Party Favors for a Glitzy Girl Birthday Party Bash

Small-Sequin-PurseParty favors are a fun part of attending birthday parties. Favors for your Glitzy Girl birthday party should be glamorous and fit for a fashion maven.

Create a party favor pack for your party by selecting a favor box or bag and party favors to fill it from our party favor store. For this party we suggest a  Small Sequin Purse and daisy swirl lip gloss, a sequin slap bracelet, glitter nail polish, a hologram hair twist, silver body glitter, a holograph notebook, a faux diamond ring, neon hair clips and rhinestone sunglasses.

You can create your own favor packs by ordering any combination of the favors above or choosing your own assortment from our huge selection of party favors.

If you choose to have a Glitzy Girls fashion show at your party, an especially good favor would be a personalized picture frame. Have an acrylic frame personalized with your party details and take digital pictures of each guest dressed up in her fashionista outfit. You can distribute the favors after the party for a treasured keepsake.

Decorations for a Glitzy Girl Birthday Party

Decorations for your Glitzy Girl theme party should be fun and fabulous! You can’t have enough glitter, rhinestones or color. Coordinate your decorations to the Glitzy Girl Party Kit, which includes invitations, Glitzy Girl tableware and pink cutlery, silver star confetti, silver metallic balloons, purple metallic balloons, silver curling ribbon, cerise curling ribbon and a bright pink tablecover. The Deluxe Kit also includes a Glitzy Girl Personalized Banner, Glitzy Girl mylar balloon, fuchsia crepe streamers, white crepe streamers and silver spiral candles.

Outdoor Decorations:

Tie a bunch of helium-filled latex balloons to your lamppost to let everyone know where the party is. This decorating technique is a classic!

Line your walkway with shimmer star cut-outs taped to the cement with packaging or duct tape. If your party is after dark, use star luminaries to light the path.

Indoor Decorations:

Separate spaces with metallic curtains. They catch the light with a shine and are great for breaking up a large room or dividing the food area from the stage area.

Don’t underestimate the decorative power of balloons. Coordinate balloons to Glitzy Girl Party Kit or create clusters of the birthday girl’s favorite colors. Fill them with helium from a helium tank and create balloon clusters in odd numbers secured with curling ribbon to the back of chairs or to balloon weights. If you don’t use helium, blow up the balloons and scatter them around the floor or hang them from the ceiling by various lengths of curling ribbon.


Table Decorations:

A well decorated table can really pull all your decorations together. Decorate your tables with the Glitzy Girl Party Kit and coordinating decorations.

Start off your decorating by covering the table with a bright pink tablecover. Over the top sprinkle silver star confetti and place a Glitzy Girl centerpiece in the middle.

Next, set each place with Glitzy Girl tableware. Create bundles of cutlery using Glitzy Girl napkins and curling ribbon. Slip a sequin slap bracelet into each bundle for some extra pizzazz.

Party favors also make good table decorations. Place a pair of rhinestone sunglasses or a toy diamond ring with each place. Add a hologram notebook and a pink princess pen too. Serve your beverages in Glitzy Girl stadium cups.

Check out our other Glitzy Girl Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!


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