October Party Ideas

There really is no more versatile of a month to celebrate than the month of October. The warmth of the autumn hues signals all of the inspiration we need to gather with friends and loved ones to rejoice in fellowship and enjoy all of the pleasures that life has to offer.

Host a Fall Fellowship Festival:

Gather your loved ones for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship! Excite your backyard setting with the simplicity of a beautiful natural backdrop of passionate reds, fiery oranges, and burnt yellows adorned with wispy stacks of hay and straw. Let the warmth of a backyard fire ignite the aromas of kettle cooked firehouse chili and corn. Spark a smile on your loved ones’ faces with the simple joys of an amusingly-friendly competition of bobbing-for-apples. Set out a few ice buckets and fill them with water. Drop a few fresh, crimson colored apples in the bucket. Have each participant line up next to their bucket and on your mark, have them bob for apples using only their mouths. The first participant to empty their bucket of apples first will be the winner. For a little extraordinary fun, have a few prize giveaways, such as a scarecrow decoration, a fall leaves centerpiece, or a pack of leaf swirl hangers  for a little added fun for the winners of each competition. And if you are hoping for a family-friendly get-together, don’t forget to have a few children’s games scattered throughout the yard. The Pumpkin Toss Game, inflatable pumpkin toss game, glow-in-the-dark frisbee, and inflatable jumpies (moonwalks) are a few children’s favorites. And, as the cool evening sets in, warm up to a bubbling cup of hot chocolate topped with a sticky, sweet marshmallow or a cup of sweet apple cider. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to turn your Fall Fellowship Festival into an annual gathering.

Bring the Joys of Oktoberfest to October:

Decorate your home for an ol’ fashioned, hike up your lederhosen, good time and gather your adult friends together for an evening of German sausages, cold drinks, and lots of laughter. Everyone knows Oktoberfest is known for good food and good drinks, so make sure you have plenty of Oktoberfest steins and keep your cold drinks a-flowin’. Your friends will yoddle the night away when you surprise them with Oktoberfest party buttons, Oktoberfest Hi hats, and Oktoberfest plastic beads. And to make your party complete, embellish it with beer candle favors.  (For a little surprise memory-making, ask that your friends come dressed in their best Oktoberfest outfit and you’ll make long-lasting memories for you and your friends).

And for a fun children’s October-themed party, host a Pumpkin Carving Party. The kids will love it!

Party-Goers Flock to Cities with Oktoberfest Festivals in October

We’ve identified four, 2012 Oktoberfest celebrations worth visiting this month.  While the original Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany, there are copy-cat festivals held all over North America each year.   You’ll love the German music, food, and fun!

Twin Cities Oktoberfest (Minneapolis, MN) The Twin Cities hosts a large festival in the Progress Building on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on October 5– 6, 2012. There will be beer, brats, snacks, and performances. For those who don’t drink beer, wine form Pedroncelli is an option that is provided. While enjoying the food, drinks, and German spirit, bands such as The Jolly Huntsmen Band and The Squires Band perform German music.

ArtsQuest Oktoberfest (Bethlehem, PA)

During the weekends of Oct 5-7 and Oct 12-14, 2012, visitors will experience an authentic German Oktoberfest with highlights from Pennsylvania culture.  The ArtsQuest event boasts a 100-foot by 240-foot Yuengling Festhalle tent serving German food and beer, while featuring polka, rock and party bands.

Soulard Oktoberfest (St. Louis, MO)

St. Louis’ Soulard Oktoberfest is one for competitors. The October 12-14, 2012 festival is home to a brat-eating contest, beer stein-holding competition, drinking contest and even a beauty pageant. Since the theme of Oktoberfest centers around beer, it only makes sense that this festival is held across the street from the original Anheuser-Busch Brewery. True partiers can even purchase VIP passes which give them endless beer and wine and exclusive access to VIP tents.

Tulsa Oktoberfest (Tulsa, OK)

The Tulsa Oktoberfest has earned the reputation as one of the best in the nation.  This year, the festival offers more vendors and runs October 18 – 21, 2012.  Attendees eat bratwursts, dance, drink German beer, and watch the wiener dog races. In its 34 year history, Tulsa Oktoberfest has donated almost $1,000,000 to Tulsa’s River Parks Authority as a part of the Tulsa Oktoberfest mission to improve Tulsa and River Parks.
Throw your own German party at home throughout October with Oktoberfest party supplies.  Share your pictures and stories with us!

Fall Festival Decorating Ideas

Cool Decorations for Cooler Weather

Not every party in the fall has to be ghosts and witches. A Fall Festival can be just as much fun and just as decorative as a Halloween Party. It’s also more kid-friendly and when done right, can be a really beautiful celebration.

Wow Guests from the Start

Make a bold first impression on your Fall Festival guests. Consider a personalized fall harvest arch at the entrance of your venue. The 104-inch tall arch can stand outside if the weather is nice, or on the inside to welcome guests into the party. Anything that’s personalized will have a bigger impact on guests.

Surround your arch with some traditional fall decorations like bales of hay and autumn leaves. Set the tone of your Fall Festival before people even walk in the door.

“Leaf” Your Guests with Great Memories

Fall’s number one symbol is probably the leaf. After all, that’s how people really know fall has arrived… when the leaves begin to change colors from green to reds, oranges, yellows and browns. It’s imperative that you include fall’s beautiful leaves in your decorations!

A simple homemade way to create leaves is by using colored construction paper. Cut out leaves of different shapes and colors. Use scissors and cut them out freehand or find a good leaf stencil. Scatter your leaves around the tables, floor, and even hang some from the ceiling using fishing line.

For a more professional look, purchase something like Fall Leaves Jumbo Wire Garland.  It’s 12 feet long with red, orange and yellow foil leaves attached to a bendable wire strand. Wrap it around columns, chairs, arches, or create a centerpiece of some sort. The Fall Leaves Gleam N’ Burst Centerpiece is another great purchase that will bring some serious sparkle and fall fun to any table.

Picture Perfect Pumpkins

One of the cheapest and best ways to decorate for a Fall Festival is with pumpkins. Real pumpkins are great because they are each unique and there are so many different kinds and colors. Pumpkins can be painted, carved, paired with other “fall” foods like gourds and squash, or they can simply sit in their natural state and serve as a beautiful centerpiece. There are dozens of ways to use pumpkins to decorate.

Amazing Acorns

Another big symbol of fall is the acorn. Acorns are as cheap as you can get if you live in an area with a lot of oak trees. Send the kids out to hunt for acorns and you could end up with hundreds of them for free! Acorns can be decorative if they are spread around a table or made into some sort of craft project.

Decorating for a Fall Festival can be very affordable because of the many natural resources available. A combination of nature’s beauty with some purchased fall decorations can make for a stunning Fall Festival.

Add Fun to Fall Functions with Photo Props & Stand-Ins

From the first of the harvest festivals to Oktoberfest and beyond, you can add both to décor and to event activities with a fun fall Photo Stand In from ShindigZ Party.

Here’s the scoop on our photo stand-ins. Colorful and theme-perfect, they have cutouts for attendees to place their faces for hilarious photo keepsakes. Some are right-sized for setting up on a table, counter or bar, while others are tall enough to sit on the floor near the entrance or other center of the party action. The tall stand-ins can be personalized with two lines of event information or seasonal message or greeting. All are free-standing cardboard pieces that are reusable if handled and stored with care.

  • For any sort of fall theme, pick out a fall harvest standup large or small. These photo ops feature scarecrows and harvest fruits and colors from down on the farm.

  • Greet Oktoberfest guests with a large, personalized Oktoberfest Photo Stand-In along with other pieces from our full line of Oktoberfest Party Decorations.

  • Looking for something a little more haunting? Our selection of Halloween photo cutouts gives you choices of classic Halloween characters and cut-out faces for one or two people at a time.

  • Photo props and stand-ins are sure to add an unexpected, extra punch of decorating flair as well as a favored activity to your fall events. Visit our Photo Stand In pages to match a photo prop to your event!

    Oktoberfest 2009 Decorations and Favors

    Beer-Mug-Standee-OktoberfestOktoberfest is a great fall party theme for family parties or bigger events. Hosting an Oktoberfest party with great food, games, and music is fun for all ages and ShindigZ has some great new decorations to get your party going!

    Custom Oktoberfest banners are awesome for welcoming guests to your Oktoberfest party. Our personalized banners are each printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and feature your custom wording. Plus, they’re available in several sizes to suit your decorating needs. Our Oktoberfest Oval Personalized Banner is an interesting banner choice which includes vibrant Oktobrefest colors and your personalized text.

    For another fun entrance piece, try one of our Oktoberfest standees, such as our Tavern Girl Standee, Personalized Oktoberfest Standee, or Beer Stein Standee. Guests can pose for pictures with the standee, which will add a great touch to your event. Try using our Personalized Beer Mug Standee (pictured at right) for a focal point to your Oktoberfest party.

    Our Oktoberfest Arch is another wonderful Oktoberfest decoration. The arch stands 8’6” tall and 10’5” wide and makes a fun focal point or entrance to your party.

    Add some silly shine to your Oktoberfest party with our Beer Lights. The lighted beer mugs are strung on a 16 1/2’ long cord and are a hilarious accent to your Oktoberfest celebration.

    Our Oktoberfest Party Canopy makes a fantastic accent to your party space or buffet table. The inexpensive party canopy covers about a 20” x 20” area and features awesome Oktoberfest accents too.

    Set your party able with our Oktoberfest Tableware. The tableware features a blue and white checkerboard with a pretzel and beer stein logo. Choose an assortment of 9” plates, 9 oz cups, and napkins. The tableware coordinates with our Oktoberfest tablecover and Oktoberfest centerpieces too!

    For an Oktoberfest party favor guests will love using for years to come, have one of our Oktoberfest Steins custom printed with your party details. You can incorporate the steins into your table decorations and then send them home with guests!

    Check out all of our Oktoberfest Decorations and tell us about your Oktoberfest party!


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