Relive Woodstock with a 1960s Themed Party

A music-based ‘60s party is a way to treat your guests to a feast for ears and eyes.

Woodstock took place August 15-17, 1969. As far as we’re concerned any birthday, fundraiser, reunion or retirement taking place this summer, particularly in mid-August, is fair game for a Woodstock theme and available supplies are more numerous than ever.

The harmonic focus of the original festival, advertised as “Three Days of Peace and Music,” transcended miserable conditions on the ground including rainstorms, mud, and lack of adequate facilities. You, of course, will want to provide the soundtrack at your Woodstock Revisited party while avoiding excessive sogginess and such. Do it by romanticizing the venue in mod colors and designs reminiscent of 1960s concert posters.

Our rainbow tie-dye gossamer — highly rated in dozens of customer reviews – will give you a strong start in decorating as long as you understand its qualities. By this we mean gossamer is very thin and translucent by definition. You can drape it, twist it, pleat and tie it; but for actual areal coverage you’ll need something in a light color behind or under it.

If you want to cover walls with this gossamer fabric and your walls are dark, try a solid gossamer or poly vinyl backing in white or yellow. On tables, cover a light solid cover with a runner made of this tie dye pattern, which then leaves you free to coordinate in solid colored tableware that echoes one or two of the runner hues. This patterned gossamer will also make luscious wraps and bows for chair backs.

The same decorating fabric plays very nicely with the Retro Times decorating theme kit as you can see at the top of this post, and it goes with any of our Set the Stage retro kits as well. FYI the kits in our retro collection rank among some of our most affordable prop sets, though you’d never know it by the buzz these pieces create.

Complete the color riot with red, yellow and blue paper lanterns overhead. We have recently expanded our sizes to include 24” and 36” lanterns in addition to the traditional 12” so they won’t get “lost” in cavernous ballrooms and other large venues.

OK, now what about taking your Woodstock theme outside? Retro banners are no problem and gossamer usually isn’t, but most decorations are meant for indoors and placing them in a structure sheltered from wind and rain is recommended. That being said, many have successfully decorated parade floats and other open-air venues by employing strategies for reinforcing, anchoring, and protecting against moisture. Only you can decide if added work and weather-related risk are worth it.

When it comes to party favors we are highly attracted to wearables. Flash the peace sign to guests at the door, place beads around their necks and hand them round metal glasses with tinted lenses. Or check the swag bags in retro novelty favors for fun favors to wear and more.

To see more far out party ideas for your Woodstock remake, the 1960s store is where it’s at. There or square, man! ;)

Shindigz Honors Military Service with 20% Discount

With this weekend being the unofficial but customary start of summer, there will be an increase in attention to our service men and women starting with Memorial Day followed by D-Day and Flag Day in June and Independence Day observances on July 4th.  These holidays along with a full summer season of parades and festivals will be filled with times to remember and thank those who are serving our country.

As a reminder, we want to make sure you are aware that Shindigz, offers a discount to U.S. Military personnel as a way of thanking you for your service to America.

This token of appreciation is offered to our men and women serving unselfishly in our military. Shindigz salutes the sacrifices our military take including time spent away from family.

Shindigz thanks each of our women and men serving our country.

Shindigz thanks each of our women and men serving our country.

The Shindgiz military discount program saves military personnel and their families 20% their total purchase at Those wishing to participate must have a military ID to receive the discount.

We hope the savings will help military family make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether a birthday, wedding, welcome home party or anniversary, Shindigz wants to do all we can to help our service men, women, and veterans celebrate.

Nine Amazing, 2012 Fourth of July Festivals

Looking for a memorable Fourth of July experience?  Shindigz compiled a list of nine amazing, 2012 Fourth of July festivals. 

“We looked for the events that stand out from the rest.  They might include a large fireworks display, a unique patriotic parade, or a special event that creates special family memories,” says Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing at, a leading source for personalized, party supplies, beautiful, parade float decorations, and patriotic, Fourth of July party supplies.

#9 Lexington, KY – Fourth of July Festival and Great American Pie Contest

This Bluegrass City hosts over a dozen events between June 29 and July 7.  Highlights include the Great American Pie Contest and Ice Cream Social, the Bluegrass 10,000 Foot Race, outdoor movies, fireworks, and Red, White and BOOM – a county music event on Saturday July 7.

 #8 South Lake Tahoe, NV – Lights on the Lake Fireworks

Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America and the Sierra Nevada mountain range make the “Lights on the Lake” fireworks a visual treat.  Many beaches and parks, as well as thousands of boats on the lake, provide spectators with a great view of the display.  The American Pyrotechnics Association says this is a “must see” event.

 #7 San Diego, CA – Big Bay Boom

Over 500,000 watch fireworks launched from four barges in San Diego Bay.  The event raises nearly $400,000 for the San Diego Armed Services YMCA’s service programs for military families.

 #6 Saint Louis, MO – Fair Saint Louis

For three days, July 4, 6, and 7, St. Louis celebrates with airshows, concerts, kids’ activities and fireworks under the shadow of the Gateway Arch. Don’t miss the 135th Annual Veiled Prophet Parade with giant helium-filled character balloons.

  #5 Addison, TX – Kaboom Town

Addison’s choreographed, 30 minute, musical fireworks takes place on July 3.  This display is recognized as “one of the best” by the American Pyrotechnics AssociationThe Cavanaugh Flight Museum Warbird flyover and airshow features vintage military aircraft.  Addison’s celebration is famous for being the tops in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

 #4 Philadelphia, PA – Wawa Welcome America

For ten days between July 25 and July 4, Philadelphia celebrates America.  Residents and tourists enjoy free concerts and outdoor movies, The Taste of Philadelphia, Hoagie Day, Independence Day parade, and two nights of fireworks are just samples of the holiday fun that make this Philly tradition famous.

 The top three, amazing 4th of July festivals include the kings of firework displays.  If you don’t get to experience them live, watch them on television.

 #3 New York City, NY – Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks

Over 25 minutes, 40,000 shells launch, while 3,000,000 spectators watch.  Macy’s and the Big Apple sponsor this amazing display and NBC broadcasts it.

#2 Boston, MA – Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

This will be the 39th Annual Boston Pops Fourth of July event and CBS will broadcast it.  Last year, 15,000 pyrotechnic events burst over the Charles River in sync with the music.

 #1 Washington DC – A Capital Fourth and National Independence Day Parade

An all-day event, our nation’s capital celebration starts with a parade down Constitution Avenue. Other daytime events during include, The National Folklife festival, which is held throughout the Mall.  The signing of Declaration of Independence is featured with family events at the National Archives.  The National Symphony, national musical guests and fireworks illuminating the U. S. Capital and national monuments take center stage during the evening and air on PBS.


Parade Floats 101

There may come a time (or perhaps already has?) when your organization determines it wants to participate in a parade in your community, and works out a budget for building a float. Whether it’s for your school, business, or social club – and regardless of the size of the organization – the steps for putting together a float are pretty much the same.

Your first move, upon registering for the parade, is to obtain and understand all the rules. Some parades, for example, limit the size of the trailers that can be used, and many require approval of float design. If the parade has a theme, you’ll need to know that, too, before your group starts generating concepts for your float.

Once you know about any prohibitions, the theme, and the size of the space you’ll be working with, the committee can start brainstorming. Ideas that end up being serious candidates for consideration should be conceptualized in slogans, sketches, and a color scheme. When the creative work is completed and approved, develop timelines and deadlines, which are crucial if your group is to avoid having to work around the clock the last few days before the parade! Then it’s time for the physical labor. Tasks can be split up roughly as follows:

  • Building the foundation (skirt frame, deck)
  • Erecting the main structure/setting
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Signage

Be sure to take a look at what ShindigZ Party has to offer when you are working out signage options, materials and even large prop pieces, which can provide polish as well as save a lot of time and labor. For this reason we suggest checking out our Theme Party Decorations and Banners as well as the Float Decorations catalog.

Our last tip for now is to work out the finishing touches that will best be saved for the parade site itself. For one thing, your float may be traveling a snail’s pace throughout the parade, but that probably won’t be true for getting the float to the starting line-up! Another reason is that some decorations you’ll want to use, such as balloons, will deteriorate fairly quickly outdoors even under the best of weather conditions.

We hope these tips are of use to you in your float-building project and that you’ll visit Party Supplies soon for more ideas.

Play the Qwiki: Parade Float Decorating Ideas

ShindigZ Theme Decorations Great for Parade Floats Too

ShindigZ customers have found another great use for ShindigZ theme kits…decorating parade floats!

Because our theme kits are large, easy-to-use and great for adding that extra something special to any theme, they’re a natural fit for making parade float decorating easier. While we still carry the classic parade float supplies such as tissue pomps (tissue squares), pomps paste, floral sheeting, and festooning, our theme kits make creating outstanding float decorations easier.

Imagine building a gingerbread house float out of 2x4s, chicken wire and tissue squares. With our Gingerbread Theme Decorations, the Bidle Family was able to create this awesome float much more easily. Plus, the theme kits add an extra polish to the parade float.

Other great items for your floats include our personalized vinyl banners. They come in smaller sizes for adding to the back of your float or huge sizes for carrying in the parade—seven different sizes in all. The banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and can be printed with your custom wording.

There’s so many ways to use Theme Party Decorations to create awesome parade floats. For more ideas on how to build and decorate parade floats, check out our Parade Floats Blog. We always love to hear about your parade floats and party ideas!


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