Games to Play at a Super Bowl Party

12SZNAL617It’s the biggest game of the year and you’ve got a house full of guests. You’ve got Super Bowl XLVII decorations all over and a spread of wings, pizza, dips and sweets that will assure everyone leaves with a full tummy.

But face it, not everyone at a Super Bowl party cares about the football game, and sometimes the game is just plain boring. You simply cannot have a party for the big game without playing some games of your own.

Here are some of our favorites:

Cornhole Competition

Set up some cornhole boards in the garage or outside, if the weather is nice. Party guests will love the competition. Set up a tournament and maybe even name the teams after NFL teams. If there’s an artist in the family, have someone paint the boards with the teams in the Super Bowl.

Board Game Bonanza

The stores are lined with rows and rows of board games. Grab some of your favorites and have plenty of options for your party guests. Monopoly, Sorry, or even Twister can make for great party games.

Big Game Bingo

This game can be played while watching the Super Bowl. Have guests fill out their own Bingo cards with words like:

  • touchdown
  • field goal
  • safety
  • sack
  • offsides
  • interception
  • timeout

Come up with a large list of football terms, and the first time one of them happens, players mark their Bingo cards. This is a good way to play a game and watch the game at the same time!

Guess the Game

Everyone is already in a competitive mood, test their predicting skills and have guests guess what will happen in the game. Make sure everyone has their paper filled out with their answers before the game begins.

Some ideas of what guests can predict:

  • halftime score
  • final score
  • rushing yards
  • receiving yards
  • MVP

drinkathlonDrink Up

If your crowd is 21 and older, and the drinks are one of your favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday, consider getting the Drinkathlon to see what your guests are made of. The keg-shaped tin contains eight shot glasses, four mini hockey pucks, one mini football, one die, one ping-pong ball and one super ball. Perfect for 4-20 players, your guests might get so wrapped up in these games that they forget there’s even a game on TV!

If you truly appreciate all your guests, consider sending them home with some small favors just for attending your party. That way they’ll never forget what a great time they had, and they’ll be back next year for more football, games and fun!

Buying Habits Don’t Match AFC, NFC Championship Poll Results

Super Bowl XLVII party supplies

It’s a complete football party for 8 with these Super Bowl XLVII party supplies

Which teams do party shoppers believe will have the big wins on Sunday and make their way to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on February 3, 2013? According to a poll performed on, the February match-up to watch for will be the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.Those participating in the NFL division championship poll picked the Patriots (53%) over the Baltimore Ravens (47%) and the 49ers (81%) over the Atlanta Falcons (19%).

Shindigz has also been keeping a close eye to NFL team purchases since the final four football teams were determined.  While the 49ers are ahead in the polls, Falcons fans have been purchasing more plates and napkins for parties than any other NFL team. For purchase behavior, the Falcons are followed by the Patriots, Ravens, and then 49ers.

The Shindigz NFL Championship poll is open for voting through Sunday and can be found at

NFL Football Party Supplies

Just 4 NFL teams remain: get your San Francisco 49ers,  Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, or New England Patriots party supplies.

Food, Decor, and Favor Ideas for NFL Playoff Parties


It’s playoff time! Headed into the games are Baltimore, Denver, Houston, New England, Atlanta, Green Bay, San Francisco, and a handful of wildcards. When the playoffs kick off on January 5th and 6th, prepare to watch the action with an NFL Playoff Party. Whether you’re ahead of your game for the Super Bowl or are creating a series of watch parties leading up to the big game, Shindigz has fun, affordable NFL party supplies to keep your crew cheering!

NFL Food

Great snacks are the centerpiece of an NFL party. Pizza, party subs, and dips are a must have. Choose your snacks from an assortment of sweet and salty or ask guests to chip in and bring their favorite dip and create a dip bar. Remember to stock up on a variety of dippables from bread pieces to pita chips, plus tons of tortilla chips. Many guests also appreciate having lighter, healthier fare such as a vegetable tray or low-cal guacamole. For a unique twist, serve NFL team snacks inspired by the team location or mascot. For example, New England clam chowder, Baltimore crab dip, or a Green Bay cheese platter.

Serve your party snacks on NFL party tableware in your team logo. Create a competitive element to your snacks by serving them on tableware featuring each team in the match up. Guests can chose their NFL_Colts_caketableware based on which team they’re supporting. Or NFL tableware assortments include not only must-haves like plates, napkins, and cups, you can also find unique items such as team logo ice cubes, drink umbrellas, and decorating picks for cupcakes and more.

NFL Decorations 

Carry the NFL team patterns from your tableware over to your decorations too. Use streamers and tablecovers in team colors to create a bright base. Add personalized football banners to show your team support too. Our metallic curtains in your team colors are a great way to create a big entrance to the party room, or cover living room walls to create a festive space for watching the games. You can match the metallic curtains to tableskirts too for a coordinated look. Don’t underestimate the power of decorating with balloons! Use latex balloons in your team colors to create balloon bouquets for your tables or to outline the party space. Add an accent to the cluster with a football mylar balloon or a mylar balloon in your team logo.

NFL Favors
Create awesome personalized favors for your playoff party by picking a football_personalized_candy_bardesign from our personalized candy bars and adding your team colors and party details to the wrapper. We have a football custom candy bar option perfect for this party. The candy bars make a great snack for at the party or for guests to savor later. Stock up on fan gear such as beads, megaphones, foam fingers, and fan poms to hand out to guests for cheering during the game. Choose fan gear in your team colors to show your pride.

An NFL party makes a great birthday party for a football fan whose birthday falls during the playoffs. Schedule time for playing catch or other football activities before the game or during half-time. Our NFL party supplies include cake decorations for a really happy birthday.

Check out all of our NFL party supplies and party tips for more ways to watch the playoffs in style!

Celebrate Underdogs with an Northern Illinois vs Florida State Orange Bowl Party


Root for the underdogs in the 78th annual Orange Bowl with a party celebrating the Northern Illinois Huskies or the Florida State Seminoles. When the game begins at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens this New Year’s Day, gather friends for food, football, and fun! Going into the game, both Florida State and Northern Illinois University are underdogs overall, but ESPN predicts a close game, and one worth watching. Plan a watch party to enjoy an afternoon of exciting football and good food with your friends. Shindigz has football party supplies and tableware in Huskies or Seminoles colors to set the scene. Plus, check out these tips for an Orange Bowl party worth cheering for.

Decorate your living room, tailgate, or other party venue for watching the game using decorations in team colors. Choose party curtains in the team colors—cardinal and black—to create a shimmering backdrop for your party. If you’re hosting a watch party in your home, use the curtains in doorways or to transform your living room by covering the walls. For a big entrance, use a stretch column in cardinal and in black on either side of the room and hang a personalized team banner between the columns.

Cheer on your team with collegiate party supplies and fan gear in your team logo or colors. As guests arrive, hand out fan poms in cardinal and black or gold and garnet so everyone can cheer on the team. You can use the poms as a centerpiece on your buffet table to add team colors to your decor as well. For more team favors, choose spirit beads, foam fingers, or temporary tattoos in your team’s colors. Adding team spirit to your party helps guests really get into the game. You can also use bigger fan gear items as prizes for big winners or break out categories in your party pool predicting the game’s outcome.

football_photo_standeeAdd a unique twist to your Orange Bowl party decorations by incorporating elements that set the scene for the bowl game, not just your team pride. Use floral sheeting  and a city street light to create the impression that guests are curbside for the Orange Bowl Parade. Use the floral sheeting to create a backdrop or festive walkway at your party’s entrance. Floral sheeting also works as a unique, durable table cover. It’s available in a variety of colors, including team colors.

For activities to keep your friends entertained during commercial breaks or between plays, keep some footballs handy to toss in the back yard, create a trivia game about this year’s College Bowls  or Orange Bowl history or about your favorite team. Check out our drinking games for grown-up fun too.

If you’re Seminoles fan, we have you covered too. Our Florida State party supplies include tableware printed with the team mascot, drink umbrellas, mints, even Eyeblacks with the team logo. Supplement your printed party supplies with solid colored gold and garnet tableware too.

With the Super Bowl around the corner, hosting an Orange Bowl party is a great way to enjoy hosting a football event ahead of the hype or if someone else has snagged Super Bowl privileges. Plus, a football party is a great way to spend New Year’s Day. Check out all of our football party supplies and tailgating tips for more ways to make your Orange Bowl party a stand-out.

Six Popular Adult Party Themes

It doesn’t matter how busy your life gets, you always have to remember to take time to relax ad unwind with your friends.  Right about the time the adult world hits and work bogs you down and perhaps even college classes take their toll on your sanity, that’s when you need to step back, request a day off, and plan a fun get-together with your friends. (You might want to tell those friends to request a day off work, also.)  While there are many themes to choose from for your party, here are six great, popular party ideas for you to start with.

  1. Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Party:  With Cinco de Mayo rapidly approaching, start planning a fun fiesta for you and your friends!  Display cute fiesta candles all around your house or backyard, wherever you’re throwing your fiesta party.  If you choose to decorate your backyard, pick up a fiesta decorating kit to make your party planning that much easier.  Plan on serving chips, salsa, and salsa con queso for your guests to snack on.  Also, would it be a Cinco de Mayo party without drinks? Pick up margarita mix and daiquiri mix, but add fruit juice rather than alcohol for a fun, fruity summer mocktail—this way, your guests get the feeling of margaritas, but everyone stays safe for the entire day.  Serve those delicious mocktails in bright-colored margarita glasses to add to the fiesta-feeling of the day!
  2. Poker Night Party:  Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing poker night?  It’s a night for you and all your friends to dress down, get away from work, and play some cards to relax.  While it doesn’t seem like something you really need to decorate for, the decorations are usually half the fun of a party.  Place a sign in your yard so friends who haven’t been over in awhile know right away which house is yours.  Decorate the game room with clear bulb lights to give the room a relaxed, fun feeling.  Designate a table to the side of the room as the snack table—cover it with a green tablecloth and then sprinkle it with blackjack confetti.  Invite your guests to partake in a potluck and have everyone bring a snack for the group to enjoy.   By the end of your relaxing poker night, hopefully everyone will have won some fun prizes and enjoyed some great food.
  3. Movie Night:  Make some popcorn, call your friends, and pick a few movies to watch!  Conduct a small survey of your friends prior to movie night to find out what genre everyone wants to watch—this way, you’ll know what extra funky decorations you can add, like cardboard standees of Marilyn Monroe, plus you’ll be able to pick out a few movies for your guests to choose from.  Offer up the following genres: horror, comedy, old Hollywood, and musical.  That way, the guys you invite won’t hear “romance” or “romantic comedy” and back out.  The next step is to put together little snack bags filled with candy for your guests to enjoy during the movie(s).  Finally, plan on providing soda and popcorn for your guests (hey, it gives you a reason to buy popcorn containers).
  4. Football Party:  Take a Sunday or a Monday off and plan a football party!  Get all the classic game day snacks: pretzels, potato chips, salsa, queso, and maybe even cook some hot dogs and hamburgers!  Set up a table with a serving tray so your guests can easily pick and choose what they want to snack on—and place some mug-shaped candles in the center.  Also, set up an inflatable mug-shaped cooler for your guests to grab beverages out of.  Give your guests foam footballs to toss around during commercials—but make sure any breakables are out of the room!  Place football-shaped mylar balloons and bunches of colored latex balloons around the room to give it that final, finished touch.
  5. Girlfriend Party:  Get all your girlfriends together for a girls’ night in!  A great way to relax with the girls is by putting in a romantic comedy, kicking back on the couch, and diving into some popcorn, chocolate, and girl talk.  Just remember, you can’t have a girls’ night without a lot of candy—chocolate lollipops, candy bars, and other types.  This also sets you up for adorable favors, like compacts, coasters, and mint tins.  Make the night memorable for your girlfriends!
  6. 80’s Party:  Create a fun, throw-back party by decorating around an 80’s party theme!  You can have all sorts of fun, dress up in 80’s attire and blast Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper on your stereo.  It’s all about neon colors, so bunch bright balloons together all around the room.  Hang a door cover on your front door to help set the mood for your guests.  This blast-from-the-past party is sure to make your guests feel like they stepped into a time machine, but a dance party will definitely help them relax!

Whatever theme you might choose, the main thing to remember is to not stress about the party planning.  Your guests will love to be able to just have a time to get away from their crazy, hectic, adult lives and have a little fun again.


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