Chicken & Beef & Veggies on the Grill that will make your guests say “Oh My!”

Yes, the song from the Wizard of OzLions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! popped into our heads as we were reading this recipe from Heather at the Shindigz Party Recipe site.

Actually, there’s 3 recipes in this one.

Chant along: “Chicken and Beef and Veggies OH MY, Chicken and Beef and Veggies Oh MY!”

Can you hear the sizzle of these Chicken & Beef Kabobs on the grill?

Can you hear the sizzle of these Chicken & Beef Kabobs on the grill?

Chicken Kabobs and Beef Kabobs are the first two.

The seasonings on these grilled veggies will please everyone this summer!

The seasonings on these grilled veggies will please everyone this summer!

And Grilled Veggies rounds out the list.  The Veggies are perfect for vegetarians or to complement the meat kabobs!

Even a Lion, Tiger or Bear would love these!

Be sure to save the Shindigz Party Recipe website to your list of favorites for ideas all summer long!

7 Party Lessons from Downton Abbey

As Season 3 ends for Downton Abbey and the Crawley family, we can learn a variety of wonderful party and celebration tips from the hit BBC show.Chapeau haut de forme sur fond blanc 1

Lesson 7. Always dress for the occasion.  

White tie for dinner may seem a bit much, but the Crawleys are always dressed properly for dinner. And isn’t a dressing gong just a marvelous idea? Dress well for your party or event. Formal never goes out of style.

Lesson 6. Seating arrangements matter.

We know that one had better think through who will be sitting next to the Dowager Countess or who might be sitting next to his Lordship. Leave nothing to chance and assign seats based on creating an interesting dinner conversation and thought provoking discussion while avoiding conflict among those who might be looking to gain social advantage of the moment.

Lesson 5. Having a butler can be of a great advantage.

Imagine if you had a Carson or a Mrs. Hughes to help you with your party planning. Things might be a bit easier! In our day, there are a variety of wonderful event planners willing to help and bring the pieces together for you. Or appoint your children to new roles in the household “staff” to help with party execution. Little Johnny can be a magnificent footman serving the guests! Just don’t forget the white gloves!

Dress SuitLesson 4. Details make the difference between success and mere accomplishment.

The Crawleys would never mix the flight of wines to be paired with dinner or use an inappropriate piece of silver in the service, so you should do the same! Be attentive to the small details from the moment of arrival to the time of departure. Have you planned for coats and galoshes? Have you planned for after dinner drinks in your drawing room? Have you thought about games and activities for the group? A lovely game of charades is always a favorite! Show your guests you have thought about the little things and you will be lavished with praise!

Lesson 3. Be welcoming to all.

One never knows who might arrive at Downton for dinner on short notice. Be prepared with extra food and drink for all events and welcome everyone who might attend. Who knows, they may bring news of newly discovered family or riches you have not yet imagined!

Lesson 2. Have friends with an accent.

It just seems so much more exotic and refined to have guests with a lilt or different language. Throw in a guest or two from the British isles or elsewhere in the Empire and your party and event will seem new and refreshed! If all else fails, put on an accent yourself for the evening and see how it goes.

Lesson 1. Garden parties rock!

Whether you have 10,000 acres or just a humble backyard, the Crawleys know that a garden party is both refined, relaxing and wonderfully proper. Guests will enjoy the outdoors, a canapé or two and a delightful strong quartet on the lawn. As spring approaches, plan your garden party with tea and crumpets.

What thoughts or lessons have you learned from the show to share with us?

June Party Ideas

June could be the month when you allow a little plundering, or ace Father’s Day in a different way. Let’s look at the possibilities.

School’s Out: Mutiny Averted
Often, the last day of school feels like a “just in time” moment all around; so it’s not unusual for parents and just-released young school-agers to travel to a park or someone’s home for a celebratory lunch and outdoor play. If this sounds like you, think about taking one additional step to throw a theme party – and in this case, we recommend a pirate theme.

A pirate theme is easy to incorporate into this type of gathering. A regular grilled hamburger magically becomes a “bilge burger” ‘cause you said so; a peanut butter sandwich turns into a skull with a quick application of the proper cookie cutter. A treasure chest cooler from inflatable coolers holds water or juice (AKA grog). Bury gold coins in a sandbox, float toy boats in a wading pool, and hand out eye patches and bandannas and nautical theme custom bubbles.

Of particular utility to a young children’s pirate party held outdoors is inflatable décor. Crocodiles, swords, palm trees and parrots inspire play, tend to survive less-than-perfect weather and make terrific favors (just be sure with very young children that the take-home items are the same for all).

Flag Week: Yes, Week
Most everyone knows that June 14 is Flag Day, but not as many are aware that the week of June 14 is, just as officially, Flag Week. This means you can throw a weekend barbecue with Flag Day decorations and a Flag Week theme and all remains right with the world.

Break out the bunting, pinwheels and patriotic tableware. Put up the outdoor patriotic decorating kit and think about leaving it up through the 4th of July. It is flag season, after all!

A Sporting Dad’s Day
Sure, the theme for Fathers’ Day could be “Fathers’ Day,” or you could kick things up a notch by paying homage to Dad and his favorite sport on his special day by shopping in sports party supplies.

For golf, baseball and many other sports, start with an appropriate wall mural or background, such as the Golf Course photo backdrop. Cover tables with grass print tablecovers and a cake (or cupcakes) done up with cake supplies that are cute or witty and in your chosen sports theme.

Place a life-sized sports standee in a prominent place at the party for laughs and photo ops, and scatter small sports-related items on tables (e.g. mini baseballs or whistles). Finish the decorating with clusters of themed mylar ball-shaped balloons mixed with coordinating colors of latex balloons.

The Month of the Rose
June is Rose Month, which is perfect for garden wedding themes, June birthday themes and garden-related events such as garden show receptions and fundraisers.

Choose from Rose Garden, Red Rose or White Party flower designs for banners, and decorate using boxwood or ivy garland and balls of grapevine or moss. On tables, alternate the balls with sand-filled, beribboned terra cotta pots “planted” with lollipop favors in your chosen design. The aforementioned grass print tablecovers might be of use here, too!

Amazing Summer Birthday Themes

Summer is a great time to have a birthday—especially if you’re a kid! All of the messes can be left outside & be hosed off easily. Try these fun summer birthday themes for your next birthday bash under the sun.

Pool Party
What says summer better than a pool party? Not much, in my opinion. Guests can bring their swim suits & towels for all kinds of water games and activities:
• Use duck pond floaters with stickers on the bottom for guests to fish out of a small pool. The kind of sticker that they get results in different prizes!
• Hold relays with water balloons, a relay egg game, and field cones.
• End the fun with a beach ball piñata and let everyone take the candy home as their party favors.
Whether you have a large pool, use a kiddie pool, or sprinkler, the pool themed fun will go on and on!

Luau Party
You will have your guests “limboing” their way over to the best party of the summer when you throw a luau party for your birthday!
• Hand out leis to guests as they enter your party.
• Keep everyone cool with water bottles complete with luau bottle labels placed in an inflatable palm tree cooler that keeps your theme going.
• Entertain your guests with a limbo kit while playing a luau island party music CD.

Garden Party
Nature lovers can go elegant with a garden party for birthdays! Your guests will love your outdoor space when you transform it using garden party supplies.
• Pass out cute retro mini flower fans that will keep guests cool.
• Add flowers to your garden for even more lushness using silk roses and tulips.
• Decorate your tables with lighted English ivy twig garland, twig garland, and cuckoo trees.

Backyard/Cookout Party
For a less formal birthday bash, hang out with your friends and family at a good old fashioned backyard party or barbeque.
• Invite guests to your birthday with cookout party invitations.
• Try BBQ party table decorations for no fuss decorating or be unique with fun backyard grillin’ dinner plates for your guests to put those hot wings and ribs upon.
• Buy printed stadium cups as reusable party favors for each of your guests to remember your party by.

Adults and children of all ages will appreciate your summer birthday party when you plan it with Shindigz’ help. From start to finish, invitations to favors, Shindigz has you covered!

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Design Elegant Garden Party Weddings

pink hanging floral topiary

Suspend pink hanging floral topiaries from tree branches or your tent canopy for an elegant garden wedding accent.

Congratulations! You’re getting married! You’ve decided to have a simple but elegant garden party wedding. That’s an excellent idea. Let Shindigz set you up with some simple and affordable decorations to make your day memorable, without breaking your budget.

  • Although your day will most likely have perfect weather, you may want to consider being prepared with a easy up canopy. Then you can let your mind relax, knowing you’re prepared. Even if it’s a really hot day, you may want it so you don’t melt. You can decorate with metallic white gossamer or any other color you want. For more decorations, be sure to check out our Martha Stewart collection.
  • You do NOT need to have chairs for everyone attending the ceremony. Keep that part short, so most people can stand. It’ll feel more intimate, more exciting, and it’ll save a lot of room and money. You may want a few chairs for some of your family and friends. Be sure to cover them with a white fabric cover and a chair band to fit your color theme.
  • Don’t think you are limited to expensive flowers. You can line the periphery with candles or balloons. That’s a great way of bringing your colors outdoors and making it seem like a relaxed party.
  • Feel like walking the red carpet? This aisle runner is a great way of feeling more stable as you and your bridesmaids walk through the garden in your high heels, not to mention you’ll feel like a Hollywood star!
  • Lastly, if you want your guests to feel comfortable while watching you, then give them sunglasses and sunscreen. Or have the wedding in the evening and surround the place with lots of candles and lanterns, then everyone will be aglow!

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