about to hatch in her magical kingdom!  Use plastic Easter eggs, and for each egg found, reward the children with one golden chocolate coin or wrapped piece of candy. This game is a perfect lead in for the next game.

Slay the Dragon – Prior to the party, fill approximately 3-4 pink or lavender water Balloons per child.  After all the dragon eggs have been found, gather the children in a circle for a quick fairytale. Starting with “Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom, there lived a beautiful Queen named (birthday girl), etc. All was happy in the kingdom until one day the Queen discovered that one of the dragon eggs had hatched and a mighty, fierce, ugly, fire-breathing dragon was running rampant! (Hold up a “cracked” egg left over from the Dragon Egg Hunt). The royal wizard mixed up a big batch of “Palace Potion”, and the Queen needs your help to slay the dragon!” Have dad, or another good sport, pose as the dragon. A green shirt and some “fire” (craft foam or orange streamers) dripping from his mouth make an appropriate costume. Have all the subjects in the kingdom pelt the dragon with the pink palace potion (water balloons) as he runs and growls at them.  Guaranteed to create squeals of delight…only dad gets soaked…and everyone lives happily-ever-after!

Our exclusive Coloring Throne provides just the right spot for the birthday Princess to sit as she opens her gifts.  Allow each guest to add a small message or special drawing or doodle to the throne to personalize this darling keepsake.

“Someday My Prince Will Come” – Play this princess version of the tried and true party game of Hot Potato using a Mini Slipper. Have the children stand in a circle. While the music is playing, they need to pass the shoe to one another as quickly as possible. When the music stops, the child holding shoe will be out. Continue playing until only one child remains.  A tiny “glass slipper” makes an adorable prize for each child participating in this game.

Moat Mayhem – A traditional tug-of-war with a castle twist…divide the children into two teams. Use our dark blue Water Gossamer to create a realistic illusion of water. Add a few plastic snakes and stuffed or plastic alligators, and yell GO!

Musical Tiaras – Play this game using the same concept as the classic game of musical chairs…one less tiara than there are children for each round.  Place Rhinestone or Sequin Tiaras on a table that the Princesses must walk around while the music is playing. When the music is turned off, the girls must scramble to put on a tiara. The child without a tiara must leave the game and the game continues with one less crown until there is one child remaining – the Queen!  The tiaras can then be used as favors!


Royal Goblets – Let all the royal subjects decorate elegant imprinted glassware with Stick-on Jewels or sequins. The glasses make an extra special party favor and can even be filled with goodies after the children decorate them.

Palace Perfect Posing – For each party guest, you’ll need a simple frame, a supply of faux jewels or sequins, and some tacky glue.  Prior to the party, use a metallic gold paint pen and write each guest’s name, along with her royal title on the top edge of the frame, or our Acrylic Frames can be imprinted with a special message.  Allow the children to decorate the frames and pose for a royal portrait in the Castle Entrance or Princess Castle with the birthday girl. Use either a Polaroid camera to send a picture home with each guest or mail keepsake photos at a later date with thank you notes.

Magical Wands – Purchase one giant Pixie Stick for each child. Attach two 4″ Shimmer Stars to the top of each Pixie Stick, attaching them back-to-back to the paper label. Let the children decorate the wands with stickers, Stick-On Jewels, and trailing streamers made from Curling Ribbon. The leftover stars can be used for decorating the kingdom. The “magical fairy dust” inside the wand is a big-hit bonus!


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