A New Twist on a Classic Chocolate Treat

Have you ever tasted of Creamy Brownie Dip?

Only if you’ve been following our updates on the Shindigz Party Recipe website.  First, take a look at this treat:

This Creamy Brownie Dip is just one of the new taste treats on the Shindigz Party Recipe site!

This Creamy Brownie Dip is just one of the new taste treats on the Shindigz Party Recipe site!

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Minute to Win It Game Ideas

There’s nothing like humiliating games and crushingly embarrassing photos to bring friends together, so why not celebrate and cement friendship at your next gathering or birthday party and play some Minute to Win It-style games at home? Getting silly is important, anyway. Numerous studies have been done on the topic of benefits of laughter and smiling—here’s “10 Reasons Why Laughing is Good for You” to get you started if you’re not quite convinced (or need to convince some others).

Minute to Win It is an NBC game show that has contestants compete in various challenges for only a minute at a time. NBC’s website has tons of game instructions and helpful instructional videos available if necessary, but here are some of the top picks that will have you and your friends in stitches at your party:

Junk In the Trunk

This one will get everyone moving and laughing hysterically. You will need a belt, an empty tissue box and 8 ping pong balls. Attach the tissue box to the belt (glue or tape, depending on how much you love the belt) so that the tissue box will rest at the small of the back. With the tissue box filled with ping pong balls, once the timer begins, the players have one minute to shake all the balls out and can only have their feet touching the floor, so no rolling around or doing handstands—that’s cheating! You also can’t touch the tissue box.

Mega Bubble

Start practicing your breathing exercises, because you’ll only have one minute to blow a bubble through a hula hoop that is fifteen feet away from the starting line. According to the official instructions, the only way to win is to blow an un-popped bubble that was created from behind the foul line through the hoop.

Paper Dragon

Paper Dragon is a terrific game for the kids at the party, even the little ones. It’s simple – using only your hands and arms, you recreate part of the celebration of the Chinese New Year by unraveling two spools of paper streamers in under a minute. These kids make it look super easy:

Hint: Don’t show any adults how easy it is for these kids until after you have the perfect picture of their fumbling attempts for the scrap book.


Separation Anxiety

Get revenge on your Type A orderly friends with this organizing game. If you are the orderly Type A friend, consider this a way to challenge yourself. You now have one minute to “separate a pile of 50 multicolored chocolate covered candies into 5 separate containers in a set color order.” It may sound easy, but will you be so cool and confident when the pressure is on? Get hyped up by watching the official game “blueprint” before you set out those candy jars and get organized, and fast!

These are just a few of the wildly hilarious, challenge, and downright fun games you can try to get you started on planning your Minute to Win It party. While you’re planning, consider really setting the scene for your “contestants” (AKA, “friends”) with a personalized banner welcoming them to the game show. Don’t forget to keep score – where everyone can see it! And have lots, and lots, and lots of fun.

Durable paper is a great way to hand create a fun and funky Minute to Win it score sheet for the whole party.

Theme Parties – Ideas for Any Occasion

Wildly Fun Party Themes & Ideas

The next party shouldn’t be a yawner.  Now is the time to try a theme party.  They appeal to any age or celebration.

Theme party decorations create ambiance for mixers, corporate parties, weddings, proms, and small gatherings.

Mix and match standard, party invitations, party decorations, party favors, and party tableware with theme parties decorations.

Plan your theme parties- a holiday party, birthday party, December graduation party, or baby shower today!

Theme Parties and Party Ideas

First, check your party calendar.  There are many dates ahead that you can start planning for today.

College Party Themes- Ideal for Sorority & Fraternity Mixers

Birthday Party Themes

Popular 2013 Homecoming Themes

  • A Hollywood theme party is just the occasion to look like the star you are!
  • Elvis died 35 years ago, but his music legend lives on at your Elvis theme partyreunion.
  • Host a ritzy and glitzy dance in a hall decked with themed, Madison Avenue party supplies.
  • Oh my, the colors in this Wizard of Oz party kit are just breathtaking. Unique and school worthy, administrators, parents, and students will all appreciate the Oz’s bold theme party decorations and theme party supplies.

Wedding Theme Party Decorations

  • We offer wedding party supplies for everything from showers and rehearsal dinners to ceremonies and receptions.
  • One of our most popular wedding party themes is the beach party, which can be held at the beach, in a backyard, or inside a warm, banquet hall.
  • Garden party supplies are also quite popular theme party decorations for showers and receptions.

Corporate Theme Parties for Adults

What are your theme party ideas?

Reunion Decorating Ideas

Personalized Disco ArchWhile we may concede that there is such a thing as the end of an era, it doesn’t mean we can’t revive it from time to time just for fun! This is especially true when you’re talking about shared experiences and planning reunions of any type.

Start your search for the perfect reunion decorations with a school yearbook or photo albums. What was particularly memorable? Was your basketball team the best in the state during your senior year? Has your family or class shared a favorite hangout or trip? Themed decorations can help you recreate the setting, from beachfront to big city lights.

If your group is too big for universally-shared memories, just change your focus a little. In that case, go with a theme that reflects the larger culture of your favorite time, for example taking inspiration from the most popular movie or song of the senior year. (Was a cool James Bond film released that year? See our Casino theme decorations and Madison Avenue party supplies for classic Bond settings and giant martinis!)

Other theme decorating ideas:

  • Go retro! Decorate for the decade you grew up in, such as 60s flower power or the 70s disco scene.
  • Use party decorations in your school colors
  • Tailor decorations to reunion activities; for example, if home movies will be a big feature during the get-together, you might select a movie theme

Reunion Party Supplies Must-Haves
Theme decorations kit: Free-standing large theme pieces give kapow to your entrances, divide spaces in a stylish way, and set the scene for photographs. Also visit the Table Settings page in the Tableware department for ideas on bringing your theme to your tables.

Life-sized cutouts: Are you spotlighting certain family members, former classmates or other reunion group members for special recognition? Pull photos of the ways you like to fondly remember them for life-sized cutouts to place near entrance, stage or podium. (It can be even more fun to select people randomly.)

Fabulous Favors: Customize key tags or photo buttons for a unique keepsake from the reunion.

Reunion Party Supplies Special Tip
Reunion parties can be a little different from other parties in that the planners will probably want to include displays. Newspaper clippings, family tree diagrams, photographs of members who have passed, even time capsule contents might be artifacts to share with the rest of the group.

At the very least, you’ll need a table or two near the entrance for name tags (if needed), yearbooks or photo albums, mailing list signups and so forth. Be sure to plan early on for incorporating theme colors and elements (table covers, balloon bouquets, centerpieces) into displays — they’re too important not to!

Organize a Neighborhood BBQ


Neighborhood BBQ, Hula Couple Photo Prop

Start Planning A BBQ Bash

Just how well do you know your neighbors? Invite them for food, fun and games and you will start to build a stronger neighborhood relationship. Now with Spring in full swing, you can be the spark to ignite a great grill-out with backyard party supplies and scrumptious foods that bring your neighbors together.

Neighborhood BBQ By Invitation Only 

The key to making your neighborhood BBQ a success is to start with custom invitations. Each invitation should indicate the date, time and location of the BBQ. Check with city and or village officials about the possibility of having a “block party” or having the event in a neighborhood park. Another choice is your backyard. It’s up to you.

Organize & Howdy Your Neighbors

Personally delivering the invitations makes sure they fall into the right adult hands and will have more meaning to your party’s purpose of creating neighborhood harmony. The invitation should also ask the neighbor to bring a dish to pass and or bring their own meat to grill. Are they to provide their own tableware? You could step in by providing ECO green tableware . The tableware is biodegradable, which is good for the neighborhood.

Include Kids at the BBQ

Your neighborhood is not complete without kids. Keep children & tweens busy and happy before those salad forks start flying with an assortment of kids party games . It’s hard to beat “Pin-the-tail on the Horse” or “Race Car Wheel Water” game. Parents will have fun playing along too. The games are ice breakers for kids and adults alike.

Something to Take Home to Remember Your Neighborhood BBQ

Give your neighbors more to take home then just their empty dish-to-pass and a foiled covered plate of “green marshmellow jello surprise.” Neighbors will love your choice of barbeque peanuts. They’re crispy and crunchy party favor treats. Be sure to get plenty for those who just couldn’t wait until the main course.

BBQ Post Scripts

Be sure to RSVP all the neighbors to find out what dish they will bring to pass. Give them choices of fruit salad, potato salad, dessert, etc. This way not everyone will bring their “green marshmellow jello surprise.” Consider preparing these dips recipes for chips and veggies. You’re going to have fun and build a stronger, more unified neighborhood. It’s just takes a little grillin’, the taste of barbecue and some planning. Go for it!


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