A Feast for the 4th

The Shindigz Party Recipe Food Bloggers have been busy this week preparing for National Ice Cream Month, National Hot Dog Month and summertime grilling!

We also welcome our 3rd weekly recipe author, Candace Schuler.  She joins Mark Carboni, (Cookin’with Carbo) and Heather Jurczyk. Each has their own unique background and you can read more about them here.

Let’s dive in with forks, knives and spoons.

Italian Lime Chicken

Italian Lime Chicken

Carbo created this Italian Lime Grilled Chicken with easy instructions on his signature marinade.

Set the table for an Ice Cream Tasting Party!

Set the table for an Ice Cream Tasting Party!

Candace shared several Ice Cream Toppings along with ideas for an Ice Cream Tasting Party.

An Authentic Chicago Dog

An Authentic Chicago Dog

Meanwhile, Heather shared a link to her homemade ice cream, along with her official guide to an authentic Chicago Style Hot Dog.

We’re going to have a tough time deciding which to prepare 1st!

Don’t forget before you run off to the store to pick up your ingredients, take a few moments at Shindigz.com to order your personalized summer party decor and tableware!

A New Twist on a Classic Chocolate Treat

Have you ever tasted of Creamy Brownie Dip?

Only if you’ve been following our updates on the Shindigz Party Recipe website.  First, take a look at this treat:

This Creamy Brownie Dip is just one of the new taste treats on the Shindigz Party Recipe site!

This Creamy Brownie Dip is just one of the new taste treats on the Shindigz Party Recipe site!

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Häagen-Dazs Best for National Ice Cream Day

Shindigz Vanilla Ice Cream Survey

Shindigz Vanilla Ice Cream Survey Brands

There’s a unique holiday coming on the calendar which can help Americans cool down from recent record-breaking temperatures. National Ice Cream Day is July 15th, observed each year on the third Sunday of July.  To celebrate, Shindigz, a leading party supply company that sells ice cream party supplies, conducted a taste test find out which brand of vanilla ice cream people enjoy the most.

Five national brands of vanilla ice cream were put to the challenge including Blue Bunny Premium All Natural Vanilla, Blue Bell Ice Cream Homemade Vanilla, Breyer’s Natural Vanilla, Edy’s Slow Churned Classic Vanilla, and Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream.  Each brand was rated for vanilla flavor, texture, appearance, overall taste, and creaminess. Forty-three consumers took part in the taste test.

“We wanted our taste test to cover many of the reasons people enjoy a brand of ice cream,” says Keith Bansemer, Director of Internet Marketing at Shindigz. “Our hopes are that these results will help people plan better tasting ice cream parties this summer.

After sampling each brand, those surveyed chose the following ice cream brands as their favorites in the following Shindigz Vanilla Ice Cream Survey categories:

Best vanilla flavor:  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream

Best texture:  Breyer’s Natural Vanilla

Best appearance:  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream

Best overall taste:  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream

Most creamy:  Edy’s Slow Churned Classic Vanilla

Overall, How the Vanilla Ice Cream Contestants Ranked:

#5. Blue Bunny Premium All Natural Vanilla has an intense vanilla flavor that makes the list of the best. However, respondents indicated that the ice cream lacks texture.  Adding a category rating for “competitive pricing” might have helped Blue Bunny.

#4. Blue Bell Ice Cream Homemade Vanilla is Blue Bell’s most popular ice cream flavor and generally scored well across all categories.  Survey respondents ranked Blue Bell second best for creamiest taste.

#3. Edy’s Slow Churned Classic Vanilla ranked the overall creamiest.  The slow-churned ice cream isn’t only super creamy; it’s low in fat and calories.  Edy’s received low marks for appearance.

#2. Breyer’s Natural Vanilla has led the best texture category and finished a close second for best overall appearance.  This popular ice cream has only five simple ingredients, according to its website, including fresh cream, fine sugar and rich milk.

#1. Häagen-Dazs has been making ice cream for half a century.  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla All Natural Ice Cream is the Shindigz Vanilla Ice Cream Survey winner for best vanilla flavor and overall taste. It also scored high for best texture.

July Party Ideas

Take the plunge with a new theme for an annual block party, pool party or garden club event (and more!). Here are some ideas for using theme parties for your July events.

Create a Carnival Theme for a Block Party
If your neighborhood is in a phase where lots of children live there, this one’s for you!

First, identify neighbors who have canopies and picnic tables they are willing to lend to the effort. Once they are set up for the party (and, where applicable, weighted properly against the wind) you can decorate them with strings of flag pennants and bright-tone balloons.

Starting with a carnival theme means so much else will fall into place, including the food. Commandeer a few grills and think hot dogs, grilled corn and ice cream.

Pick up a few carnival activities, such as classic toss games and duck floaters, and cheap favors for prizes. We find that many older children truly enjoy running games for the younger ones, so everybody is happily engaged.

You can find all the materials for decorating and activities in Carnival Party Supplies.

Think Gardens and Showers for a Ladybug Party
Already beloved by birthday girls, the ladybug party is also being claimed by party planners as a hot new summer baby shower theme. We also like it for garden club events. The color red, polka dots…what’s not to love?

Cover tables in white and add big bunches of red summer flowers and ladybug mylar balloons. Add polka dot tableware, Ladybug Fancy napkins and a bit of bug table confetti. You’ll see the smiles will arrive by themselves.

Consider also that July is a terrific month for a ladybug release and a spectacular part of a ladybug party if done right. For this, you’ll need to have the ladybug party in the evening and release in a garden area that’s had rain or been watered earlier in the day. (For more information on ensuring the well-being of the ladybugs during and after release, search online for “how to release ladybugs.”)

Throw a Different Kind of Beachfront Bash or Pool Party
We know everybody loves the luau, but why not go in a different direction? A nautical theme party will bring in a new color scheme and can be dressed up or down – and nobody says you can’t still enjoy a round of limbo if you like.

Imagine a gently swinging banner of semaphore flags and an anchor mylar balloon bobbing in a sea of blue latex balloons – and that’s just the entrance to your nautical theme party!

Deck tables in covers of cool white with runners of navy blue, and personalized nautical favors that match the design of the banner. Hoist rows of anchors, port holes or ship’s wheels on walls and embellish the bar with fishnet and an anchor centerpiece.

Wear and share captains’ and gobs’ hats for a humorously jaunty touch.

Try These Excuses for More Parties in July
July is National Ice Cream Month and National Picnic Month. The 28th of July is Milk Chocolate Day and American Cowboy Day. Do you know someone with a birthday in July who loves any of these things? Your theme dilemma is solved!

We have theme party supplies for all of these July celebrations. Start planning your out-of-the-ordinary summer party today.


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