Relaxing Father’s Day Party Ideas

Time to Plan Your Relaxing Father’s Day Party

With Father’s Day slowly approaching (it’s June 17th), it’s definitely time to start planning a fun party.  To show the special Dad in your life just how much he means to you, plan a nice, relaxing Father’s Day party.  Because you have a lot of time to plan (at least, you have a lot of time if you start planning now), you can choose from a wide variety of parties.  Generally, most people plan a fun backyard barbecue for Father’s Day. This year, try pulling out other ideas—look at your dad’s favorite sports.  No matter what sport he follows the most, there are all sorts of party ideas buried.

Relaxing Father’s Day Backyard Barbecue

The standard fun party idea for Father’s Day is a cookout.  While dads are usually the grill men, give him the option this year.  Either let Mom cook, or (if he wants to) give Dad his place at the grill.  The catch this year is that Dad has to wear a chef’s hat and an apron decorated by his loving family.

When you start planning what food will be appearing at your Father’s Day backyard barbecue, think about your dad’s favorite foods.  Pick his favorite main dish, a few of his favorite sides, and make his favorite dessert.  If he wants to be a part of the food preparation (if he maybe has a new seasoning he wants to try or something along those lines) and the cooking, let him.  Don’t refuse to let him be a part of the fun.  It’s his day; he can do whatever he wants!

Father’s Day Sports Party

If your dad wants to just sit and watch sports for awhile on Father’s Day, let him!  Suggest that he invite a few other dads and guys over to join him!  However, after a few hours, try to remind him that he needs to get up and about, maybe go outside and get some fresh air.  The catch is: while he’s been sitting inside watching sports with his friends, you and the kids have been outside, maybe conspiring with the families of the friends he’s watching sports with, and decorate your backyard before beckoning Dad outside.  Watch his face when he walks into a backyard sports party!  Whether his favorite sport is baseball, basketball, football, golf, or racing, he’ll be shocked to see his backyard transformed into a Father’s Day party place!  Even within each of those Father’s Day party themes, there are other choices to be had: use his favorite team as a jumping-off point; pick either car racing or the Kentucky derby; you can even plan activities for the party!  Remember, though, it’s your job to make sure it’s a relaxing day for the dad in your life as well as a chance for you and your family to show him how much you love him.  Happy Father’s Day party planning!

Big Heads, Big Sports Trend, Big Fun

The biggest trend in college basketball student sections is really B-I-G.  Three feet tall, big head cutouts, numbering 150 strong at some schools are waved as an attempt to distract visiting players when shooting free throws.  Whether they are effective is debatable, but it’s clear their popularity has taken off.

“The big heads are very popular during the NCAA tourney. Those watching the games from parties at home or in bars wave personalized big head cutouts of their guests to produce a few laughs, while cheering on their favorite teams,” remarks Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing at Shindigz, a leading national party supply company.

Making a BIG Impression

High schools are enjoying the action, too. Administrators and parents create big head cutouts to recognize players and coaches during games. “It was the highlight of the night and the talk of the town,” says one mother who used them during her sons’ final high school football game.

Cheering families of marathon runners find the big head cutout’s huge three feet size make a huge impact when their runner turns the corner and sees themselves larger than life.

“They’re not just for sporting events anymore. We get many orders for milestone birthdays.  Big head cutouts showing the guest of honor as a child and an adult really makes a big impression,” adds Downey.

About Shindigz

Since 1926, Shindigz has been a part of over 22 million events and delighted customers with creative party ideas, supplies, and decorations.

Fans Jump on the Tim Tebow Party Bandwagon

Cheer on Tebow and the Broncos with an Orange Football Fan Wig

Cheer on Tebow and the Broncos with an Orange Football Fan Wig

“Tebowing” hit new heights this week across the nation with football fans tweeting about Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Social media sites are buzzing with followers singing the praises of a newfound hero in quarterback’s clothing. As a result, Shindigz, where the world comes to party, has seen a surge of activity with fans searching for Tim Tebow party supplies.

Team-colored orange and blue noisemakers, wigs, game day tableware, and NFL football party supplies are briskly selling on the new Tim Tebow Party web page assembled at www.shindigz/tim-tebow-party. “Add in some Super Bowl or Florida Gators products (Tebow’s alma mater) and What Would Jesus Do or God Loves You items and you can see that parties are being planned for this Sunday’s NFL playoff game,” notes Keith Bansemer, Shindigz Director of Internet Marketing.

Even though this is the just the second year of this young Christian’s professional career, “The Tebow” has become the country’s most watched sports figure. Denver hopes to win two more games to reach Super Bowl XLVI, February 5th in Indianapolis. Tim Tebow and the Broncos go up against the New England Patriots in AFC playoff game action this Sunday. “Expect those on the Tim Tebow bandwagon to have their smart phones ready to tweet about every play at these Tebow parties,” says Bansemer.

Also, see how Yahoo! Sports recommends Shindigz for Super Bowl XLVI party supplies!

Create A Fantasy Football Party

Fantasy Football party supplies

Fantasy Football party supplies

The NFL playoffs are here! Time to wrap up Fantasy Football play with a party!

Start planning your party with football party supplies that your team picks. Here are the top 5 “must-haves” for your party:

• Use NFL football party supplies as table decorations and for those wings and meatballs you’re serving.
• Fill the room with football wearables like gold football beads. Add some football favors too.
• Treat your fellow fantasy owners to a little dessert with football candy bars.
• Make sure you have a camera to catch everyone participating in football party activities like silly pictures, finger football, and flip cup.
• Hang a couple football party banners to set the party scene.

Not into throwing a fantasy football party because your team or players are not in the playoffs?  You can always go Tebowing and hop on the Denver bandwagon with some Tim Tebow party supplies!

September Madness Is Here. Host a Football Brackets Party!

football inflatable goal post cooler

Ease your September madness for football fever by keeping your beverages cold in an inflatable goal post cooler!

ARE YOU READY for some FOOTBALL?!! You’ve no doubt heard of March Madness, with winter still hanging on and NCAA basketball fans going wild for the upsets that add to the excitement of the single-elimination college basketball tournament. What? Basketball is not your game? Well, never fear. Now we’ve got September Madness, a form of football fever that can’t be cured—at least, not without a little help from Shindigz, your September Madness bracket sponsor!

Shindigz Brackets for the Big 16—Only the Top 8 Move On
Shindigz has created the first-ever Big 16 College Football’s National Champion. The deal is YOU decide who wins! Just register to vote for who you think is the best of the Big 16. Voting ends on 9/7/11. At that time, eight winners will move to the Awesome 8 brackets. After that, the Fabulous 4 teams move into the top spots. Who will the finalists be? The Texas A & M Aggies? The Wisconsin Badgers? The ultimate champion will be decided on 9/28/11.

Host a September Madness, Football Brackets Party Ideas
Football fans have been waiting for a bracket opportunity like this! Get your game face on with team stamp instant press tattoos and rally your friends to get the September Madness party started.

  • Decorate with your favorite college party supplies. Choose plates and napkins with your college logo, or order your team’s solid color BIG value packs.
  • Line up the drinking games as your College Football’s National Champion party begins. Give away pom pom party favors.
  • Strut your team spirit with fan gear. From wild wigs and party beads to crazy towels and face paint, we’ll help you “cure” your football fever (or at least provide an outlet for your September madness!).

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