Host a Silver Lining Party to Look on the Bright Side of the Economy

Silver-Twist-Top-TinThe economy may still be rocky and everyone’s a little nervous, to say the least, but that’s no reason to keep you from partying! Host a silver lining party to emphasize the reasons to celebrate in life—friends and family.

Start your silver lining party by sending out personalized foil-bright invitations. We’ll print nine lines of your custom wording on the elegant invitations. Be sure to send out invitations at least a month in advance and expect about a quarter of the RSVPs to come back as regrets.

Welcome guests to your party with the Silver Anniversary Personalized Banner. We’ll print your custom wording on the heavy-duty, weather-resistant banner. Our banners are available in seven sizes with or without metal grommets for easy hanging. Plus, our new Peel N’ Place banners are even easier to use.

At the door, hand out silver party apparel, like one of our New Year’s party ensembles with silver top hats, tiaras, party hats, and noisemakers. The chic party apparel kits will get guests covered in silver and ready to party.

Create a great backdrop for your party with silver flat paper or silver metallic gossamer. Flat paper is wonderful for covering walls and floors. Gossamer is easy to work with and makes beautiful drapes, swags, curtains and other decorations (Check out our Gossamer TipZ for more ideas). Use gossamer with our classic columns to create a beautiful focal point for the party. Twist the gossamer around the columns or swag gossamer between several columns.

Use silver star milky way garland to accent your room. Twist the garland around banisters or loop it around the borders of the room.

Serve your party food on beautiful silver-themed tables. Cover the tables in silver tablecovers with matching metallic table skirts. Edge the table in silver milky-way star garland.

Set the table with silver plastic tableware and matching cutlery. Create cutlery bundles using silver personalized napkins wrapped around silver cutlery. Tie the bundle closed with silver toss beads or silver star garland.

Top your table off with silver moon confetti and a Silver Stargate Centerpiece.

Send guests home with favors to remember the party by. Fill silver tote bags, such as our gold and silver gift bag with marabou trim, with candies, baked goods or other prizes. Silver body glitter is a great addition for girls and women. The Silver Snap Favor Box Kit pictured above is another elegant favor packaging idea. Add a silver metallic rose to your party favors for a big finish.

Check out all of our Party TipZ and tell us about your party!

Finance Some Fun with an Economic Stimulus Party Theme

casino-party-room-decorationsShindigZ has created an Economic Stimulus Party Package to decorate and celebrate President Obama’s Stimulus Package.

Let’s start with bail outs. Our plan is simple. We aren’t worried about misappropriation of funds, where the money will come from, or even if the money will be paid back. Our solution is funny money and gold coins, and we promise you, the American people, our solution will come in well under $825 billion dollars.

We will not encourage you to gamble with your money on Wall Street, but we will encourage you to gamble. Instead of 401Ks and mutual funds, we recommend roulette, black jack or even a friendly game of poker as a less risky, higher return alternative to the stock market.

Mostly, we encourage you to laugh and enjoy the priceless moments you have with family and friends. One way to create priceless moments is with a casino-themed Economic Stimulus Party!

Welcome guests to your Economic Stimulus Party with a personalized banner. Our banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in seven sizes to fit your needs. Use a banner to advertise your event or welcome guests to the party. They are also great for designating different areas of the party such as the roulette table or the poker room. For your Stimulus Party, we suggest the Casino Customized Vinyl Banner or a Casino Night Vertical Banner to hang on your door.

For door prizes, hand out a Play Money Dollar Pad of “Stimulus Checks” for guests to use in their casino games. This funny prize will set the mood for your whole event! You can also use plastic gold coins.

ShindigZ has tons of Casino themed decorations for you to use to transform your party space into a Vegas lounge. Whether your party budget is big or small, we have the decorations to make your party a hit!

Set the entire scene using our Casino Room Decorations. The giant dice columns, slot machine standee, High Stakes Casino sign, giant dice and giant playing cards work together to create a fantastic casino look. Use them all together or create your own combination.

Add tons of casino accent decorations such as Casino Ceiling Danglers, an inflatable slot machine, card suit string decorations, card suit cutouts and foam dice. Create a walkway into your party with our Roulette Walkway Mural. It’s a beautiful touch!

Balloons are a must-have for any party and they really add some lift to the party spirit. There are awesome casino themed balloons such as casino suit mylar balloons, playing card mylar balloons or poker chip balloons. Of course, you can always create clusters of your favorite colors of latex balloons.

ShindigZ has fun casino game kits to get your party started including roulette, black jack, craps, personalized poker chips, and dealer kits.

For even more fun, set up our Casino Photo Stand-In and guests can take their pictures in the giant playing cards. It makes for great keepsakes!

Decorate your tables using our Vegas Nights Party Pack! The matching tableware ties the whole theme together. Cover your tables in green tablecovers to simulate poker tables and don’t forget the dice confetti! Foam dice make great centerpieces, but we also have a Slot Machine Centerpiece with a fun foil topper.

There are tons of great party favors for your Economic Stimulus Party! We suggest casino beads or poker chip key tags personalized with your party details if you’re looking to play up the casino theme. To emphasize the stimulus theme, hand out pearl beads and toy diamond rings. Treasure the memories with a personalized Custom Creations Casino Memories photo album.

Check out all of our Economic Stimulus Party Supplies and tell us about your event!

Beat the Market Blues with a Wall Street Party

It seems like every day the stock market is climbing or diving…or both. All the unpredictability is really stressing everyone out. Now is the perfect time for a party to fend off the anxiety. Here are our tips for hosting a fun, relaxing Wall Street Party.

Welcome guests to your Wall Street party with a Dollar Days Personalized Vinyl Banner. Have your custom wording printed on the heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl. Plus, our banners are available in seven different sizes to fit your decorating needs.

Create a fantastic entrance to your party using our Dollar Sign Arch. The arch is supported by two corrugated cardboard dollar signs with an arc of balloons over top. In addition to making a wonderful welcome, the arch is perfect for taking commemorative photos under.

Make your guests feel like their on Wall Street using a backdrop of black and white seamless paper or gossamer and our skyscraper columns. Another option is to cover your walls with our cityscape wall murals and accent the room with a skyscraper boarder roll.

Create a funny focal point for your event using our classic column decorations. Set up several of the columns and use red crepe streamers attached at various points between them to show the ups and downs of the market!

Balloons are a classic party decoration. For this party we suggest the elegant touch of clear balloons. Create balloon bunches in odd numbers (3, 5, 7…). Tie them together with black or white curling ribbon and anchor them in place with an iridescent foil balloon weight.

A well-dressed table is an essential for this party. Decorate your party tables like a business luncheon. Cover them with black or navy table covers and sprinkle some simple star confetti over the top. In the middle add our skyscraper centerpiece. For a funnier look, try our slot machine centerpiece. Accent the table by adding a metallic table skirt or a dollar bill garland boarder.

Set your table with simple, elegant black and white plastic tableware. You can add a wonderful touch with personalized napkins embossed with your party slogan and logo. Make cutlery bundles using the napkins and contrasting curling ribbon. Slip a simple favor like a personalized pin in the bundle for a finishing touch.

Keep party favors for this event simple, along the lines of keeping with the economy. Our Dollar Pad favor is a fun item. You can even call them “Bailout Bucks.” Simple items such as favor bags filled with baked goods, gift certificates and candy are also nice to send guests home with.

Check out our City Theme Party TipZ for more ideas and tell us about your Wall Street Party!

Surf the Stock Market this Fall with a Luau Party

With the stock market climbing and falling on nearly a daily basis, everyone seems to be a little stressed out. Now is the perfect time to host a party to help everyone blow off some steam.

We suggest you ride the wave of the economy with a luau party! A luau party is tons of fun and in the fall and winter months it’s a fond way to look back on the warmer months.

Welcome guests to your luau party with a surfboard personalized banner. Add a message that goes along with your theme and we’ll print it on a heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl banner. Our banners are available in seven different sizes and tons of fun luau patterns so there’s sure to be something for your party.

Create a focal point for your Stock Market Luau party using our Luau Party Decorating Kit. The Luau Party Arch and Luau Party Standee create an awesome entrance or place for commemorative photos. The arch stands 10 ½’ high and 10’ wide. The Luau standees are each 7’ high and 3’ wide.

Create a backdrop with the beach backdrop roll. The roll is 4’ high and 30’ wide and is perfect for getting guests in the luau mood. It looks great paired with water print gossamer. Add a palm tree boarder roll for a finishing touch.

Accent your backdrop with water patterned gossamer or palm tree patterned gossamer. Gossamer is perfect for creating swags, drapes and other accents. Check out our Gossamer TipZ for lots of ideas!

Don’t forget Palm Tree Decorations! They’re a Luau must-have and we have a variety of styles for your party.

Garland is an especially good decoration for luau parties. String flashing hibiscus garland around your table, doorway or around your banister. It’s a bright touch. For a natural alternative try raffia or luau paper lantern garland.

Balloons are a classic party decoration. Create balloon bunches of blue and white balloons or hibiscus print balloons in odd numbers (3, 5, 7…). Attach the balloons with matching curling ribbon to a balloon weight. Add an accent to your balloon bunches with a dolphin mylar balloon or seashell mylar balloon jumping out of the cluster. Check out all of our Luau Party Balloons for tons of ideas.

A well-decorated party table is a great way to pull the whole theme together. For a luau theme party, check out the Watch and Learn with Wendy episode! We suggest you cover the table with a blue tablecover and edge it with a raffia table skirt. Over the top sprinkle tropical confetti and some seashells. Set your table with Luau Tableware and coconut cups. Add a palm tree centerpiece or a surf board centerpiece to the middle to tie the table together.

For party favors from your Stock Market Luau Party, hand out kukui nut lei necklaces or traditional leis. Add some toy dollar bill pads for a funny accent to your theme. Serve drinks in real coconut cups for a fun and functional favor.

Check out all of our Luau Party TipZ for more ideas and tell us about your party!

Host an Economy “Bale Out” Western Party

Even with the 700 billion dollar bail out package signed into law by President Bush, the economy is still causing everyone from Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue a lot of stress. What better way to lift the spirits of your friends, family or coworkers than with a recession party? Try this Western Bale Out Party to de-stress and forget your money woes!

Welcome guests to your Bale Out Party with a Western Personalized Banner. The banner is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is available in seven different sizes to suit your decorating needs. Have a fun slogan such as “Bale Out or Bust” printed on the banner and use it to decorate the entrance of your party or advertise for the event.

Create a fantastic entrance for guests and a great place for commemorative photos with the Saloon Entrance. The corrugated cardboard entrance is freestanding and features an arch with saloon doors. It coordinates well with the Saloon Door Curtain which is a fun way to create a divider between rooms.

Set the scene for your Bale Out party using wild west patterned corrugated paper to cover walls or floors. Create the whole scene with Saloon Room Setters, that you can mix and match to transform your party space into the Wild West. If you’re going for a huge impact, ShindigZ has many Western theme decorating kits that include big, freestanding western decorations perfect for decorating your entire venue.

Create a focal point for your party with the Big Red Barn Decoration. The barn is made of corrugated cardboard and stands 7’ high by 55” wide. Accent the barn and the Bale Out theme with straw bales and a split rail fence decoration.

Create fun accents for your Bale Out theme using barbed wire garland and cowhide print balloons. Balloons look best in clusters of odd numbers (3, 5, 7…) and can be tied together with coordinating curling ribbon (black or white) and attached to weights such as mini straw bales.

Create a fun activity at your party with gambling for coupons, gift certificates or gas cards. A Wanted Photo Stand In is another fun activity. Guests can place their faces in the cutouts and have their pictures taken on a Wanted Poster. Place a slogan on the poster such as “Fannie and Freddie: Wanted Dead or Alive.”

Finally, you can’t have a party without food—even in these tight times! Set a fantastic party table for guests to eat delicious all-American foods such as burgers, hotdogs, chips and pretzels. Check out Wendy’s Watch and Learn for in-depth tips for setting a Western Theme Table.

We recommend covering your tables with red and white gingham tablecovers and setting each place with red plastic tableware. Create cutlery bundles using barbed wire garland to tie the cutlery in red personalized napkins. At the center of your table place a cow boy hat full of snacks or, to fit the theme, a straw bale centerpiece.

At ShindigZ, we believe life should be more fun! This Economy Bale Out Party is just one way to have fun, even in the midst of tough economic times.


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