Party Favors for Christmas

Party hearty — but also think outside the favor box and use Christmas party favors for many kinds of seasonal giving.

In the Neighborhood
Many of us love to share our own homemade treats this time of year with friends, neighbors and the professionals we see every day. A personalized container could be the perfect finishing touch for presentation.

  • Arrange cookies, candies and mini tarts in cookie tins
  • Candy jars can hold herb salt mixtures or secret-recipe spice rubs
  • Hand-crafted wines and beers deserve personalized bottle labels

If you are having a regular bash, jot down the name of the design you like for your labels and containers. Popular Christmas designs such as Traditional Ornaments, Blue Sky and the Sweet Christmas line will show up also in products for entertaining, including Christmas banners, coasters and invitations. Add coordinating solid color tableware to these items and you’ll be ready to rock your Christmas par-tay.

At Work and Play
Gift exchanges are a fun part of Christmas season life, but of course most of us are working with budgets so the question is how to give to office mates or teammates something nice without busting the Christmas Club account. Here are a few ideas under $5 each if you have a large enough group that you can take advantage of volume pricing:

More Gifting
We know a pair of newlyweds who are building their glassware collection; maybe you do too! Venture out from the Christmas party favors pages and check the newly expanded collection of unimprinted glassware for sophisticated flutes and sassy martini glasses.

For unique gifting, the Photo Puzzle might be just the ticket. Transform a favorite photo of the kids or grandkids, cherished pets or a dream vacation into a jigsaw for your favorite puzzle fan.

Along the way be sure to browse Stocking Stuffers for those small but thoughtful gifts: lip gloss for the resident princess, a silver keytag for the new driver in the family, or a plush animal for anyone who could use a new friend!

Shindigz Party FUNd Helps 5 Year Old Give Back

When the Shindigz Party FUNd was created on the Shindigz Facebook page, it was a way for Shindigz to give to those who give back. The goal of this fund is to “fun it forward” by asking customers what they would do to make life more fun for someone else. And Shindigz is granting those wishes.

When little Sarah Mason began planning her 5th birthday party with her mom, Sallie, they decided to give back. Sallie states, “We are a US Marine Corps family with my husband, Major Kirk Spangenberg serving almost 15 years.  Each year, we teach our children that birthdays are about celebrating life, counting our blessings and using that time as a chance to bless others.  In the past we have chosen local non-profits, Ronald McDonald House, food pantries and crisis pregnancy centers to give donations in lieu of presents.  This year, we have chosen the Semper Fi Fund ( as they serve a population close to our hearts.  Marines who are wounded face many challenges that are not covered by medical insurance.  Semper Fi Fund stands in the gap to make sure the Marine and his/her family are given every opportunity to heal, recover and re-enter society and live full and productive lives.  While our Marine has returned unharmed from his multiple tours, we feel a deep sense of obligation to help those who have not.”

In honor of her fifth birthday, Sarah Mason asked her friends not for Barbie Dolls, stuffed animals, games or toys, but rather that they bring $5 to donate to Semper Fi Fund to help other families.  Sallie posted her birthday idea on the Shindigz Party FUNd Facebook page and Shindigz granted a $250 gift certificate to buy thank you gifts and decorations for the party.
Sallie and Sarah decorated their local theater to the hilt with movie and popcorn decorations. They also received mini film tin canisters, favors for their guests and Movie Night Decopics for their adorable movie cupcakes!

According to Shep Moyle, Owner and Shindigz Party King, “We’ve spent a lot of time here around the old popcorn popper thinking about how our customers can help us make life more fun. This program is designed to bring a smile to someone who needs a bit more happiness, some laughs to folks who may be sad, and by making random acts of fun a part of everyday life. There’s no hook or catch. We aren’t selling products or marketing what we do in the world of party supplies. We want the world to know our ‘why’. The why we do what we do. Making life more fun.”

Shindigz is asking anyone with an idea for how to make life more fun for someone else to post their Party FUNd idea on their Facebook page. Shindigz has dedicated $25,000 to helping others make life more fun! Simply post your idea, ask for your friends’ support by voting on your idea, and Shindigz selects at least one idea per week that will come true.

What Can You Put in YOUR Personalized Candy Jars?

Your bustling party or cozy soiree needs party favors.  Give them custom, glass candy jars filled with bright and tempting goodies to remember you, your business, or your cause.

Candy Jar Filler Ideas

Start by ordering candy jars in bulk.  Design their labels during checkout.  Then, simply fill your empty, personalized candy jars with colors and theme items that match your event.  Add these candy jar fillers:

1.  Hershey Miniatures wrapped in personalized mini candy bar wrappers

2. Tootsie Rolls

3. Mint Candy Favors

4.  Dried Fruits

5.  Bulk Candy

6.  Sand Art Supplies

7. Soap Favors

8. Tattoo Party Favors

9. Erasers, Paper Clips, or Sticky Notes

10.  Business Cards

11.  Flash Drives

12.  Gift Cards

13. Ice Cream Toppings

14.  Church Favors

15. Assorted, Dollar or Discount Party Favors

16. Craft Party Supplies

17.  Party Balloons

18.  Adult Items

19.  Beta Fish

20.  Baked Goodies

21. Spices

22.  Make-Up or Hair Bands

Personalized candy jars are cute little containers to give as birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and wedding favors.  One baker we know likes to bake cakes and breads inside her jars to give to friends.  Order your candy jars in bulk and gift them to neighbors, friends, co-workers, teachers, and party-goers throughout the year!

Delightful, Santa Bucket Favor Pails

Create Santa Buckle Favor Pails

Create Santa Buckle Favor Pails

Looking for a creative way to display and contain your Christmas party favors? We have an easy, unique favor holder for you to make, and all you need are some small red pails, black felt, white felt, and hot glue for this project. Even Santa would be impressed by these favor pails. Follow the steps below to make these festive Santa bucket favor pails:

Santa’s Buckle Favor Pails:

  • Use the small red pail (item FVRSPL RED).
  • Create the Santa favor pail by using FVRSPL RED, black felt, white felt, and hot glue.
  • Cut a long strip of black felt for the “belt”. Hot glue the black felt strip to the pail.
  • Use white felt to create the buckle, and hot glue it to the black felt.
  • For a snowy look, fill the pail with cotton balls and add your favorite favors. (We used our edible marshmallow snowmen favors).

Santa Bucket Favor Pail Ideas:

  • These jolly favor pails should be filled with fun
    Christmas party favors like: Christmas yo-yo’s, mini Christmas coloring books, candy cane pencils, snowman playing cards, and holiday sticker strips.
  • Transform your party space with a
    cozy Christmas scene setter. Other Christmas scene setters include: the Christmas scene setter kit, the Christmas trees room setter, and windows and the fireplace scene setter.
  • Santa may not be at your party (or maybe he will be, that’s up to you) but Santa’s sleigh can be there. Add a beautiful Santa’s bag
    prop next to the sleigh filled with wrapped empty boxes to complete the effect. The Santa’s bag is made out of crushed velvet looking fabric with gold embroidered wording and a gold drawstring rope. Santa’s sleigh is a great photo opportunity, and you may even want to include your photo in your Christmas cards.

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