New Birthday Party Themes Include Personalized Parties for Young Children

Children’s birthday parties can be simple or extravagant.  Shindigz, a leading, national party supplies company, offers a complete line of personalized party products for parents who want to go above and beyond by creating birthday decorations and favors with their children’s images, names, and ages.

Kids eyes light up when they see how colorful and fun a ladybug or farm birthday party theme can be. To help parents visualize all the ways they can personalize these birthday parties with their child’s name, we’ve recently added short videos to our web site for several colorful kid’s themes.

Ladybug Fancy Party Supplies

Ladybug Fancy Party Supplies

In lieu of television or book characters, these newer party themes are cute and interactive, making the birthday boy or girl the center of attention.

Parents love using pictures of their children’s faces as the focus of the party decorations.  Make the guest of honor appear to shoot out of a cannon at a circus-themed party or create a life-sized standee of the birthday boy or girl next to buried treasure at a pirate birthday party. These custom decorations are memorable backdrops in the photos used to create keepsakes, thank-you notes, or social media posts.

The personalization of children’s birthday parties doesn’t stop at decorations. Parents are using their children’s names, ages, and images to create personalized party favors. Young children can forever remember their early birthday parties with the personalization of mint tins, coasters, banners, photo frames, canvases, and more.

Here are some of the most popular up-and-coming birthday themes that party-throwers are personalizing for their youngsters:

Barnyard Bash

Farm animals are big right now. A barnyard bash showcases farm animals like sheep, cows, and pigs. Personalized banners make the barnyard bash come to life and celebrate the birthday boy or girl.  A large red barn acts as a decoration and activity for the kids at the party.


Bumble Bee

From the party invitations to the decorations, Bumble Bees provide a bright and fun party theme. These black and yellow decorations are appropriate for boys and girls and are a perfect theme for spring and summer birthday parties.



Dinosaur standees as tall as the birthday boy or girl make dinosaur parties all the rage. A personalized birthday banner puts a memorable spin on the dinosaur-themed party, which is loaded with dinosaur, larger-than-life decorations.



Tiny dancers are finding personalized ballet decorations are making their parties remarkable. Pink and purple decorations with an emphasis on ballet slippers are popular for little girls around the country.

About Shindigz
Shindigz strives to “make life more fun” and has been a part of 23 million events through the manufacture and sale of personalized party products. It ships products from its facilities in South Whitley, Indiana across the United States and around the world to 59 countries. With more than 34,000 items and 25,000 custom products, it’s been providing customers with complete party solutions since 1926. For more personalized birthday decorations and favors, visit

Cute Play Date Parties for Ages 6 Months to 18 months

Planning play date parties is one of those fun challenges facing new mommies.  Whether you’re a new mother or an expectant mother, why not jump-start your party planning?  Even if you’re expecting and you don’t know whether to plan baby girl play dates or baby boy play dates, you can still plan a fun party that will work for either gender.

Cute Play Date Parties for Boys

Boys tend to grow up with a fascination with destruction and construction, so a great theme for your little man is a construction theme!  With an easy theme like this, you’ll be able to find plates and napkins quickly.  Now you can turn your attention to the “play” part of the play date party and plan a few games that will help the parents help their babies to learn new things.  This could include anything from “pattycake” to early counting and alphabet.

Another cute play date idea for baby boys is a monster truck theme.  This play date party idea would be great for daddy and son days!  It’s a party theme that you could carry through your baby’s younger years all the way to high school, a chance for your son and his dad to bond over the years.

Cute Play Date Parties for Girls

For some reason, play dates seem easier to plan for little girls than for little boys.  For a little girl’s play dates, you have choices from ballerinas to ladybugs Both could also involve a game of dress-up for the mommies to get involved in.  Treat bags and favor boxes are a must for little girls, so why not use a table centerpiece made up of favor boxes?

Boy and Girl Play Date Parties

These are probably the easiest play date parties to plan.  One of the most popular themes for a play date party that both boys and girls can attend is a farm theme.  Boys and girls can learn about farm animals!  If your party includes a naptime, mommies can relax with the babies and help them count sheep while they drift off to sleep.

Another popular theme is a circus theme.  The bright colors used in circus party decorations will stimulate your children and keep their attention, as will the variety of fun party favors and toys they can play with.

Play date parties are meant to be not only fun, but also educational.  By choosing a theme and planning your play date parties early, you’ll be able to plan a few games that will help your children get a head-start learning new things.

Host a Kids’ Get-Acquainted Party

For many, the beginning of the school year is a Season of New. Children become new school-agers, change schools, or start after-school activities such as tumbling class or Scouts. Teachers, parent volunteers and other kids’ group leaders are likewise greeted by new faces. Sometimes there’s a little anxiety. Always, you want to start out on the right foot. The Shindigz prescription: a get-acquainted party, naturally!

Choose a Theme with Fins or Four Legs
Chances are you’ll need a theme that appeals to both boys and girls, and there’s one great big intersection of boy and girl interests called Animals. Here are a few animal-based themes we think would work especially well for this purpose:

These animal themes are easy to decorate and accessorize. Create a barnyard with a big red 3D barn, classic red gingham table covers and a herd of inflatable cows; an undersea universe of deep blue seaweed and tropical fish balloons; or a green equatorial paradise with a jungle trees backdrop and wild animal standups.

You will similarly find that it’s easy to match piñatas, crafts, party wearables and other party favors to any of these animal themes.

If possible, try to have at least part of the party outdoors, or in another setting where the children can run around.

Young “Animals” Get Acquainted at Play
Children tend to get excited about being around other children, so the best strategy is to work off excess energy with lots of active play right at the start of the party.

Games can be old or new, theme-related or not, but you will want to choose types where nobody has to wait too long for their turns, and select team games for team-building and getting acquainted. Relays such as egg races, pass-the-orange, balloon sitting, and crab walk races make for classic, dependable fun; just be sure to mix up the teams between each game. Circle games using a play canopy and foam balls or animal beanbag toys engage all the children on the same team at once and encourage coordination and cooperative play.

Food tends not to be a huge focus for younger party guests, and what there is of it can be part of an activity, too. Children can decorate their own cupcakes or whip up small sundaes. Otherwise, a few nibbles are probably sufficient. Provide peanuts in the shell to a band of elephants, oats (granola) for a herd of horses, half bananas to marauding monkeys and so forth.

They will absolutely get mighty thirsty. Create theme-related personalized water bottle labels for “jungle juice” or “sea water” and tint bottle contents accordingly with food coloring.

When the level of activity begins winding down and the end of the get-acquainted party nears, pull out the craft projects and coloring books from Everything Elementary.

Get-Acquainted Fun Continues Afterward
If you do create a herd of inflatable cows or a school of plush fish as part of the party decorations, be sure to have enough on hand for each child to take one home. Party wearables such as animal print safari hats, shark tooth necklaces and farm animal masks are emblems of fun both during and after the party, and photos taken in front of large party decorations and during games can adorn a bulletin board or the beginnings of a group scrapbook.

Young‘uns Love a Barnyard Bash

While a farm party theme is adaptable to folks of all ages, there’s no party for young children quite like the Barnyard Bash with its rich palette of primary colors and cast of party animals.

The Barnyard Bash Kit-N-Kaboodle is a great start for planning a special party for the youngest of young’uns. This party kit for 8 features bright red barn-shaped plates with friendly farm animals and cups dotted like spotted cows. Coordinating table cover, cutlery, balloons, curling ribbon and thank-you notes complete the basic set. Upgrade to the deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle to add streamers, an Attach N’ Go Banner, mylar balloon and Candy Stripe white birthday candles.

ShindigZ offers a wagonload of decorative accessories and accents, too.

  • Take a gander at our Personalized Farm Yard Sign as a cute and colorful way to show guests they’ve reached the right barnyard.

  • Make hay with the Tractor Farm Photo Prop or the Personalized 3D Barn decoration for memorable pictures of the day.

  • Set a theme-perfect Farm Birthday Table in gingham and red paisley bandannas and “garnish” with farm animals and mini straw bales.

  • A Barnyard Bash is a time for dress-up and for classic, active games such as Horse, Duck-Duck-Goose, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey (or cow or pig).

  • Greet each guest with a straw hat and/or bandanna.

  • The Pull String Cow Piñata is a natural for this theme.

  • Line a child’s wagon with a blanket and some straw, and pull one or two riders at a time around the “barnyard.”

  • Stir up a batch of batch of dough for kids to create Pretzel Farm Animals (see recipe below).

  • Farm Animal Pretzel Dough Recipe

    1 package yeast
    4 cups flour
    1½ cups warm water
    1 egg
    1 tbsp. sugar
    1 tbsp. salt.

    In a large bowl mix yeast, water, sugar and salt. Stir in flour. Knead on table until dough is smooth. After the kids have washed their hands, give each child a ball of dough to work with into animal shapes. Brush with beaten egg, and sprinkle with salt. The kids move on to the next adventure while the pretzels bake in a 425°F oven for 15 minutes or until browned. Cool to room temperature and enjoy!

    Sure as spotted cows say, “Moo,” ShindigZ surely can help you plan a bodacious Barnyard Bash or other Farm Birthday Party!


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