Send Your Class to Paris for Prom

Prom time is drawing oh-so-close; in fact, it’s probably a little too close for comfort for everyone who is trying to manage logistics and a budget, not to mention the excitement of a student body planning committee. Well, they will literally be saying “oo-la-la!” to a Parisian prom once they hear this:

Imagine strolling through a black and white promenade, with pink and gold lights subtly illuminating the way. The evening will be dark and glamorous once the walls are covered in black poly-vinyl to create the illusion of the deep depth of night.

Create a stunning optical illusion by transforming the school gymnasion, conference hall, or rental location from drab to the FABulous Arc de Triomphe of Paris. The Arc de Triomphe is a monument celebrating French military victories and in Paris, is at the Western End of the


Champs-ÉlyséesDuring the daytime, the Arc look like this:

However, at nightime, the Arc is transformed into a dramatic promenade. Use the beautiful Arc de Triomphe background to cover the wall directly across from the entrance area for your prom venue.

Arc de Triomphe Background

Decorate the entrance walkway like the roadway on the Champs-Elysees leading up to the Arc de Triomphe. Use gorgeous strings of lights along the pathway, or wrap them around several well placed black columns along with sheer gossamer. Keep them along the path without being pushy by including some Paris luminaries to create a gentle flickering glow. The illusion of candlelight will help set the mood for a faux-getaway and a truly remarkable evening to remember. Just be careful–the optical trick you’re playing means you’ll have to watch to make sure no one tries to walk up up to the Arc de Triomphe!

Be sure to keep with the theme when you crown the Prom Queen and King. Elegant and dainty Kourtney Peal Tiaras are reminiscent of French royalty. Kings will look equally regal in a metallic black with silver or gold trim crown. Choose royalty sashes to match the exact colors of your Paris prom. Photograph the royalty (along with prom-goers) in front of the Arc de Triomphe or a masterfully placed Eifel tower for the ultimate photo op. Wrap yards of floral sheeting around the base of the impressive Eifel tower to help create the look of Paris in the springtime.

Before everyont leaves for the after party, don’t let them forget to get their customizable favors to forever commemorate the beautiful evening in Paris.These can range from simple candy jars white black gossamer or tulle trim, filled with white candies for an elegant Paris appeal, or mint tins with the Arc or Eifel tower to match your exact prom theme!

Finally, don’t forget to stamp their Passport to Paris as an ultimate reminder of their evening, and as encouragement for the outgoing juniors and seniors to keep spreading their wings.

Silver Lights of Paris Decorating Kit

Transform your Great Room into New Years in France


You could be just like everyone else to ring in the New Year. But why settle for the usual? Transform your great room into New Years in France! Wow your friends and neighbors by throwing anything but an ordinary New Year’s party to ring in 2013.

Prepare for Paris

One of the best ways to transform a place is using gossamer. Use black gossamer to disguise your great room. Wrap around walls and furniture you won’t be using to make your room look a little less like a great room and more like Paris at night.  Decide what your guests will be doing for the majority of the evening- will they be dancing? Playing games? Watching television? This will have an impact on how you will arrange your room. Be sure to plan ahead of time so you know how things should be arranged.

Eiffel Tower Envy

The most recognizable symbol from France is the towering, gorgeous Eiffel Tower. This is a 2s026bmust-have for your party. One option is an Eiffel Tower Wall Graphic. The removable wall graphic is seven-feet tall and is perfect for a great room. If you don’t want something on the walls and are looking for a three-dimensional Eiffel Tower, check out the Lighted Eiffel Tower. This decoration is a towering 12-feet tall and is surrounded in twinkle lights! It will be the perfect focal point of the great room at your party.

Don’t stop at one, eye-catching Eiffel Tower. Use mini towers all over the room. The Eiffel Tower Tea Light Holder will add a romantic touch to your party. Place on the coffee table or book case for a nice, dim glow. If you like, print out some of your favorite online photos of the Eiffel Tower and scatter them around the room. They will make for a great conversation piece.

The City of Light

If Paris is the City of Light, lighting is going to be an important part of transforming your great room. At the very least, you should line the room with small white lights. Another great idea is to use the La Tour Mini Lamp Posts to light the room and/or walkway to the room. These stunning lights are 2-1/2 feet high and if your room is dimly lit, will help party goers see where they are walking.

Magical Music

While you’ll surely have the television on for the big Times Square ball drop, something else will have to fill the space before and after. Play some French music to set the mood. If it’s not something you want to pay for, check your local library for CDs with French music. Also, many television packages include music channels. Check and see if yours offers a French channel.

Do your internet research for other ways you can transform your great room into New Years in France. It might not be as exciting as the real thing, but with the right decorations and atmosphere, you can create a spectacular night in France in your very own home.

Remember Men in November with a Movember Fundraiser

Growing a mustache for the cause of men’s health is not for everyone, but a party near the end of November is! Check out these awesome ideas for hosting a Movember fundraising gala, AKA a “Mo party.”

Mo Themes
The mustache party theme is traditional, and Shindigz has fun mustache party decorations reminiscent of the corner barbershop and old-timey barbershop quartets.

Hosting a mustache party is not your only option, though. You could move “mustache adjacent,” for example, by putting together a pirate party that would be blast plus a terrific excuse for sporting excessive facial hair.

How about a collective tip of the hat to a famous mustachioed character? A theme tied to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot might mean hosting a murder mystery in a setting associated with Poirot’s adventures: the opera, an Egyptian tomb, or perhaps one of the sumptuous stops on the Orient Express, for example Paris or Munich. Browse International Party Supplies to find your preference.

Mo Invitations
First, set up a Facebook page for your Mo party event so you can include the URL on the invitations. That way, invitees can visit and “like” the page to receive news and updates about the event. Then select an invitation appropriate to your theme and include the URL on the bottom line of your custom text fields.

If you like, slip thin fake mustaches from our collection of mustache party wearable favors into invitation envelopes for the guests who cannot grow their own. Ask them to wear the mustaches to the party – but do supply extras at the door for those who forget.

Mo Fun in Fundraising
Of course, you will want to recognize the best of Movember fundraising at the gala. Honor the top achievers using royalty favors such as crowns and robes.

Why not host a mustache contest? Mo “bros” who are seeking Movember sponsorships usually grow their mustaches beginning the first of November and shave them off December 1. They (the mustaches) should be looking very good by the time of the party!

Make up your own categories such as “Most Villainous” or “Most Firefighter-Like” and be sure to publicize the contest beforehand using the event Facebook page. Award swag bags to the winners.

Generally we like theme photo favors for a Movember party because guests so much enjoy having photos taken with mustaches fake or otherwise. Send photos via email to attendees, and be sure to publish an album of the best at the Facebook event site, too.

Paris Theme Parties Make for Magnifique Nights!

Parisian-Decorations-Party-SuppliesA Paris theme is a great idea for dinner parties, cocktail parties, anniversaries, and tons of other events if you want a whimsical or romantic feel for your party. ShindigZ has tons of beautiful Parisian theme decorations for whisking guests off to the City of Lights without ever leaving your home.

Welcome guests to your Paris themed party with a Parisian Nights Personalized Banner. The banner features a photo of the Arc de Triomphe at night and your custom wording. Each of our banners is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in several sizes, perfect for suiting your decorating needs.

The Paris Lights Photo Mural is a lovely way to set the scene and create a backdrop for all your Parisian decorations. The mural is 8’3” tall and 13’8” wide and features a gorgeous photo of the Paris skyline at twilight.

Our Parisian Decorations (shown at right) make your doorway look spectacular. You can use the Parisian Decorations to accent doors and hallways throughout your party space too. Set up a Premier Column on each side of the doorway and drape Paris Theme Gossamer around the column. Edge the top and bottom in an Eiffel Tower Border to secure the gossamer in place. Hang the Shimmering Eiffel Tower Curtain from the doorway for a dazzling entrance.

Create a fun focal point for your Paris theme party with our Starry Eiffel Tower. Each tower stands 10’ tall and 4’9” wide. The Eiffel Towers look great in pairs and are accented with stars and your own custom wording. Set a pair up for great commemorative photos or set one on either side of your buffet table.

We have several Paris theme kits full of large focal points and scene-setting decorations. Our Paris theme kits are sure to make a huge impression at your Paris theme party.

For Paris party favors to thank guests for coming to your Paris theme event, try our Parisian Candle. You can incorporate it into your table decorations and then let guests take it home with them.

Our Custom Creation Favors are another wonderful party favor option. Our Custom Creation Paris Pure Romance Frame features a photo of the Eiffel Tower skyline and your custom wording printed on the frame. Guests will love storing their favorite 5×7 photos in the frame.

Check out all of our Paris Party Supplies and Paris Party TipZ for tons more ideas!

Top 10 Party Themes for ShindigZ Customers

Star-Theme-Party-DecorationsIf you’re hosting a party or event, having a theme for your get-together is a great way to create fantastic decorations, coordinating favors, and tons of fun! Here are some of our most popular party themes according to our customers:

The most popular theme is a star theme party. This theme is spectacular for any occasion. Our Star Theme Party Supplies can be dressed up for a fancy event or kept simple for any get-together. Our star centerpieces dress up tables for banquets or dinner parties and our personalized glassware or custom picture frames printed with star logos and your party details are perfect, classy favors.

Mardi Gras is the second biggest party theme. Mardi Gras Party Supplies are great for Fat Tuesday, but Mardi Gras theme parties are fun for parties year round too! Load up on Mardi Gras beads and feathered masks for getting your guests ready to party. Our Mardi Gras decorations feature fun jazz themes, Bourbon Street scenes, or fancy French Quarter kits.

Treat your guests to a star-studded affair with our Hollywood Party Supplies. Use our Hollywood theme kits to create a party scene like a Red Carpet Party, Movie Premiere Party, or any other Hollywood theme. Our Hollywood star standees, palm tree wall murals, and huge selection of Hollywood decorating accents can help you totally customize your event.

Host a carnival using our Carnival Party Supplies. A carnival is a great party theme for schools, kids parties, family reunions, or other fun, festive parties. We have a selection of carnival games that will keep your guests entertained. Our carnival decorations will help you set the scene for a night to remember. Don’t forget personalized carnival banners, party favors, and tickets too!

Nothing says romance like a Parisian party. Our Paris Party Supplies transport your guests to the City of Love. Create the scene of a French bistro, a walk down the Champs Elysee, or a view of the Eiffel Tower with our Parisian theme kits. Our Eiffel Tower centerpieces make any table look magnifique. Hand out personalized Paris picture frames for a favor guests will adore!

Whether it’s summer or not, our Luau Party Supplies help guests create a fun party for swimming, dancing, or limboing! Photo-op standees and a Limbo Kit are a great way to keep guests entertained. Set up tiki torches, surfboard standees, giant tiki masks and other great luau theme decorations to create a tropical theme that can’t be beat!

Retro themed parties are popular among both kids and adults. Retro Party Supplies are great for class reunions, retirement parties, anniversary parties, or birthday parties! Use retro decorations to create a fun 60’s look or a groovy 70’s look. Tie-dye and disco balls are big for this theme!

Fifties Party Supplies are great for creating a rock n’ roll theme party, a sock hop party, or a drive-in movie theme party. We have tons of great 1950’s theme kits for creating just the look you want. Great Fifties favors include sunglasses, scarves, and cola glasses.

Nothing is more festive than a Fiesta! Our Fiesta Party Supplies are fantastic for Cinco de Mayo or a really fun party any time of the year. Fiestas are great for school parties, birthday parties, and more! Our fiesta tableware is great for serving delicious fiesta food on too!

Our customers love our Western Party Supplies too! Use our western theme kits for creating a Wild Wild West scene or a down on the farm party. Hand out sheriff’s badges or cowboy hats at the door to get guests ready to square dance!

In addition to a huge assortment of theme party supplies, ShindigZ has Party TipZ for helping you create an event that your guests will love!


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