Easter Egg Hunts are Getting Bigger in 2013

Easter involves many traditions ranging from special religious services at sunrise to chocolate Easter bunnies in baskets.

One favorite Easter tradition that is passed down from generation to generation are egg hunts.  These usually are small family events or church sponsored gatherings, but some have grown in recent years to be much larger public gatherings.

Last year, the community of West Frankfort, Illinois was expecting 50 youngsters at their egg hunt event. Instead, over 250 children showed up ready to fill their baskets with colored eggs. This year Newtown, Pennsylvania is planning to hide 3,000 plastic eggs filled with candy and prizes for their community Easter egg hunt. Plus, the Easter Bunny will be on hand to greet the children.

The Guinness World Record for a hunt total 501,000 eggs. This scavenger adventure involved over nine thousand children at the Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Winter Haven, Florida in 2007.

Baby Smiling while holding an Easter egg beside basket“Easter egg hunts, Easter parades and Easter pageants are all continuing to grow in popularity according to our sales figures for 2013”, reports Keith Bansemer, Director of Internet Marketing with Shindigz, a leading party supplier. “Every year, we’ve seen a steady increase in orders for baskets, bunny stand-ins, and egg-themed favors tied to these events.”

In Washington, D.C., the First Family will host the 135th annual White House Easter Egg Roll. This is a variation of an Easter egg hunt that began with President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878. This year the Obama family expects more than 35,000 people will be joining them on the South Lawn for games, stories, and, of course, the traditional egg roll.

Meanwhile, some communities have expanded Easter egg hunts to include  furry family members. According to the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio, “Acme Training is holding an egg hunt just for dogs. The pooches will hunt for strategically placed treats, and the owner of the dog that can find the golden egg will win an Easter basket containing $100 in prizes”.

Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone Closing Ceremony

The Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone celebrated two and a half weeks of fun, do-it-yourself games today with the closing ceremonies. Party Hosts attended the Shindigz Company Meeting without knowing you had won the last event, the Agility Obstacle Course. With a remarkable time of 49:50, the Party Pooches won the last event that was worth 40 points.

Agility Obstacle Course Results:
1st Place: Party Pooches
2nd Place: Hot Dawgz
3rd Place: Ankle Biters

Game Ambassador, Jo Carter, announced the overall winners of the Summer Games. There were Golden Dog Bones for 1st place. silver dog paw for 2nd place and bronze fire hydrant for third place.

Final 2012 Race to the Golden Dog Bone  Results:
1st Place: Party Pooches
2nd Place: Kick ‘em in the Shindigz
3rd Place: Hot Dawgz
4th Place: Taj Mutt-hals
5th Place: Snoop Doggy Dawgz
6th Place: Ankle Biters

Party Hosts really enjoyed the 1st annual summer games and hope to have another competition to celebrate the winter games in 2014.

Miss some of the fun? Check out our other blog posts for fun party games and events you can do at home.

Shindigz Summer Games: Puppy Chow Eating Contest

What creative do-it-yourself game did the folks at Shindigz come up with for today’s event in the Race to the Golden Dog Bone? Party Hosts participated in a Puppy Chow Eating Contest. Shindigz provided a tasty batch of peanut butter and chocolate Puppy Chow for each of the six participating teams. Each person raced to eat the puppy chow as fast as possible while keeping their hands behind their back at all times. To keep with the dog theme, Party Hosts ate their puppy chow out of dog bowls. It was a close race, but the Hot Dawgz came out on top.

Puppy Chow Eating Contest Results:
1st Place: the Hot Dawgz
2nd Place: Snoop Doggy Dogz
3rd Place: Party Pooches

The last event of the summer games is an obstacle course in the Shindigz Lawn tomorrow morning with 40 points at stake!Watch for our Shindigz Summer Games updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone concludes later this week with our closing ceremony and awards. The first ever Race to the Dog Bone Champion will be announced on Thursday.

Shindigz Summer Games: Shot Pup

Week #2 of the Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone wrapped up earlier this morning with a fun twist on a popular Olympic event. Instead of Shot Put, Party Hosts participated in “Shot Pup”. Before you get PETA on the phone, we want to assure you that no actual puppies were used or thrown. To keep with the theme of the summer games, Party Hosts tossed Puppy Pinatas in the Shindigz lawn. The six participants took turns giving the Puppy Pinata a good toss with the longest distance winning the competition.

Shot Pup Results:
1st Place: Snoop Doggy Dawgz
2nd Place: Kick ‘em in the Shindigz
3rd Place: Hot Dawgz

This Shot Pup game is a great example of how you can create your own summer games with household items or party supplies. Watch for our Shindigz Summer Games updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone concludes next week with our closing ceremonies and awards.

Overall Standings after Week #2
1st Place: Kick ‘em in the Shindigz
2nd Place: Taj Mutt-hals
3rd Place: Snoop Doggy Dawgz
4th Place: Party Pooches
5th Place: Hot Dawgz
6th Place: Ankle Biters

Shindigz Summer Games: The Race to the Golden Dog Bone

The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continued Tuesday afternoon with six teams battling to be TOP DOG in tabletop ping pong! One member from each team stood behind their colored cheerphone in order to bounce five ping pong balls into water-filled cups for the win. The race was close and a 3-way tie breaker was needed.  The Taj Mutthal’s came in 1st place followed by The Party Pooches and The Hot Dawgz taking 3rd. Currently we have a 3-way tie for 1st place after two events.

Continue to follow our blog for additional party ideas on creating your own Summer Games with products and supplies that may be easily found on our website. Watch for our Shindigz Summer Game updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continues until August 15th!

Jacquie Downey – Gold Medal winner

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