Remember Men in November with a Movember Fundraiser

Growing a mustache for the cause of men’s health is not for everyone, but a party near the end of November is! Check out these awesome ideas for hosting a Movember fundraising gala, AKA a “Mo party.”

Mo Themes
The mustache party theme is traditional, and Shindigz has fun mustache party decorations reminiscent of the corner barbershop and old-timey barbershop quartets.

Hosting a mustache party is not your only option, though. You could move “mustache adjacent,” for example, by putting together a pirate party that would be blast plus a terrific excuse for sporting excessive facial hair.

How about a collective tip of the hat to a famous mustachioed character? A theme tied to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot might mean hosting a murder mystery in a setting associated with Poirot’s adventures: the opera, an Egyptian tomb, or perhaps one of the sumptuous stops on the Orient Express, for example Paris or Munich. Browse International Party Supplies to find your preference.

Mo Invitations
First, set up a Facebook page for your Mo party event so you can include the URL on the invitations. That way, invitees can visit and “like” the page to receive news and updates about the event. Then select an invitation appropriate to your theme and include the URL on the bottom line of your custom text fields.

If you like, slip thin fake mustaches from our collection of mustache party wearable favors into invitation envelopes for the guests who cannot grow their own. Ask them to wear the mustaches to the party – but do supply extras at the door for those who forget.

Mo Fun in Fundraising
Of course, you will want to recognize the best of Movember fundraising at the gala. Honor the top achievers using royalty favors such as crowns and robes.

Why not host a mustache contest? Mo “bros” who are seeking Movember sponsorships usually grow their mustaches beginning the first of November and shave them off December 1. They (the mustaches) should be looking very good by the time of the party!

Make up your own categories such as “Most Villainous” or “Most Firefighter-Like” and be sure to publicize the contest beforehand using the event Facebook page. Award swag bags to the winners.

Generally we like theme photo favors for a Movember party because guests so much enjoy having photos taken with mustaches fake or otherwise. Send photos via email to attendees, and be sure to publish an album of the best at the Facebook event site, too.

Transform November into Movember with Mustache Themed Parties

October is nearly behind us, which means the Halloween decorations and Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbons come down. But, what about November? Poor November… always the forgotten month as far as parties and causes go.

Shindigz hopes to change the fun status of November by bringing awareness to a growing worldwide movement called “Movember.” It’s time to celebrate with new mustache themed parties and fundraisers.

While the symbol for Movember is the mustache, the meaning for the movement goes much deeper.  Movember is about raising awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and other men’s health issues affecting millions of men across the globe.

Donations for cancer research are raised through fun mustache-themed events.  Men (aka: “Mo Bros”) register their Movember participation at On November 1st, they start off completely clean shaven. With a little help from their wives and girlfriends (aka: “Mo Sistas”), the Mo Bros spend the rest of the month, growing, trimming, grooming, plucking, waxing and shaping their mustaches into their own unique and whimsical whisker-works of art. The moustache becomes the hairy ribbon for men’s health and is used to spark conversations about cancers affecting men.

Started in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, Movember has grown to include more than 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas.  In just 9 years, $174 million in donations have been raised. Men gather donations for their facial masterpieces from sponsors and supporters throughout the month. At the end of the month, many members celebrate their fund raising efforts with Gala Parties where achievements are recognized and mustaches are compared. Prizes are awarded for categories including Best Mo in Character, Miss Movember and, of course, the Annual Man of Movember.

Shindigz party supplies, where the world comes to party, is adding party decorations to Movember events and now features a new line of mustache party supplies and fundraising items like custom vinyl banners, entrance arches, yard signs, chocolate bars, and much more.

“It’s hard to believe what began as a bit of a joke has turned into a global movement for men’s health,” says Adam Garone, Movember CEO and Co-Founder.  “It’s humbling to see so many men and women passionately support this cause.  These days, you can’t grow a moustache without people asking what’s going on, leading to amazing conversations about cancers that affect men.”


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