Ideas for Your Awards Night Party Theme

Celebrate with a Red Carpet Party Theme

You’re already planning for your college mixer, school prom, adult cocktail party, corporate event, or kids birthday. We’re here to open the brainstorm with a few themes and supplies to get those creative juices flowing.

Awards Party Themes Take Center Stage

Note these dates on your social calendar and build your next theme party around a Bollywood party or Hollywood theme party.

Movie Theme Parties

Pop popcorn and snuggle in with the fam for movie night or dream big and snuggle up to a Marilyn Monroe party.

Film Festival Theme Party Decorations

Whisk your intellectual crowd into a sophisticated night of wine, International party supplies, and the sultry, Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin or organize France party supplies throughout the banquet facility of your Cannes Film Festival event.

Country Music Party Theme

Celebrate country music in our cowboy party store. Show them city slickers that your tableware party supplies don’t have to be fancy because a Dirt Road Anthem surrounded by NASCAR party supplies is the party theme to remember. Invite military families to your event and open the welcome home theme party with We Take Care of Our Own.

City Theme Party Decorations

Go downtown and dance away at a sweaty, city theme party. Continuously play music videos and movies on wide screen TVs. Promote fresh, theme party faces like pop’s Asher Monroe,

soul’s Adele,

or Bollywood’s Vidya Balan.

Political Theme Party Supplies

Want to shake it up? Times are changing. Make a statement with your theme party supplies and political rally decorations. Anjulie will turn heads and so will Occupy party supplies or national debt party supplies peppered throughout your theme party decorations.

College Theme Parties

There’s time to coordinate a frat party, toga party, or birthday with the MTV awards night. Just add a few props, cocktail accessories, and rock star party supplies to go.

Corporate Theme Parties

Let music loosen up the execs. Invite Taylor Swift to your private concert or just watch her perform at the Grammys along with Coldplay.

Give guests a few elephant hats and decorate with baby elephant standees, safari decorations, and other mascot costumes to get in the spirit of Coldplay’s Paradise video. Paul McCartney will be honored at this year’s Grammys. Celebrate the successes of yesterday, while your company presses ahead into 2012. These retro theme party supply or Wizard of Oz party stores can help you emphasize both achievements and goals.

Funny Theme Parties

Laugh it up with clips of Billy Crystal going Off the Grid for the Academy.

Dress up as your favorite nominee. Send party invitations and decorate with party favors, party tableware, and party decorations (such as Money Ball baseball party supplies) that revolve around your picks. Give awards night male statuettes or awards night female statuettes to the most creative or funny, theme party costumes.

Awards party themes spice up winter dull drums and celebrate successes. Host your own Academy, Grammy, MTV, Bollywood, or Hollywood theme party!

Election Returns Party Food Ideas

Election Party

Election Party Food Ideas

If you’re hosting an election party while you watch the returns, serve a generously stocked buffet of appetizers as opposed to a sit-down meal. Choose a few old favorites, try a couple of easy new ideas, and make the food simple, but plentiful. You’re sure to have a winner on your hands!

  • Add paper American flag picks to all the finger food.
  • Great staples for a buffet style finger food meal include chicken wings, chicken strips (offer 3 or 4 interesting dipping sauces), meatballs (Swedish or BBQ), mini eggrolls, whole water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, nachos, or an assortment of sandwiches made on mini buns (about 3-4 bite size). Make everything ahead of time, and store hot items in a warming tray, or in an oven set at 200 degrees.
  • Veggie Tray: Include raw cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, snow peas, zucchini, etc. with a sour cream based dip. Ranch dips are popular with adults and children.
  • Serve CHILI accompanied by lots of “add-ins”. Add bowls of shredded cheese, chopped onion, sour cream, hot sauce, oyster crackers, jalapeno peppers, and spaghetti (Cincinnati style) to your table. Serve cornbread muffins along with the chili. Make this All-American style meal complete by adding hot dogs and apple pie for dessert. Comfort food at its finest!

Add a few hearty dips that can be made ahead. Here are a few that are extra easy to make, and are always a big hit:

  • CREAM CHEESE DIP: Purchase cream cheese in block form, and top with salsa (flavored salsas are great), cocktail sauce and crabmeat, green pepper jelly, or jam (any flavor works, but apricot is delicious!). If you are feeling adventurous, combine a couple of packages, and mold them into the shape of a star. Serve with a variety of crackers. Triscuit™ thins are perfect with this dip.
  • ARTICHOKE DIP: Mix 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese, 1 cup mayonnaise (“light” is okay to use), and 1-24 oz. can of artichoke hearts, chopped into small pieces. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, and serve with crackers. This dip can be served warm, or at room temperature.
  • EASY CHEESY DIP: Add one large block of Velveeta Cheese, one 16 oz. can of chili without beans, and one 16 oz. jar of salsa to a crock pot. Stir occasionally. The dip is ready when the cheese is completely melted. Serve with bite-sized tortilla chips.
  • BAKED BRIE: Hollow out a loaf of French or sourdough bread, cutting the bread so that you have a “lid”. Fill the hole with Brie cheese, and put the lid back on. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Serve with small chunks of bread, or crackers. If the Brie is not to your taste, fill the bread bowl with another type of dip, such as a creamy spinach dip.
  • SHRIMP COCKTAIL: Serve on ice, along with cocktail sauce. This is a little more costly than most items you might plan to serve, but it will make your guests feel special, and the color looks terrific on a buffet.
  • Serve plenty of fresh red and blue fruit including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, watermelon and red apples.
  • Scatter several bowls of munchies around the areas where your guests will be watching the returns…Chips, pretzels, nuts, M&Ms™, popcorn, and Chex™ Mix. Serve dry munchies in star serving trays.
  • Create a simple sheet cookie and frost it with white frosting. Decorate the cookie with blueberries and strawberries in the shape of a flag, or decorate with red and blue colored sugar.
  • Serve Election Elixirs (beverages) in patriotic stadium cups. Have a few permanent markers available so that each guest can label his/her cup. This will cut down on the number of “misplaced” cups throughout the event. Guests can also take the stadium cup home as a favor.
  • Serve a spectacular dessert complete with sparklers (after verifying that use of sparklers is legal in your state). Rich chocolate brownies cut into star shapes accompanied by fresh raspberries and real whip cream would be a “winning ticket” for this party.

Host a Silver Lining Party to Look on the Bright Side of the Economy

Silver-Twist-Top-TinThe economy may still be rocky and everyone’s a little nervous, to say the least, but that’s no reason to keep you from partying! Host a silver lining party to emphasize the reasons to celebrate in life—friends and family.

Start your silver lining party by sending out personalized foil-bright invitations. We’ll print nine lines of your custom wording on the elegant invitations. Be sure to send out invitations at least a month in advance and expect about a quarter of the RSVPs to come back as regrets.

Welcome guests to your party with the Silver Anniversary Personalized Banner. We’ll print your custom wording on the heavy-duty, weather-resistant banner. Our banners are available in seven sizes with or without metal grommets for easy hanging. Plus, our new Peel N’ Place banners are even easier to use.

At the door, hand out silver party apparel, like one of our New Year’s party ensembles with silver top hats, tiaras, party hats, and noisemakers. The chic party apparel kits will get guests covered in silver and ready to party.

Create a great backdrop for your party with silver flat paper or silver metallic gossamer. Flat paper is wonderful for covering walls and floors. Gossamer is easy to work with and makes beautiful drapes, swags, curtains and other decorations (Check out our Gossamer TipZ for more ideas). Use gossamer with our classic columns to create a beautiful focal point for the party. Twist the gossamer around the columns or swag gossamer between several columns.

Use silver star milky way garland to accent your room. Twist the garland around banisters or loop it around the borders of the room.

Serve your party food on beautiful silver-themed tables. Cover the tables in silver tablecovers with matching metallic table skirts. Edge the table in silver milky-way star garland.

Set the table with silver plastic tableware and matching cutlery. Create cutlery bundles using silver personalized napkins wrapped around silver cutlery. Tie the bundle closed with silver toss beads or silver star garland.

Top your table off with silver moon confetti and a Silver Stargate Centerpiece.

Send guests home with favors to remember the party by. Fill silver tote bags, such as our gold and silver gift bag with marabou trim, with candies, baked goods or other prizes. Silver body glitter is a great addition for girls and women. The Silver Snap Favor Box Kit pictured above is another elegant favor packaging idea. Add a silver metallic rose to your party favors for a big finish.

Check out all of our Party TipZ and tell us about your party!

Host a Sarah Palin Party for Election Night Fun!

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has created a media sensation with her “maverick” politics and big personality. ShindigZ has party supplies for hosting a Sarah Palin themed party that will be a memorable highlight of this election year.

This Sarah Palin Party picks up on well-known highlights of the Sarah Palin story, including beauty pageants, Alaska, hunting, and hockey.

Decorate your Palin-theme party venues with a Ski Lodge Decorating Kit which transforms the room into a festive Alaskan scene including a moose above the fireplace, icicles and a fun ski lodge entrance arch. To accentuate the theme, dress up in a Grand Coronation Tiara, royal sash or robe and a scepter to impersonate Sarah Palin or a John McCain mask to party as her running mate.

Let wildlife take a swing back by having people dressed in a grizzly bear mascot costume or a polar bear mascot costume. If guests come dressed as Sarah Palin, these mascots will make for fantastic photo ops.

ShindigZ’s Sarah Palin party theme is also emphasized by party favors that get guests into character. Bring out the hockey-mom side of the candidate with daisy swirl lip gloss and a hockey stick award pin or highlight the rugged Alaskan Governor side with toy binoculars and a plastic canteen to serve beverages in. Finally, emphasize fiscal conservatism with a pad of Bailout Bucks (toy dollar bills) and toy gold coins. For guests of honor or a prize in party games, try striped ski caps.

Be sure to have some games and activities to keep the fun going at your party. Create a game of “Pin the lipstick on the pitbull,” have some election trivia, or have a best Palin costume contest. Use our best costume trophy or a pageant sash as an award for the most creative Sarah Palin costume or the best look-alike.

As food for your Palin party, serve All-American favorites such as burgers and fries, buffalo wings, and chili, plus finger-foods like pretzels, chips and snack mixes. For desert serve up some Baked Alaskan. Serve your party snacks in patriotic style by decorating your tables in red, white and blue supplies. Cover the table with solid red, white or blue table covers and table skirts. Over the top sprinkle some silver star confetti. To the middle add a festive firecracker centerpiece or a coordinating kings crown for the pageant theme.

Love her or hate her, everyone’s talking about Sarah Palin and a Palin themed party is just one way to celebrate this historic election. ShindigZ has tons of party supplies for hosting debate watch parties, political rallies and election night events. With an election this big, it’s only right to make Election Night memorable.

Scariest Presidential Candidate Costumes for Halloween

After counting nearly 100,000 votes, visitors to the party supply web site decided that Barack Obama would make the scariest Halloween costume of all the 2008 presidential candidates. A poll on the party company’s website asked visitors which presidential candidate would make the scariest Halloween costume and Democrat Barack Obama received 57% of votes.

Senator John McCain was voted the second scariest at 36%. Third party candidates placed far behind the Democratic and Republican candidates. Ralph Nadar of the Green Party was considered scariest by 4% of voters while Robert Barr of the Libertarian Party, Charles Baldwin of the Constitution Party and Cynthia Ann McKinney each received 1% of the votes.

Along with hundreds of different Halloween costumes, ShindigZ makes having a scary political Halloween costume easy with their affordable  Obama and McCain masks, as well as of former Democratic contender Hillary Clinton mask.

The election season continues past Halloween and ShindigZ has patriotic party supplies, red, white and blue decorations, custom vinyl banners and yard signs perfect for “Get Out the Vote” parties this election season or hosting election events such as rallies, debate watch-parties or Election Night celebration parties. With an election this heated, there’s plenty of reason to put a party together and watch the 2008 presidential race unfold.


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