Invitation Ideas for a Little Mermaid Party

Little girls love the Little Mermaid! This party theme is perfect for Little Mermaid fans of all ages. Once you’ve selected this theme for your party, decide on a party slogan to use in invitations and on custom banners and personalized favors. Here are some ideas:
•    The seaweed is greener at Sophie’s party!
•    Celebrate Andrea’s birthday with Ariel and Flounder!
•    Join us Under the Sea for Megan’s party!

After choosing a slogan, create invitations to send out to guests. There’s a paper invitation that matches the Little Mermaid Party Kit. Simply write in your party details and send them to your guests in the mail. Add a pinch of confetti or glitter for an extra special touch.

If you can hand deliver invitations, make them on the computer and use curling ribbon to attach them to party favors such as a Little Mermaid tiara or party blower. Encourage guests to wear the tiaras to the party!

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Activities for a Splash of a Little Mermaid Party

Little-Mermaid-PinataIf your party is during the summer, host it at the pool or set up a sprinkler in the backyard. Guests can play classic pool games like Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows, and Categories.

Year round, girls will love dress up and pretend time, especially for a girly Disney Princess party like a Little Mermaid party.

Try the Mermaid Personalized Game. You can have fins personalized with each guest’s name and they’ll love this spin on the classic Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey game.

A Little Mermaid Piñata is sure to be a hit. Guests will love taking a crack at it to see who can break free the candy filler!

After food and cake have been served, pop some popcorn and put in The Little Mermaid on DVD. What Little Mermaid party would be complete without watching the movie?

Tell us your Little Mermaid activity ideas!

Decorations for a Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Decorations for your Little Mermaid party should be fun and vibrant, bringing to life the under the sea flavor of the movie. Don’t worry, that’ll be easy with these tips and the Little Mermaid Party Kit.

The Little Mermaid Party Kit includes invitations, tableware, and a plastic tablecover, metallic green and metallic purple balloons and silver and purple curling ribbon. The Deluxe Kit also includes a Little Mermaid 3D piñata and purple streamin’ swirls. The Biggest Kit also includes a Little Mermaid Sea Star mylar balloon, purple star balloon weight, Little Mermaid dangler, silver heart tiara and birthday candles. Coordinate your decorations to the kit for a fantastic party look!

Welcome guests to your party with a mermaid personalized banner. Our banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in seven sizes. Plus, new Attach N’ Go banners are easier than ever to use. Add your custom wording to any banner for a fantastic decoration and keepsake.

Add some dimension to your decorations with Little Mermaid danglers. Hang them from the ceiling for an awesome floating effect that makes the most of your decorating space.

Squiggle seaweed is a fantastic decoration for this party. The seaweed makes a great accent to entrances or scattered around the room. Pair it with a backdrop of water patterned gossamer decorating material for a really awesome effect. Gossamer is wonderful for curtains, swags, drapes and other accents and it’s so easy to use.

Add a great focal point to your party with the Ariel Standee! It’s great for commemorative photos and is fun to decorate with even after the party’s over. The standee stands 45” high and 33” wide.

Table Decorations:

Table decorations bring the whole event together. Decorate your table with the Little Mermaid Party Kit for great results.

Start by covering your table with a green or purple plastic tablecover or a Little Mermaid tablecover. Over the top sprinkle some confetti and add a Little Mermaid centerpiece to the middle.

Set each placesetting with Little Mermaid tableware. You can create cutlery bundles from Little Mermaid napkins or personalized napkins and curling ribbon.

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Favors for a Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Party favors are a fun way to thank guests for attending your party. For a Little Mermaid party we suggest creating a Little Mermaid Favor Pack from our party favor selection.

We suggest including an under the sea bubble necklace, Little Mermaid stickers, a Little Mermaid blowout, party dough, daisy swirl lip gloss, plastic diamond ring, paint set, Little Mermaid tiara, Little Mermaid locket and a plush fish all packaged in an under the sea bag.

You can create your own party favor packs by ordering any combination of the above items or choosing your own from our large selection of party favors.

Another great favor idea for this party is a personalized picture frame. Guests can have their picture taken with an Ariel Standee and keep the photo in a picture frame with their name on it.

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